54 thoughts on “Granola Grabbers P&Q

  1. I added some extra raisins because I like them in my granola, but next time I might soak them beforehand just because the batter itself is relatively dry. I’d definitely recommend adding dried cherries or something like that if you want a little tartness in these – they’re SWEET.

  2. I just baked mine last night and instead of using wheat germ (which I couldn’t find) I substituted flaxseed…a few Omega 3’s never hurt anyone :)! I used a maple sugar granola which added to the sweetness, but I really like these! A bit crumbly coming out of the oven, but they set up nicely. I’m freezing my batch so I’ll be anxious to see how they hold up! Great recipe!

  3. I absolutely loved these! I did, however, substitute chocolate chips for the raisins (I hate raisins!) and was really glad I did – it was a perfect combo – the granola had a hint of cinnamon that worked really well with the chocolate chips! These were chunky, sweet, and really really tasty!
    I baked two batches – the first batch, I did as Dorie said and “pressed” the dough flat in the center before baking; the second batch, I just left as they were and didn’t press them. I preferred the “un-pressed” batch – they came out more rounded, chunkier and chewier.

  4. I made mine too…no raisins, so I put in some chocolate and butterscotch chips..found peanut butter granola…yumm….I made some into bars, which was a nice change!

  5. I made my last week and gave them to some friends and they took them to work and everyone loved them. One person even asked for the recipe. I really liked these cookies. They reminded me of a cross between an oatmeal raisin cookie and a peanut butter cookie. I opted to use golden raisins and they turned out great :)

  6. I must say, these were awesome. I didn’t use granola but used Post Great Grains cereal with dates, raisins, and pecans – some extra coconut (didn’t want to leave just a little dab in the bag) and mixed dried fruit (which is actually quite moist) and Grumpy LOVED them. Umm, so did I. They lasted all of 2 days in the house. I will make these again for certain!

  7. I JUST this minute made these. Eating them hot as I type. I didn’t think I would like this recipe – wheat germ? (it has the word germ right in it, hello?) – but these are good. I subbed chocolate for the raisins, added some hazelnuts, too – oh so good.
    If you are on the fence about this recipe – just go ahead and make it. you won;t be sorry.

  8. We just realized that we forgot the wheat germ in our cookies. We used wheat flour though so maybe thats why they turned out fine. Wheat tends to be a little dryer the white.

  9. I made these to the recipe and they turned out perfect. Hubby took some to the office and they went in an instant. I do make my own granola every week so for this one I just made one without fruit as Dorie suggested.
    I would definitely make this again, such a good, healthy cookie.

  10. kelly–i thought about doing them as bars, too., but went with cookies in the end. i think if you pat them into a square or rectangular pan it would work just fine. maybe score them while they are still warm.

  11. I baked them as bars. I put the batter in a 9×13 pan. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the baking temperature and time I used. It wasn’t the most successful recipe for a bar cookie, because when I tried to cut them into bars, they crumbled a lot. I baked a few as individual cookies and they worked out better.

  12. Caitlin: Thanks for the tips on sour cherries and soaking the raisins. I am going to follow them. The P&Q is fantastic as one gets such good tips before setting about the actual baking.

  13. Made mine yesterday and I used an organic gingersnap granola. I also added chocolate chips and they were delicious! Hubby said they were the best oatmeal cookies he ever had. I then told him they were granola grabbers!

  14. I’m working on my cookie dough right now. Does anyone else find it odd that there’s no baking soda or powder in these? Christine–I bought gingersnap granola, too. Boy is it tasty!

  15. These turned out very SWEET for my taste. I thought it was odd they didn’t have any leavening, but they barely puff up. The egg just barely holds it together. The next batch I won’t press them down as much.

    Did anybody have an oil slick on their pan after baking? When I was making them and pressing them between my hands the amount of butter was kinda ooging me out…

  16. I don’t mean to be a snitch or anything, but I noticed in my Google Reader that a lot of people had their cookies already up- remember we can’t post until Tuesday!

  17. Made these today, substituted half of the raisins with cranberries. For the other half I used golden raisins.
    Boy, where these yummie. Took some over to my parents and they absolutely loved them!

  18. I’ve stuffed myself with all of the “experiments”. Whooo! I’m set for a while. I split the dough and made some plain (yum!), some with choco. chips (my fave) and some with cinnamon chips (also yummy).

    I didn’t think I would like these as I’m not a big granola fan, but they really don’t taste like granola, more like an oatmeal cookie like someone mentioned. Oh, and I added 1/2 tsp. salt rather than the 1/4 tsp. called for since I had heard reports of “too sweet”. I thought the sweetness level was OK. I’m sure it also depends on how sweet your granola is.

