35 thoughts on “P&Q: Chocolate Pudding

  1. For those of you who are thinking of making a smaller batch (that includes me) and are wondering how you would measure half an egg: a kitchen scale makes it a lot easier. One large egg weighs 50 grams, and one large egg yolk weighs 18.6 grams.

    Now to the fun part…what sort of chocolate to use! Oh my, so many wonderful options!

  2. I used a blender instead of a food processor. That was for a half batch, I don’t think my blender would have had the capacity for the full recipe. It definitely worked though. I was too lazy to strain it and I didn’t notice any lumps.

  3. Thanks for posting that link Barbara…for anyone who didn’t click and still wonders about food processor or blender…Dorie says in the article that the FP is more for ensuring a really smooth texture…that you can just mix by hand and push through a strainer to get the lumps out as well.

  4. Skim milk will work but you won’t have anything near the flavor and luscious texture that you will get by using whole milk. Splurge on a 1/2 quart of whole milk and make up the 1/2 cup difference with the skim that you have on hand and I think you will be happier with the results than going all skim.

    This ties into my all-time most pathetic dessert disaster. I was dating my husband and wanted to make him his favorite treat, a chocolate cream pie. I bought a boxed pudding mix and not realizing I bought low-fat or sugar-free so some such thing. Then I only had skim milk, but not enough so I made up the difference with reconstituted non-fat powdered milk. I made a nice crust and cut out dinosaur designs to decorate the top, which I burned. It was one disaster after the next, but I took it to him and I was quite the sad sight delivering this ugly little pie with burned decorations and a look of utter defeat on my face. And yes, it tasted terrible. Funny we were just talking about that pie this morning and how it set my baking baseline. Thankfully I have progressed and make a killer chocolate pie these days.

  5. Even if you have a 14 cup food processor you may not be able to process 14 cups of something really liquid in it. That’s because the center tube (that the blade-holder thingie fits over) is not as tall as the sides of the bowl. If you put more liquid in the bowl, it runs over the top of the center tube and then runs down the inside of the center tube and from there all over the place…not fun! I’m going off to the kitchen to get my measuring cups and find out how much liquid will go in mine…

  6. Hi,

    I did not get officially added yet, I just sent back the acceptance thingy so I would like to make this just in case :o). My question is this.

    I live in Beirut and sometimes the names of things are different. For Cornstarch, I need to know if that is the same as Cornflour. I have used cornflour and it works the same and cornstarch (thicking things up). So I just want to make sure it is the same thing. They also call baking soda, Sodium Bicarbonate :o) pretty cool lol. Thanks in advance.


  7. I just made my pudding…….after thirty four years, I feel like I have tasted chocolate for the first time. It was absolutely divine! I don’t have a food processor but used my kitchen aid stand mixer in place of it with my whisk attachment and it worked out great! I also substituted splenda for the sugar and the whole thing was still to die for.

    My nine year old son said “Mama, if this pudding had a dress on and you could marry food, I would soooo make it my wife!”

  8. thank you for the answers regarding the cornflour / strarch dilema. the cornflour i have resembles what i am accoustomed to in the states. so i will go ahead and try it out…what’s the worst that could happen? lol…maybe it will be runny? we shall see…going to make it tonight and hope for a great turnout. again, thank you ladies so very much.

  9. i made this last nite for a dinner with friends and it was SO WONDERFUL! homemade pudding, wow.

    i used no mixer at all, just whisked by hand, i also sifted the dry ingredients together twice through a small sifter to get it very fine. no problems at all with graininess, the overall finished texture was very smooth. we absolutely loved it.

    oh and for those wondering about lower fat milk, i used 1c whole and 1.25c 2% milk and it was PLENTY rich !

  10. I have a 7 cup food processor and it worked fine. After I added all the milk and mixed I had about 1/2 tsp of liquid ooze out once I had removed the bowl to dump the pudding back into the sauce pan.

    The pudding was delicious, too!

  11. I have a 13 cup food processor. At one point, I thought it was going over the top! Whew! It’s in the fridge chilling now. If licking the bowl is any indication, this is delicious!

  12. So far whatever we bake every week is my favorite thing I’ve ever made. I REALLY REALLY do think this will be my favorite so far. It’s currently chilling, so I haven’t tasted it yet :), but the bowl is amazing. I used a blender. I tried my KA, but didn’t have as much success as the earlier posters. It may have been me, though- I added the milk all at one time instead of slowly like Dorie says to do. The result was little chunks of dry ingredients. So, I started over. Also, I only had a 4 oz bar of semisweet chocolate, which I used instead of 5 oz of bittersweet. I love this club- It is sssooo addictive.

  13. All done, photographed and working on my post now. I only made a 1/2 recipe… and used semi-sweet chocolate instead of bittersweet, dark cocoa instead of regular cocoa. Very tasty and a wonderful way to christen my new KA food processor :)

  14. Hi:
    Back to the cornstarch debate – in Australia, N.Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia – cornstarch is cornflour. My mother always corrects me when I say cornstarch ( whenever I visit her in Malaysia).

  15. I made mine yesterday and, if you still haven’t made yours, you can definitely substitute 2% milk. I don’t know how rich it would have been with whole milk but it was really really good with 2%.

  16. Can someone post there halved recipe? I’m going to make this tonight but I’m only one person and I don’t want to make the full recipe! I’m always weary about halving…

    Please advise…thank you!!! =)

  17. I made the full batch in my Kitchen Aid blender. It fit. Oh my gosh, the rich chocolate, the thick wonderful tasty chocolate pudding. Wow. Instead of 6 servings I made 3 huge servings. Fabulous. A little whipped cream, a bit of raspberries, oh boy..

  18. I fully intended to make the pudding, having bought all the ingredients and everything. Alas, my work schedule didn’t allow time this week to make it. :-(

    I will make the galette and be ready to post again for TWD in a couple weeks!

  19. Alas, with a busy week and weekend, the only time I have to make the pudding is… tonight! A post will go up in the evening and I apologize that it’s a smidge late.

  20. I made mine today and it was devine. I’m getting ready to post on my blog with some photos. I apparently lost my FP in our move, my blender is broke – so I used my Magic Bullet for parts of it, and got out my hand mixer for the rest. I was worried there for a bit, before I added the melted chocolate, etc.. as it was really foamy. But when I stirred in the chocolate, it worked out those bubbly foamies and it turned out great!

    Next time though, I would just stir by hand and not use the mixer. I can see where a FP would work great in getting out lumps.

  21. I should have figured that opening my big mouth about posting tonight would bite me in the butt. Sorry, guys… I’m out for this week… ran out of time to get that pudding together. Also, apologies about the earlier comment.

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