Recipes to Start September

Here are the recipes for the first 2 weeks of September. Let me just say, I am totally stoked. I have been ready for some more cookieage. Thanks Stefany and Rachel!

For September 2, Stefany of Proceed with Caution chose,

Chunky Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Chocolate Chipsters on page 73.

For September 9, Rachel of Confessions of a Tangerine Tart chose,

Chocolate Whopper Malted Drops on page 85.


49 thoughts on “Recipes to Start September

  1. Woo hoo!!! These both are great choices! I’ve been eyeing that peanut butter and oatmeal chipsters recipe for awhile now and I’ve made the chocolate malted whopper drops, but didn’t have the best results, so I’ve been wanting an excuse to try them again! Awesome picks!

  2. First of all: peanut butter + chocolate = heaven (and the addition of oatmeal sounds fabulous)
    Second: I have been wanting to make the malted cookies for a long time

    Stefany and Rachel just made my day! You can’t go wrong with cookies. It’s funny how we didn’t make a cookie for so long and now I’m getting to make all the ones I’ve had my eye on since getting the book!

  3. Yippee!! Cookies!

    FYI – I’ve made the chipsters and they are my favorite cookie. For those who make half batches – don’t. People will trample you get these cookies. Also, you can scoop them out and freeze them – works perfectly! :)

  4. Funny thing, I’m not sure my sweetie & I will like either of these cookies. (Yes, I know, we’re strange.) We’ll see.

    On the other hand, I know the folks at work will LOVE them! Perhaps I will collect donations for the Red Cross (for the next time we get floods in the area).

  5. I am not a cookie person but I gotta say that I am digging these cookie recipes! Maybe I am a cookie person? haha. Those whopper malts sound drool-worthy!

  6. I’m so damn excited for the peanut butter chipsters! I’ve been eyeing that recipe since getting the book plus I could use a nice snack during school. I’m not sure about the malted drops since Whoppers “hurt” my teeth (just that weird feeling they give off).

  7. Carla — maybe you could use something else? There’s malt in the cookie dough too…

    I have a question about natural vs. commercial peanut butter. I know I’m going to get flak from my husband if I buy a jar of commercial peanut butter. He’ll read the ingredient label and complain. Can’t really blame him. Is there a way to go with natural and tinker with the recipe a bit? Maybe if I use a bit less of the natural and add in some sugar and some Spectrum Organic vegetable shortening? What do you think?

  8. Barbara – There’s at least one brand of peanut butter that’s similar to commercial but doesn’t have hydrogenated oils in it. It looks like Skippy and Smucker’s both have one. I’m guessing they use palm oil instead of hydrogenated.

  9. I am excited about these cookies! However, DD is allergic to peanuts and nuts and I would rather substitute something for the peanut butter than make something she can’t eat. Anyone have any ideas? We’ve tried sunbutter (didn’t like it) and soy nut butter (I can’t have it and DD didn’t like it) and neither of those will work for us. Thanks!

  10. Carla, I’m not a fan of malted milk balls either, but when they cook, they melt and become sort of caramel-y. You can see that in the picture in Dorie’s book. We made these last night, and my advice is to chop the balls a bit finer, or even crush them, and you won’t get that texture. The malt flavor is not overwhelming either, thank goodness.

  11. Nancy/Noe, I was thinking maybe they would be slightly softer when baked. I’ll probably scale down the recipe so if I don’t like them, there won’t be as many for my family to eat lol

    Bria – Yes, Maltesers = Whoppers

  12. These recipes sound wonderful – I am trying all different cookie recipes now that I’m baking for Operation BakingGALS so if these turn out great, I ship them to our troops overseas.

  13. I’m so excited for these! As much as I was hoping one of you was picking the perfect party cake…i’m so glad it is cookies for September. I wasn’t quite ready to make/eat a big cake :)

    Bria, yes, Whoppers are like Maltesers (and my husband says that he likes Matlesers better… because their chocolate is sooo much better!) Good luck!

  14. I did see whoppers at the bulk store but can’t find malted milk here in Canada.
    I would like to make these but if I don’t end up finding the malted milk should I do a rewind?

  15. Natashya, I think Dorie says you can use chocolate milk powder like Ovaltine or Nesquick (you know, the powder you add to regular milk to make it chocolate milk).

  16. Thanks, Holly, but she is allergic to almonds and cashews. We are getting her re-tested this week (at her request!), so who knows, maybe we’ll get a miracle and she won’t be allergic anymore?!

  17. Just made both, and two suggestions: for the PB cookies, use chunky peanut butter – my taste testers couldn’t really taste the peanuts in them. And the whopper drops – DON’T halve the recipe. Bad idea. Very very bad idea.

  18. I noticed that someone already mentioned this, but I just want to chime and in and say it further down in the comment file: the temperature was left out of the recipe for the Whoppers — it should be 350 degrees F. Sorry!

    New topic: I’ve been having so much fun blog-hopping. You are such a talented — and wildly creative — group of bakers. I think Tuesday should be called Treatday because it’s such a treat to see what you’ve done.

  19. Heidi, I dislike malt also, but these cookies were good. The malt flavor goes away when the milk balls melt. You can also use Nesquick instead of Ovaltine and further reduce the malt flavor.

  20. Can we (or the blog-goddesses) start a Comments and Questions place for the recipe? It helps me to read it before baking so I can see what others have experienced!

    DH is super excited to have more cookies.

  21. I made the chipsters last weekend and actually used smooth PB, since I was too lazy to go out and buy chunky.. I couldn’t have them myself since I’m eating low-carb. However, DH’s co-workers really enjoyed them and asked me to make them again. I wonder if the brand of PB makes a difference as opposed to smooth vs. chunky.

    I’m going to bake the malted drops tomorrow. I hope the gang likes them. I should make them take pictures while they eat them :)

  22. Hello. I just made the peanut chipsters and they were a huge success. My husband ate 7 large cookies. I did make some changes because I only had natural chunky PB (we loved the crunchy texture). The cookies are the first item I’ve baked with the group and I wonder how much weight I will gain.

    I made the Crunchy & Custardy Peach Pie when the cookbook arrived last week, but my dog ate the entire pie! If anyone else has baked it, I’d be interested in hearing how it tasted. The dog refuses to talk.

    Barbara asked about using natural PB. I am not sure I’m allowed to post my adjustments here, but I will post them on my blog on Tuesday. I’m at

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