36 thoughts on “P&Q: Apple Cheddar Scones

  1. I am curious to hear what people thought of these…the flavor combo is somewhat strange to me and I want to hear they are great before I make them (not that that will stop me from making them anyway…)!

  2. I think the liquid would effect the texture, but I’m not sure how you would change the recipe to compensate.

    I just took mine out of the oven and they are flaky, light, and tasty. One word of caution- when Dorie says the dough is sticky, she means it! Be sure to generously flour your hands and surface, mine was a huge mess!

    The flavor is also pretty subtle (my husband put strawberry jam on his, lol) so I might add more apples next time, but overall, I’m really happy with how they turned out.

  3. I was thinking of using fresh apples too; I’ll have to look and see how expensive dried apples are. I was thinking I’d grate the apples the day before, then squeeze the excess liquid out and let them sit overnight, and hopefully that wouldn’t affect the recipe too much.

  4. I”m not a fan of cooked fruit in general (minus berries) so what do you all think I should do to this recipe. If i’m not using the dried apples, I probably won’t use the apple juice. Do you think just replace it with water?

  5. My (crappy) grocery store doesn’t even sell dried apples! I was going to make these scones for Mother’s Day and could never find dried apples. But, I found lots of recipes on the internet for apple cheddar scones and they all used fresh apples, so I figure fresh should work in Dorie’s recipe. I just don’t see how apples could give off enough juice to really mess up the recipe. I’ll give it a try and post my results on here. Wish me luck! ;-)

  6. My grocery store had dried apples in the bulk section for $2.79 a pound…they also had them not three feet away already packaged for $12.00 a pound! So make sure you check the bulk section and compare prices.

  7. My mom doesn’t like fruit in anything baked but she liked these, so if you’re nervous about it being too fruity, it didn’t have big chunks of fruit in it but it just had nice flavor.

  8. I think fresh apples would work fine actually. I guess you could reduce the apple juice a bit to compensate. The dried apple chunks on the edges of my scones actually got burned.

    And like someone else said, really darn sticky.

    But also really tasty. My husband and I both really liked them.

  9. My husband said his was delicious..I topped it w/ jam for him…the apples on the edges of mine got really burned too

  10. My dried apples seem a bit TOO dry to me, I think I will soak them in a bit of apple juice before using them. Maybe that will prevent the “burned edges.”

    A moist dough is supposed to make the lightest, fluffiest biscuits and scones — so hang in there with that sticky dough! I find well-floured hands & a dough scraper are a great help.

    I’m really intrigued by the notion of fruit and cheese together in a scone. I’ve had scones with fruit and scones with cheese (cheddar/scallion and feta/dill) but not with both. But if you are sure the fruit won’t work for your family, then I can tell you from experience that savory scones with cheese are just delicious! Or, you could leave out the cheese and put in some nuts instead. Or take a tiny portion of the dough and add in both apples and cheese, just so you can say you’ve tried it, then add something else to the rest of the dough! Have fun!

  11. I used fresh apples in my scones and they did fine. Yes, they are very messy. Using a scone pan solved that problem. They were crumbly, but good and the apples did not add any liquid since they were ‘ moist’ already.

  12. I made mine yesterday and found that scooping mine out with a ice cream scoop was easier than rolling and shaping the dough. I ended up with 20 scones. I got my dried apples at Trader Joes. Next time, I might get their dried white peaches and give that flavor a go.

  13. I found dried apples at Albertson’s (for those that have one) in the produce section… after 30 minutes of searching the store! :) They were $3 & some change for WAY more than I need… hope this helps!!

  14. Wow – I just mixed these up, and they are darned sticky! I had to flour liberally and still had dough stuck all over my hands. They’re in the freezer waiting for when I have time to bake them, so hopefully they’re tasty!

  15. I used dried pears rather than apples, and they were marvelous. My husband said he could taste the baking powder, but none of the rest of us could. We used butter and jam, and they made a great breakfast.

  16. They also have dried apples/pears/peaches at Costco in little individual serving packages that I keep in my diaper bag. :) They are a tasty snack, too!

  17. I made the scones this afternoon and they are so good. I’m afraid to say I’ve already eaten three and ruined my appetite for dinner :D I couldn’t find dried apples anywhere so I used fresh and they turned out fine. And yes, the dough is extremely sticky! But the scones turned out so moist and light. :)

  18. The scones taste wonderful – light, and moist. The dried apples were not pronounced in the scones. Maybe I will add more apples the next time I make it. The dough is STICKY! I got frustrated and used my ice cream scooper and made perfect round scones instead.

  19. Ooh yum. Made me first think of when my dad would put a slice of cheese on his apple pie!? Interesting combo. I’m headed to the store today so that I can try to get these done tonight!

  20. Just took mine out of the oven! I used fresh apples and they didn’t add any extra liquid at all that I noticed. I couldn’t taste the apple very well at all, though….maybe I used the wrong kind of apple. They had a nice cheesy flavor, though.

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