  19. i made these last night and they are a big hit in our house! we can’t stop eating them! i did not want to buy a large quantity of wheat germ (smallest size jar i found at the store was 16oz!) so i did what Hannah of Del Sisters Kitchen did – i used wheat flour instead of AP flour and it seemed to work just fine.

    i wasn’t going to make these initially, b/c i wasn’t sure how they would be w/o the wheat germ, but i’m glad i tried them now! :) my husband has requested that i hide them from him now before he eats them all himself!

  20. Thank you, Caitlin, for the idea of adding dried cherries for their tartness. I used all cherries but wish I had included some raisins for an extra bit of moistness. They’re still delicious, though!

  21. It looks like many people loved these cookies but I am not a fan – they seemed a bit dry and not all that tasteful. Maybe I just don’t like granola. The Australian ANZAC biscuits top any other crunchy munchy cookie – will post a recipe.

  22. Just made these tonight. They are what I imagined them to be. Where I live, granola type biscuits arent very common (though I know they are in the US). It reminds me of our ANZAC biscuits but with more stuff in them. They are pretty tasty though!

  23. I used AP flour and simply omitted the wheat germ – the cookies came out perfectly without it. I meant to substitute the wheat germ (I couldn’t find it) with ground oats, but forgot. :) I also substituted chocolate chips for the dried fruit, since I wanted to make these kid-friendly (so my sister-in-law would eat them) – these were a big hit! Very tasty cookies, countered the sweetness by using salted peanuts, and upping the salt a bit. I liked these a lot more than I thought I would.

  24. I found the temp to be WAY too high … burned the first 24 cookies. Second set went in at 300F (150C) for 15 minutes … utterly perfect. I had to hide the last two so my son could have snack tomorrow at school.

  25. I assumed Dorie meant rolled oats by granola — I’m Canadian so I thought maybe calling it granola was an American thing. Am I wrong? Are my cookies destined to fail? I just bought a bag of Quaker Oats rolled oats for the cookies. If I’m wrong I think I’ll have to skip this week–I don’t have time to make granola and cookies tonight.

  26. Kait,

    Granola often contains rolled oats … but, also, nuts, some kind of sweetening, etc. You can probably buy it off-the-shelf where you life … cereal aisle.

  27. Kait – you make granola from rolled oats. You don’t have to have anything else in it. It’s basically oats with a little oil and sweetener and baked in the oven until it gets crispy. Go to one of the recipes posted here…

  28. Thanks Heidi and James! I know that granola is also the crunchy, sweet baked stuff, but I’ve never heard of it used in a cookie recipe before so I assumed it was a Canadian/American difference.

    Having made the cookies, do you think it would still work with plain old rolled oats?

  29. This is my first TWD challenge and I enjoyed it….my hips will be enjoying it soon as well! I made mine this morning with my homemade granola..they are fantastic! I made the recipe as written, although I think I would like to add craisins and chocolate chips, omitting the raisins, the next time I make them…and I WILL make them again!

  30. oops…Iforgot…I did substitute unsweetened coconut for the sweetened coconut. I didn’t realise I did until I was reading the label THOUROUGHLY while eating a cookie and waiting for the second batch to come out! I thought they were the perfect sweetness this way and I’ll use unsweetened next time as well.

  31. Kait, I think you’d be better subbing some sort of ready-made cereal rather than rolled oats. Delicioso Mama, I also used unsweetened coconut and thought the sweetness was great.

  32. I also just posted mine. I made my own granola with no refined sugar or added oil and used splenda and 1T molasses in the recipe for the cookies. They taste great.

  33. I made mine with Pumpkin Flax Seed granola and it was super yummy. I also used Smart Balance 50/50 butter blend sticks. The cookies tasted really buttery, which isn’t a bad thing, though.

    Mine didn’t stay really soft though. I wasn’t crazy about them when they were harder after a day. Anyone have a suggestion for helping them stay soft?

    Also, I don’t think that the peanuts HAVE to be salted peanuts. I think they’d be fine with regular peanuts.

  34. Did we change something and I didn’t get the memo? Is it still the same deal where the host writes up the weeks recipe and we all link to it? It looks like Michelle didn’t post the Grabbers recipe today. I’ve had readers writing me to tell me she hasn’t posted since the 13th. Does Dorie have the recipe posted somewhere we can link to? If not, maybe we should all edit our posts and take the link down. Just a thought.

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