P&Q: Chocolate-Banded Ice Cream Torte

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36 thoughts on “P&Q: Chocolate-Banded Ice Cream Torte

  1. Mine came together really smoothly, but do make sure to let it sit in the freezer for the full 30 minutes between layers. Everything is still soft at 20 min. I also cranked my freezer colder before I sliced and also sliced with a knife warmed under hot water, which gave me nice clean pieces to photograph :-P Easy peasy.

  2. I agree — make sure the chocolate is very firm before adding the ice cream. Mine was a little squishy, and it made the layers look wavy on the slice. Tasted great, though.

    Mine was very, very difficult to cut, even with the hot knife.

  3. I made this a little over a week ago and my blog post is ready and waiting to be published. I made this over the course of a day, waiting a while in between adding layers. That way I made sure the layers were nice and frozen before I added one on top. This was really easy but delicious. I used Edy’s (or Dryers depending on where you live) French Vanilla. The store didn’t have frozen raspberries so I used strawberries and it came out great! Cutting a piece for pictures can be tricky, but Caitlin’s method works great :)

  4. My second layer of ganache was still a little soft after 30 minutes – it could have used a little longer. Could have been my freezer, or maybe I made that layer a little too thick. Mine is still in the pan; I will take it out tonight. It was easy to assemble, but I am worried about getting it out of the pan and cutting it!

  5. I had never made a ganache with eggs, so I asked Dorie about it. As I thought, the eggs are to help the ganache keep a nice texture at cold temps.

    I’ll be making mini tortes! (I JUST made an ice cream torte for my husband’s bday – should have taken pictures!

  6. I made this last night and my blog is waiting to be published.
    It tastes so good..I left out a few steps..no middle layer for me…I was so tired of all the freezing, waiting, pouring , freezing…yikes…. I felt trapped in the kitchen. Im glad I left out the middle layer because it was perfect without it and tasted out of this world! I added something different to mine, but you will have to wait and see my blog, to see what it is!! Oh ya..the hot towell technique worked perfect ..it popped right out of the pan. http://homebakedsweetness.blogspot.com/

  7. I made this last night and it turned out good. It is very tasty.

    Here is what worked for me.

    1. I left out the middle layer…to much freezing, waiting, pouring and freezing again. I felt trapped in my kitchen.

    2. I used something sweet in my ice cream..find out what ,when you see my post.

    3. The hot towel technique worked nicely for me. The torte slipped right on out. I only had to warm the torte for 30 seconds.

  8. I have also made this already. I agree with Cathy. The second layer of ganache was a little softer after 30 minutes. I probably should have waited 45 minutes but I was impatient and didn’t. The layers still turned out nice. Not too wavy :)

  9. Amy- If I had to guess, I would say that they wont slide out. But, you could always try to line the ramekins with plastic wrap?

    I havent decided how I am going to make this yet. Id like to half it since I know the boys probably wont eat it.

  10. I did mine in a round dish without removable sides. I lined the bottom and walls with parchment before filling it and left the parchment paper a little taller than the sides for handles later on. It worked pretty well. Inevitably, some of the first chocolate layer seeped through the corners, so it stuck a little when went to remove the thing. I did the warm towel thing and after a couple of minutes it came out fine and I put it back in the freezer with the parchment still stuck to it for a little while, then took it out and peeled the parchment off. It looked absolutely perfect for one small section of the outside of the cake, but the rest looked a little melty. Other that the slight aesthetic problem it work charmingly.

    Oh, and the thing is flipping delicious.

  11. Did anyone solve the raw eggs in the ganache issue? I’m usually not one to think about raw eggs in batter due to my spatula licking obsession, but the posts from the recipe announcement got me concerned. Did anyone go for the pasterurized substitution?

  12. i made my minis in muffin wrappers…don’t know how to describe them exactly, but they’re brown and gold and look like small versions of italian panetone wrappers. they have no pleats and are straight sided. i sprayed them lightly before layering. then when they were frozen, i was able to just peel the papers off…no need for warm towel or anything.

  13. I also had some concerns about the raw egg issue. I emailed Dorie and she actually replied.

    Well shoot – I was going to quote exactly what she said, but I can’t find her email……arrgghh! And I was planning on going back and rereading it for when I was ging nto make it.

    Anyhoo. This is what I remember: She suggested heating the eggs similar to how they do for Mayonaise recipes or use pastuerized eggs….I still haven’t decided. I really want to do this recipe….but I don’t like the raw eggs thing. I might try to heat them up, but if that doesn’t work I might just skip them and see about doing without the eggs.

  14. I REALLY wanted to make this for DH’s birthday on Monday, but when I tried to suggest that he really wanted an ice cream cake, he said “Nope, I want pie. It’s my birthday and I want pie.”
    I even showed him the picture in the cookbook. Silly DH still wants pie. Oh well!

