49 thoughts on “Recipe For July 15th

  1. Newbie here… I love the challenges so far! The blueberry pie was excellent and now we’re on chocolate pudding. My SO is definitely going to like being a beneficiary of TWD.

  2. Looks delicious. Unfortunately I made a “bet” with my SIL and can’t eat any sugar until Saturday, or I’d be making these for tonight! :)

  3. I’m going to make this either tonight or tomorrow. I can’t wait! I’ve never made pudding from scratch before. Thank you Melissa for choosing something chocolate- I needed this!

  4. There’s going to be a double benefit here with this recipe – I’m making the Chocolate Pudding for TWD, with a serving for me with cream on top, then I’ll convert the pudding into chocolate pudding frosting. Can’t very well take the pudding to work, so I’ll have the best of both worlds.

  5. Thank goodness there is no pie crust involved :-)

    Is it possible to use either 2% or 1% milk instead of the whole milk or will the pudding be disastrous?

  6. Great choice, I’m excited! Chocolate pudding sounds wonderful. I don’t think I’ve ever done pudding from scratch though and I’m a little nervous about the eggs…

  7. HoneyB, do you have an immersion blender? The idea is to whip it to help get it smooth. I think in small batches, a blender may work as well. I’ve never made pudding from scratch. I’m excited!

  8. oooo goodie!

    note to self…

    make appointment with a personal trainer to lose the million pounds I am going to gain doing Tuesdays with Dorie :)

  9. Yay! I’ve never made chocolate pudding from scratch! I don’t have a food processor, immersion blender, or a regular blender… so hopefully my hand-held mixer will do the trick.

  10. Okay, so I was making this to have tonight before we go out of town and when I poured the hot milk into my food processor, I discovered that my processor was too small and it went EVERYWHERE. Big mess. We’re leaving tonight, so unfortunately I don’t have time to remake it. So I’ll have another past TWD recipe that I already made to post on Tuesday. I’m so sad, I really wanted to make the pudding. Hopefully another time. I hope everyone else has a better experience than me! :)

  11. Erin- we must be living mirror lives of each other! The same thing happened to me this afternoon (and I’m also going out of town tomorrow!). After the mess I called cuisinart to see if I had any chance of really using the processor again. Answer was no. I went & got a 14c processor off of cooking.com for $185. What a humongous mess!! (typical for right before a vacation isn’t it?) :-)

  12. I just made the pudding with 1,5 % fat content, works great. I made it in the old-fashioned way, because I have no processor and surprise surprise: I worked too :-) I mixed egg (yolks), sugar, cocoa and milk in my T*pper mix-fix and while constantly stirring I poured it in the hot, but not boiling milk. Than I brought the mass to a boil and added the melted butter-chocolate mixture. No problem, the only problem is I have to wait 4 hours to try it :-)

  13. I made the chocolate pudding recipe months ago when I first got my book. I didn’t have a food processor so I used my hand-held mixer. My pudding came out wonderful.

    When I told my son about the recipe, he followed it to the T and made it in a food processor like Dorie says. What a frickin’ mess he had all over the counters, down the cabinets, etc. There’s too much liquid to do it in a regular sized food processor.

    All the back and forth from FP to saucepan and back to the FP again is a big waste of time. I did it all in a saucepan, I’m just very careful with the burner heat. I’m all about shortcuts and dirtying the least amount of bowls.

    Anyway…that’s just my experience. It tasted yummy and that’s all I care about!

  14. Jayma- I’m sorry it happened to you too! I have a 9-cup processor and thought it would be big enough for everything I needed. I guess I was wrong :( I really wanted some chocolate pudding too.

  15. Thanks for the advice on the food processor. I checked mine and it is a 14 cup, so I guess it should be OK. Can’t wait to make the pudding tomorrow.

  16. I made this tonight. I just used my bosch mixer with the whip attatchment. It worked fine, other then it was kind of messy with the dry cocoa ingredients. I liked the way the pudding turned out.

  17. I’m a newbie too – in fact just created my blog yesterday so I can participate. I love homemade pudding. I’m going to be cutting down the recipes since it’s only my husband and I. I halved the double-crusted blueberry pie tonight and it was fantastic. I made it in a small crock.

    I’d love visitors to my blog!!

  18. I haven’t tried the pudding. I have this mondo food processor by MagiMix. Anyone else out there have one? Its amazing and powerful. Please let me know if you do and how you most enjoy using yours.

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