Remaining July Recipes

These were supposed to be posted Friday (I know I know) they got lost in my email and I seriously had to do like eight searches to find them.  Plus my anniversary was this weekend so cut me a little slack.

Remember folks, posting these in advance is a trial run.  Make sure you post the correct recipe for the week it’s listed.

July 22nd

Amanda from Like Sprinkles on a Cupcake selected ….

Cherry Rhubarb Cobbler on page 415

July 29th

Michelle from Michelle in Colorado Springs selected …

Summer Fruit Galette on pages 366 – 367

43 thoughts on “Remaining July Recipes

  1. Those both sound wonderful! I think I’ll like knowing, it might provide more flexibility… in fact, I need to use up some extra fruit and might make the galette now.

  2. Yes. I love, love all the fruit based recipes. I like the advanced posting a lot in the name of planning. It would take some of the excitment out of my Mondays though. :)

  3. So happy about these selections! I’ve always wanted to make a galette, and I’ve got rhubarb in the freezer and a cherry tree in my backyard.

  4. Mmmmm. I have rhubarb in the freezer! And I just made the galette. Do you think I could just repost the pictures? Nah! I’ll make it again. Yum!

  5. Good idea…that helps with planning!

    I’ve made so many cherry desserts lately (and I made a cherry rhubarb cobbler earlier this summer), so I am going to skip the cobbler.

    I’ve never made a galette, though, so I am excited about that!

    Sounding My Barbaric Gulp!

  6. This is great that we can have this to plan ahead since I am going on vacation soon. I’m going to have to skip the cobbler, but am really looking forward to the galette!

  7. You have won my heart with your fruity picks. I love fruit desserts so much. I have a monster bag of rhubarb in the freezer and will start the hunt for the cherries, thanks!

  8. Ground means dried, but I bet a little fresh would work as well if you grated it finely. It would probably taste even better as long as you don’t overdo it. :)

  9. Bria, I am sure any fruit you can find in wintertime would work. I have made a galette using canned apricots before and people always love it. It works in a pinch!

  10. I blanched & froze rhubarb chunks this weekend. I read guidelines on freezing rhubarb that said you should increase the quantity you use in a recipe if using defrosted rhubarb. Does anyone know if this is good advice or not?

  11. I just made my summer fruit galette last night….I was wondering about the custard myself, but it ended up being my favorite part of the dessert! It adds a wonderful, creamy vanilla flavor! This was really delicious – I ended up using only apricots and nectarines because the plums I had bought weren’t ANY good (boo!), but it was still delicious! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the custard – I promise! :-)

  12. Just a stupid question: I did the custard thing and it tastes good, but make the galette look a bit … strange. I thought it would be yellow, but it wasn’t. Did I anything wrong?

    BTW The galette tasted wonderful !

  13. I have some questions about rhubarb, too… I’m using fresh cherries, but frozen rhubarb. I assume that I should thaw the rhubarb before I make the cobbler? Is that correct?

  14. I am still trying to see if I can find some rhubarb. I think my neighbor may have some in her freezer, maybe she’ll trade for some lettuce from our garden.

    I don’t grow rhubarb or use it much myself, but here’s what I’ve learned from my neighbor: the leaves are poisonous (too much oxalic acid). Trim them off and discard, using just the stems. Most folks harvest rhubarb in the spring only, by summer the stems get tough and fibrous. Which is why I’m looking for frozen.

    Here are my thoughts on substitutions: rhubarb is very tart, so perhaps substituting another tart fruit like sour cherries might work. Or you could just go off in a different direction altogether, omitting both cherries and rhubarb — peaches or nectarines would go really well with that ginger-biscuit topping.

  15. lynne–i don’t take a peeler to rhubard and shave off the outside like i would a carrot, but sometimes there are some strings (esp on fatter stalks), so i just take a pairing knife and remove those.

  16. I made the cherry and rhubarb cobbler last night… to be honest I was expecting the worst because im not a fan of rhubarb at all. I didnt even know what a cobbler was either really (they aren’t very common in Australia I dont think). Anyway- I was so surprised! It was delicious! I cut the rhubarb smaller than Dorie recommended and it pretty much dissolved away (which was great for me since I dont like rhubarb). It just left a faint taste behind. Yum! Im making it again tonight.

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