  15. I made my torte word for word on Tuesday. It did take some time, but I just did other things while I waited, (like make two batches of tomaoto chutney, eat dinner, clean kitchen..ALOT..!) as it did take longer in my freezer to set up. I think it turned out fantastic! I even got my layers rather even! MINI’s!?! I wish I had thought of that!! Oh, well, I have wrapped it carefully and will try not to eat it al at once. This was my first time a ganache…I wanted to swim in it!! Yum!
    Beth~yeah, my DH would rather have pie too!

  16. I used mini molds with parchment lining; haven’t unmolded them yet but will be on my post. I made one of the optional ice creams and it was really good. I made mine with the raw eggs and licked and licked the spoon, god it was so good; I am still alive and not at all sick.

  17. i used the raw eggs too, just made sure they were fresh, organic cage-free, etc. (not sure if that helps but it sure made me feel better about 8 raw eggs in the ganache). I thought the recipe was pretty easy and am serving it tonight .. hope I can manage to unmold and cut pretty slices!

  18. I’m doing mine a little differently. This may be sacrilege butj I’m not a big fan of ganache ( i hear the gasps.) So, I’m using brownies for my chocolate layers. They are cooling on the counter and then I’ll slice them into 2-3 layers and assemble per the recipe.

  19. I made mine today. I cut the recipe in half and used a 6″ round cake pan lined with saran wrap. I also used chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream instead of raspberry. It was so delicious! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s pics on Tuesday!

  20. We made ours……..it was ok, but not my favortie TWD recipe. I’m not sure why. I love chocolate!?!??!

    It was very hard to cut, even though we used a hot knife.

  21. Just finished mine…. decided to make two smaller tortes but still have lots of chocolate ganache leftover. Does anyone have some ideas on what I could do with the leftover ganache?

  22. I decided to do an experiment with my ganache to see if I could heat the raw eggs enough to make it safe according to these guidelines:

    I used a quarter of the recipe. That way I wouldn’t waste too much if it didn’t work. First I tried heating eggs, sugar and butter in a metal bowl over barely simmering water, whisking constantly, until the mixture reached 160 degrees. That didn’t work. It started turning into scrambled eggs somewhere around 150 degrees, and there was no way I was going to make it to 160 degrees.

    I decided to try the “keep it at 140 degrees for 3 1/2 minutes” instead. That worked. Here’s what I did, for anyone else who might be interested:

    Have ready an instant-read thermometer and a timer. A bowl of cold water may also be helpful if your mixture is getting too hot too fast.
    Melt the butter in a metal bowl over a pan of barely simmering water. Mix eggs and sugar in another bowl. Once the butter is just melted, whisk it slowly into the eggs and then put the mixture back into the bowl over the simmering water. (You might be able to just cut the butter up small and put all ingredients over the heat, but I didn’t try that.)
    Now, stir constantly with one hand and measure the temperature with an instant-read thermometer in the other hand. (If you have a thermometer that clips on, so much the better.) Heat slowly until the temperature gets a little higher than 140. I was able to go up to 145 with no problem as long as I stirred well and didn’t get too much of the mixture up onto the hot sides of the bowl.
    Now, turn the heat off or down to the lowest simmer you can manage. (I have a couple of burners that have really low simmer settings, which is very helpful for this kind of thing.) Start the timer going and keep stirring and measuring the temperature. If it falls too fast, turn the heat up a bit.You want to keep it at or about 140 degrees for 3 1/2 minutes, and given that your thermometer might not be completely accurate and that some areas of the mixture might be cooler than others, I’d say keep it above 142 or 143 for 4 minutes.
    Take the bowl off the water. Stir the finely chopped chocolate into the mixture and let cool. A bowl of cold water can help with this.

    It would probably be simpler to go ahead and use the raw eggs (which is what I usually do), or buy pasteurized eggs. But it was fun to experiment!

  23. Thanks, Barbara, for the “lab report”! It’s great to know there is a work-around for using raw, unpasteurized eggs. I used pasteurized, but it was still a bit weird for me to put 8 of them in there and then NOT cook them. My first ganache…

  24. I made my torte with Haagen-Dasz coffee ice cream because I’m not a huge fan of raspberry and chocolate together (I know they are a classic pairing, but I can’t help it).
    I loved the result. Not too sweet…rich and creamy…visually impressive… This is my new dessert-for-company recipe!
    By the way, I love this Tuesdays with Dorie group. Everyone is so kind and supportive. Even friends of mine who read my blog have said things to me about the nice comments left by TWD members.
    Have a great week!

  25. What do you think about using sherbet instead of ice cream? My homemade ice cream was very yum, but hard to slice. I thought maybe sherbet would be good since it’s softer. Also, I thought orange sherbet would be good with chocolate. WDYT?

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