Recipes to end September

Hi guys! Here are the final recipes for September. I think its a great trio!

Also, I wanted to let everyone know I am running slightly behind with email and adding new members. I am working hard at catching up. Just know that I am receiving your emails and will respond as soon as I can. Back to school has been busier than I anticipated!

On to the recipes…

For September 16, Claudia of Fool for Food selected,

Chocolate Chunkers on page 70.

For September 23, Michelle of Bake-en selected,

Dimply Plum Cake on page 41.

For September 30, Mari of Mevrouw Cupcake selected,

Creme Brulee on page 393.


30 thoughts on “Recipes to end September

  1. The chocolate chunkers are amazing – I’ve made them before. Some suggestions: use good quality chocolate for the dark chocolates. It matters. You can get away with an inexpensive white chocolate chip. Taste your dried fruit first, and I recommend you not use a non-sulphured dried apricot. That’s what I did once, and the made the cookies too bitter. This time I’m going to use dried cherries.

  2. I made the plum cake a few months ago and it was very yummy. The only thing I suggest is to make sure your plums are not too big and not to try and fit too many in the pan. I had a hard time fitting as many plums as Dorie suggested in my pan and they made the cake too heavy and it fell apart. We still ate it, but I was a little disappointed in the appearance. I tried to link to that post but I couldn’t- it is under the label- plums- if you want to see the pictures of my delicious failure.

  3. These all sound wonderful – quite a variety too. I will enjoy making them all but in particular I am looking forward to the Creme Brulee. As my recipes must mostly be portable I am intending to use it as a filling in something delicious.

  4. Thank you Claudia, Michelle and Mari for picking these great recipes, I’m already looking forward to making them. My mom will be especially happy with the Creme Brulee!!

  5. What a fun assortment of recipes. Deb from Smitten Kitchen recently blogged about that Dimply Plum Cake, which of course made me want to make it, so that works out great for me.

    And the creme brulee recipe I usually make uses far more egg yolks per dairy, so I’m interested in this lighter version.

    And I always enjoy making cookies, so no complaints from me on that one.

  6. I wondered would would be for September 30 as that is my birthday! Creme Brulee sounds like a great idea – something I have never ever made!

    The other two recipes sound delish also. I was hoping for another cookie since I am making cookies for our Friday seminars!

    MaryAnn your cake doesn’t look like a failure to me!

  7. Cool! A great excuse to go shopping to buy cute little creme brulee dishes and a kitchen torch! :P I love shopping for kitchen toys.

  8. I’m super excited about all these choices! Thanks for picking them ladies!

    Kimberly – Dorie gives several flavor suggestions in the side bar of the recipe for using a bunch of other summer fruits. There should be lots of room for playing around with the Dimply (Insert Fruit Name Here) Cake.

    Good luck all!

  9. Okay, Duh. If I would have actually read the recipe I would have seen that :-) That looks so good. How on earth will I wait to make it.

  10. I’m excited to try these, especially the creme brulee, since I can actually eat it by making 2 substitutions. I will be making it for DH’s birthday this coming week. The chunkers will be made for DH’s co-workers and some friends, while the plum cake will go to my in-laws.

  11. Some folks have been asking me if next week’s chocolate chunkers are really as good as I say they are. Yes, they are, IF you use high quality unsweetened, bittersweet, and milk chocolate. When I’ve made them before, I’ve used plain old Nestle white chocolate chips, along with Scharffenber and Valrhona (my favorite), and that worked great. For some reason, the cheaper white chocolate works well in this recipe. If you use the apricots, don’t use the dark unsulphured kind – they turn out really bitter in the cookie.

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