P&Q: Summer Fruit Galette

How are those galettes coming? Let us know!

41 thoughts on “P&Q: Summer Fruit Galette

  1. I made mine on Tuesday and it was fabulous! I used fresh peaches and it tasted great with the custard. My pie dough behaved like I wanted it too as well. This time I used margarine instead of shortening and I thought it had a flakier texture. It was a pretty smooth process overall and we really liked it. I found Dorie’s baking times to be very accurate. You might not need all the custard- if you pour too much on there it may leak during baking.

  2. Any suggestions for graham cracker substitutions? I can’t get graham flour or graham crackers here in eastern Europe. Lots of selections in the wafer and butter cookie department though. Might wafers end up too soggy with berries?

  3. Denise, I would use a good shortbread/butter cookie. What a fabulous flavor.

    Mine leaked during baking. It was wonderful, but several people refused to eat the widest part of the wedge because the custard looked gross. It did, but it tasted wonderful.

  4. I made this earlier in the week and it was delicious! Its Winter where I live so I wasn’t able to do a summer galette… so I used rhubarb and strawberries. Yum!

  5. Oops–Judy beat me. :) Yes, digestive biscuits are the same option. Really, any sweetened, whole grain biscuit is what you are searching for.

  6. I didn’t have graham crackers either so I used a thin layer of bread crumbs, like was used in the blueberry pie. It worked fine. I couldn’t taste the bread crumbs.

  7. I made two galettes with different fruits. I used blueberries , pears and strawberries in one and peaches and blueberries in the other. It was absolutely delicious. My crust was great and the custard only leaked out a tiny bit on one. I liked the one with pears the best, I ate it warm with cold vanilla ice cream. I will definelty make this one again.
    Im looking fwd to seeing all the blogs Tuesday!

  8. This has been one of the faves, (with the strawberry tart) I would make it again and again. My daughter said it was the most delicious thing that she has ever eaten. My custard didn’t really set (too juicy, I think) but that was okay, it was wonderful anyway.

  9. Making mine tomorrow morning for a dinner we’re hosting tomorrow, with… rhubarb because now that last week’s post is behind us, I have a TON of it from a generous friend with an overflowing garden. I think the custard will play nicely with the rhubarb. Glad people are enjoying this one!

  10. I used ritz crackers in place….you would have never known. I didn’t have graham crackers.

    I made mine before I even made the cobbler – because I had peaches and raspberries to do something with then! Fortunately I ended using the cobbler to give to my son’s to take to their great grandmother’s after funeral gathering! Now I’m ahead because today I made the banana bread!

  11. I just made mine and I used plain bread crumbs and no graham crackers. For fruit, peaches, nectarines and mangos. OMG this is so good. Loved every bite and the custard is a nice touch.

  12. I used bread crumbs with a little brown sugar and it was great. BUT, I made mini-galettes and the custard on some of them spilled out, making it impossible to get the gallette off the paper on the pan. Besides that, they were great. I used nectarines, plums and peaches. Yum!!

  13. I made a strawberry galette and it was so gorgeous. I only ended up using about 1 tbsp of the custard, I couldn’t fit any more in. It was great cold as well!
    I also made an apple and almond galette, which I’ve made before. I used Dorie’s sweet tart dough and it’s very, very good :)

  14. This dessert is lovely. We both thought it came out wonderfully. I used nectarines and ginger snap crumbs with apricot jam. The custard turned out fab as well.

    I will be making this again, maybe with apples next time.

  15. I made this this afternoon and oh man was it good! I used apricots, plums, and nectarines. Mine came out really juicy (I probably used too much jam in addition to the really ripe fruit) so I couldn’t put much custard in. As I was spooning it in, the fruit juice was already leaking out the sides. But even without much custard it was super good!

  16. I made it on Wednesday. I was sinful! I was going to bring it to work, but Dorie said that it was best eaten the same day. I had no choice but to eat it, right? So I ate it when it was still very warm. The crust was to die for. I am getting so fat from all this baking!

  17. Kelly, I sliced my peaches up into bite sized pieces. I prefer smaller pieces, but that’s me.

    What I liked about the recipe is it’s versatility… and so quick if you have your pie dough made already.

  18. Just came out of the oven. I don’t know about the addition of custard. It oozed out and burned on the pan. And it still seems jiggly after much longer in the oven than suggested. But maybe that’s just all the peach juice.

    What did everything think of the custard? Is this normal for a galette?

  19. I made my galette with blackberries, cherries, blueberries, and raspberries – it came out wonderfully! I didn’t use the custard as there really wasn’t room for anything else – I used 3 cups of berries and between the berries and the juices of the berries, there was nowhere to pour the custard into. I didn’t taste the jam or graham crackers at all, and used all butter in the crust as I didn’t have any shortening (I’ve never baked with it before). It was delicious!

  20. Kelly S. – – – the custard was not how I was expecting. Just the word “custard” conjures up images and this wasn’t like that. Wonder what others thought.

  21. To be honest it wasn’t really like custard to me. I would make the galette again but next time I would omit the custard (in fact I would just make up a jug of real custard and let people help themselves.)

  22. I thought the custard was great. But, I made the recipe as written, with nectarines in halves. I had plenty of room to put the custard in the space between the halved fruit.

    If you overfill the galette, you plain wont have room.

  23. I also used nectarines – in thirds because I can’t seem to cut them in half. I didn’t need 8-10, more like 6. I had room for the custard and the whole thing was delicious.

  24. I am seriously drooling reading everyone posts.
    I just finished mine and it’s a good thing it’s supposed to look rustic. -lol-
    I haven’t tasted it yet but I did taste some drippage that leaked out and it’s good! I’m excited.

  25. I hope it’s not too late to offer some advice on the whole custard thing: it’s really worth it and I think it makes this galette stand out. Try not to overfill because you don’t want to skip this step; the warm custard surrounding the fruit heightens the deliciousness of it. I dumped about 80% of the custard in and it leaked all over the parchment paper and burned, but I place a large piece of aluminum foil underneath to catch any other drips. Good luck, everyone!

  26. Mine leaked also and burned; I will put on a lipped sheet next time. I may change the amount of flour in the crust and see if that helps the leaks. Tart was very good and did not last long!

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  28. Sounds like everyone had fun with this one, too. Denise – can you get English Digestives. They might work. Since it is 100+ degrees here in Central Louisiana, I used my table top convection oven and it worked just fine. Took a little longer for the custard, but overall the baking time is about 1/3 less. Rustic seems to describe mine, too. My crust refused to behave. Ah, well!!! Bake on!!!

    MXK – amaretti cookies. What a great idea.

  29. Probably too late for most of you, but just a tip: I was worried about transferring mine from the parchment-lined baking sheet to serving platter, as it seemed very soft and likely to break. I don’t own a cake turner or a flat, small baking sheet like Dorie suggests. I used a piece of cardboard instead – worked great!
    Also, the leaking & burning on edges is fine. I used to work somewhere that made a similar rustic fruit tart for its take-out shop and they were always the same as this one comes out. You didn’t do anything wrong – it’s just how the rustic tarts are.
    Mine was absolutely delicious! I used apricots & blueberries and added almond extract to the custard.
    Ground nuts might be a good sub for the crumbs next time.

  30. I had to pass this weeks summer fruit gallette. Too many orders this past weekend and I just didnt have the energy for another fruit pastry dish! wheres the chocolate at???? I am looking forward to next weeks selection!!!

  31. I used fresh white peaches & strawberries for my summer fruit galette & Uh Mah Goooodness it was good. I would definitely make this again. Take a look at my blog for the full review. YUM-eeeee!!

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