Recipes to start August

We are already into August recipes, can you believe it? This summer has flown by for me. We have 2 fantastic recipes coming up. I am stoked about them both.

For August 5, Ashlee of A Year In The Kitchen chose:

The Black and White Banana Loaf on page 232.

For August 12, Dolores of Chronicles in Culinary Curiosity chose:

Blueberry Sour Cream Ice Cream on page 434.*

*If you do not own an ice cream maker, and do not want to purchase one for this recipe, you may opt to do a TWD recipe from the archive of completed recipes.

35 thoughts on “Recipes to start August

  1. I agree with Carol… love the advance notice. I will be out of town next week, but was able to make the galette early so I don’t have to miss out.

    Both of the new recipes sound very interesting. I’ll get to see what it’s like using frozen bananas (I’ve had some in the freezer for a few months) and also get to try out the ice cream maker I bought on sale and have never used.

  2. The early recipe thing is wonderful! I now know to hold onto my frozen blueberries for the ice cream. I’m enjoying these weekly challenges so much! Thanks for everyones hard work to keep TWD up and going :)

  3. The advance notice is nice – I just hope it’s not an administrative nightmare for you guys. Like Jacque I was able to make my galette early because I will be away this weekend and next week.

    ashlee, smart of you to pick something with chocolate AND fruit – something for everyone!

  4. My husband was just saying it would be nice to have something chocolate again! I don’t have a ice cream maker & I doubt we can fit one into the budget, so I’ll be doing a rewind for that week. Haven’t decided just what — so many choices!

  5. I’m so pleased – great choices! I have bananas in the freezer waiting to be used up anyway!

    Does anybody know if the ice cream would work without an ice cream maker? My son has been drooling over the picture of this ice cream for weeks, bless ‘im. I have made strawberry ice cream before, I just took it out of the freezer every couple of hours and whisked like mad. It worked ok but not as creamy as I’d hoped :)

  6. I am SOOOO happy! I just made the blueberry sour cream ice cream to go with the blueberry pie, but I’m more than happy to make it again! My boyfriend missed out on it and is really wanting some!

    And the banana loaf?! YUM! I want it right now!

  7. I still prefer the surprise of finding out each week of what to make. In saying that I am looking forward to making something that isnt seasonal – like the loaf, as being in the southern hemisphere has been a bit hard the past few weeks, as we’ve got no summer fruit! :0)

  8. I’m very excited about both of these! There’s a good chance they’ll be made very soon, and I’ll just save my pictures. I have some bananas just ready to turn.

  9. These are great choices- both are something unlike what we’ve made recently. I’ve had my eye on the banana loaf because the picture looks so good in the book and I can’t wait to use my ice cream maker again!

  10. Just a heads up on the Summer Fruit Galette, I used ripe Pluots and they were too juicy! My galette broke like the levees in New Orleans! If you have not made your galette, I would definately use very firm or slightly under ripe fruit. I am going to make it again on Sunday with firmer fruit.

  11. Hey all–I made the ice cream a few weeks back and it was scrumptious–very, very rich. A chocolate ganache drizzle would be the perfect accoutrement:)
    (hey! Look at me! I used a fancy word! :)

  12. I too like finding out in advance. I happened to make the galette before I made the cobbler. I had fresh peaches and raspberries that I don’t know what I would have done with them (besides freeze them). BTW, my family LOVED the galette.

    I have over ripe bananas sitting on my countertop right now – so I know what I will be doing today! I’m not sure I will be doing the ice cream, but mostly because I think my guys won’t eat it. I’ll ask them what they think. I know I can’t afford to eat it all by myself (I can feel myself expanding!)

  13. chocolate, yay!!!! i was randomly thinking this morning…i wonder if the new recipes are up for the next few weeks AND if one of them is something other than fruit how happy i’d be. hehee. i love finding out in advance!

    i finally have a reason to dig out the ice cream maker we got for our wedding…4 years ago!! wow. great picks!

  14. Super choices! I have been wanting to make the Black and White Banana loaf. This is going to be a blast! I have a ice cream maker my mom gave me. Its about 100 years old and makes the best ice cream! Thank you Ashlee and Dolores for some fantastic choices.

  15. Looking forward to the ice cream! I got an ice cream maker for a wedding gift and have never used it! You can always count on TWD to make you use those odd appliances!

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