50 thoughts on “P&Q: Chocolate Whopper Malted Drops

  1. I made mine last week for Labor Day. I think I might have made a booboo. I bought chocolate malt powder instead of vanilla and maybe thats why my cookies were TOO chocolate-y. I know its crazy… too much chocolate? But I could barely eat a cookie. Next time maybe I’ll use vanilla malt and see if that makes it more eat-able for me. *shrugs

  2. Mine are baking in the oven while I’m posting this blog. I didn’t find any malted milk in the supermarkets here in Holland, so decided to go with Nesquick, just not the chocolate kind, but the banana kind… I hope they won’t taste too artificial!!

    I also used 3 ounces milk chocolate and 3 ounces bittersweet chocolate, because I don’t really like the taste of bitter sweet chocolate and it gives me a headache…

  3. I made these last week because I just couldn’t wait! They came together really easily. The only pain was chopping the Whoppers! I got Ovaltine chocolate malt powder and it tasted great. They were very chocolaty, soft, chewy, and delicious! What a great dough to eat as well! I really liked these!

  4. Wait, it called for vanilla and not chocolate powder? Malt powder was too expensive, so I bought an off-brand version of Ovaltine. Super chocolatey indeed! Anybody else get an incredibly soft cookie? I baked them for the max time. And although Whoppers make my teeth “hurt,” they softened up in the cookie, which allowed me to enjoy them!

  5. @ Carla – I don’t think Dorie specified chocolate or vanilla. I assumed chocolate but it was SO chocolate-y for me so I started thinking that vanilla might be better? Not sure.

  6. I agree Cristine – my whoppers caramelized a bit in the oven. People sort of had difficulty figuring out what they were. I’d probably chop them a bit bigger next time (I quartered mine), because they do soften up so larger pieces would break someone’s teeth :) But oh my goodness, they were fudgy and chocolatey. Fabulous.

  7. I adore these! Mine were thin, though. It didn’t matter a bit to the taste — they were delicious and chewy (sometimes thin=crispy, but that was not the case here). Stil, I wonder if anyone else was able to achieve chunkier cookies?

  8. everyone loved these at work! I used Ovaltine for the malt powder. I decided to leave out the extra chocolate and I’m so glad I did. They would have been too chocolatey otherwise. They were perfectly puffy and soft. Just like a fudgy brownie. I may even try them baked like abrownie next time around. These may be my favorite so far.

  9. Am I the only one who doesn’t see the oven temp? I have mine all mixed and ready to bake (forgot to turn on my oven) and when I checked to see what temp it is supposed to be at – I don’t see it in the book!?! I’ll end up going with 350 if I don’t see a response here before I HAVE to start baking.

  10. The temperature is not in the book. It’s 350. So what’s the advice on Whopper size? I bought malted milk powder through King Arthur Flour. I’ll assume it’s not chocolate.

  11. Thanks! That is what I ended up going with. (350)

    I cut my whoppers in quarters and think half would have been nicer if you want chunks. I also used malted milk powder which was white. I found mine at walmart. It was right next to the ovaltine (which I didn’t get because it was chocolate).

  12. I guestimated and put the oven temp to 350. Mine turned out puffy ..and did not look nice and chunky like in the picture. And the cookies were soft. Not my favourite…

  13. I cut the Whoppers in smaller pieces because I thought that it wouldn’t be good if they were too big. But, like others found, the spread during baking, so you don’t need to worry too much about getting them chopped really small. I wouldn’t go any smaller than quarters next time so you can still taste them.

  14. I found my malted milk powder near the ice cream cones and sauces. Carnation brand. Here’s what it looks like:
    http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41B4NATSJTL._SL500_.jpg (copy and paste that into your web browser to see)

    I put my Whoppers into a ziploc bag and pounded on them with a rolling pin some to crunch them up. They were maybe 1/3-sized down to powder. But then, once I got the dough mixed up, I tasted it and realized I’d like a little more crunch. So I took almost as many whoppers again as called for and cut them up into 1/3 to 1/2 sized and mixed those in. I liked them better that way.

    Once baked, they aren’t really crunchy due to the Whoppers, more like caramally.

    Another thing, I made only half a batch. I refrigerated the dough for a few hours to firm it up, then scooped spoonfuls out onto a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. I only baked 6 of them and the rest went into the freezer, unwrapped. Once the unbaked dough balls were frozen solid, I put them into a plastic container and back into the freezer. Now, when we’re up for some cookies, I’ll take some out of the freezer, maybe thaw them in the fridge for a while, and then bake.

    My waistline seriously can not handle any more full-sized Dorie recipes, LOL.

    Sorry for the novel :)

    P.S. I liked them a lot!

  15. I’ll be baking mine this weekend. Thank you so much to all of you for troubleshooting before this baking neophyte steps up to the oven. I would have panicked at the last minute about the oven temperature. Thank you to HoneyB for posting your question and to Jules for the answer.

    I feel as if I’m cheating by waiting until the weekends to bake. I’ve been following everyone else’s trial and error advice…

  16. i used chocolate ovaltine, semisweet chocolate, and chopped my whoppers into quarters. i was worried they would be too chunky if the whopper pieces were too big but like others note, they kind of caramelized and melted in the oven – so i think even cutting them in half would be ok next time.

    i did not find them too chocolatey and i loved them!! i don’t like chocolate cookies and i couldn’t get enough of these! i got so many compliments on them :) i can’t wait to make them again (if only i didn’t snack on the rest of the whoppers LOL)

  17. Regarding chocolate vs. vanilla malted milk powder: Plain malted milk powder isn’t flavored or sweetened at all. Some companies just add chocolate or vanilla flavoring as well as sweeteners. I assumed that the recipe called for unsweetened, plain malted milk powder (aside from the ovaltine suggestion, which is flavored malted milk powd…yeah). Barley malt powder, which is what you can get from King Arthur, is different, basically stripped down malted milk powder (there’s no milk in it). How many times can I say “malted milk powder” in one paragraph? The world may never know.

  18. Oh, just so everyone knows and I think you have figured it out. When the recipes for September were posted Dorie posted a comment about how the temperature for the Chocolate Whopper Malted Drops was left out of the cookbook, opps. She said it was 350 F. For the malted milk powder I used Ovaline Malt (plain) and the cookies turned out perfectly. They were chocolaty enough without adding another component. I loved them :)

  19. I just made my cookies and I am glad I did not add the chocolate chunks; they had just the right amount of chocolate using Plain Ovaltine and Dutch Process cocco. They came out puffy and I cut the Whoppers into 1/4’s which seemed like the right size for these cookies.

  20. I’m making these this weekend – can’t wait! Going to experiment with using the Peanut Butter-flavored Whoppers for something different (plus I’m just crazy about those).

  21. I am making mine this weekend as well. I have bought horlicks whcih is plain malted milk powder I think. I bought maltesers as we dont have whoppers in NZ, but I accidentally bought dark chocolate covered ones. I dont like them anyway, so I will be interested to see how the cookies turn out

  22. I tasted these right after they came out of the oven, and I wasn’t a big fan. I actually loved the taste of the dough (tasted like hot chocolate in cookie form!) but like others have mentioned, the Whoppers caramelized and were just kind of chewy and stuck in my teeth. However, they sat around over the next few days, and by day 3 I really liked them! I don’t know if it’s because I grew used to them, or the caramelized Whoppers softened and lost their chew, but they really grew on me. I’d definitely make the dough again but maybe just use chocolate chips instead of Whoppers.

  23. I was right on the same page with Elizabeth…I thought I might break a tooth on the chewy whopper. After the cookies cooled down they softened and tasted fine. I used Peanut butter whoppers like Sandy and Peanut butter/chocolate chips. I didn’t care for the spongy cake like texture

  24. Mine are done too. I used nesquik, whoppers and 1 giant bar of Hersheys Symphony with almonds and toffee bits. I like the cookies. I think I would like them more had I been able to find the malt powder, but the nesquik did fine. They werent too chocolatey for me. And I think the kids will like them. Not my fav cookie, but a decent one by all means.

  25. I made these last week also and wished I would have left my whoppers a little more chunky just for a little more crunch! But loved these cookies so much! My husband loves whoppers so there aren’t many left, and i will definately be making these again!

  26. WHEW. I’m glad to find the oven temperature in the comments! I wish I could make these with Maltesers. We don’t “love” Whoppers, yet we’ve managed to eat a full box already. I had to buy more for the cookies!

    Thanks for all the troubleshooting. I can’t wait to make these.

    (And I’m super happy to be baking with you guys again.)

  27. Natalia, whoppers are kind of dry and crunchy inside (more like a dry cookie), and Mars bars are more moist and chewy, so I don’t think they are similar. I’d add a chocolate covered cookie or wafer type candy bar before I’d add a soft candy bar, but that’s just my gut feeling.

  28. Despite chilling the dough for about four hours and watching the oven like a hawk, mine spread a bit thin and not at all like the beautiful cookbook photo. Nonetheless, they tasted great!

  29. Make sure you cook them enough. I think I took mine out of the oven too soon. At 12 minutes they felt done, but they are really sticky and soft on the bottoms and skinny.

    Although they look ugly, they are very tasty.:P

  30. Thanks for the tip, pinkstripes. I would have taken mine out too soon.

    Did anyone else have a HUGE problem scooping this dough into individual cookies? It was SO sticky!

    I froze mine for about 1/2 hour before baking and they stayed pretty thick.

  31. Mine came out very yummy and soft! I really liked the cakey texture. It turned out the 11-13 min at 350 was too much (burnt on the bottoms) so I did 10-11 min on 300…perfect!
    I will make them again, but might try to put 1/2 Whopper on top during the 6-minute sheet rotation, instead of mixed in the dough.

  32. i have been completely frustrated by a search for malted milk powder that is not ovaltine! i don’t like ovaltine (rather chalky to me) and really just wanted that carnation powder so i could use it in other recipes. 6 grocery stores, 1 mega-mart and 1 diner (hoping they might make malted milkshakes and sell me some!) later, i am at a brick wall. not sure if i should wait for mail order or just use dry skim milk powder. aaarrgghh. i have never had this much trouble finding an ingredient!

  33. I also searched high and low for malted milk powder and came up empty handed, so I used Ovaltine. These cookies were pretty easy and those that tried them thought they were tasty, I on the other hand was indifferent about them.

  34. I used chocolate ovaltine….hope its good. I’m chilling the scooped dough in the freezer for 30 minutes while the oven heats up to 350 degrees. We will see. Hope they are good. I’m not sure about the malted flavoring. I’ll probably take them with me tomorrow to Bible Study. Taste test. he he Thanks everyone for all your guidance and tips!

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