40 thoughts on “P&Q: Chocolate Chunkers

  1. These are my absolute favorite cookie so far. I made them exactly like the recipe reads and Im very pleased. I used the golden raisins and they taste WONDERFUl with the white and dark chocolate. I made a few without the raisins and they taste good too. Mine were not a brownie like consistency like the whopper cookies. They were more like a normal cookie (like toll house chocolate chip cookies) I left them on the pan(lined with parchement paper) for about 4 minutes before removing them to a wire rack. They did not fall apart at all. I LOVE these little CHUNKERS! Thank you Claudia..big hugs for you!

  2. I made these the other day as well. I will say, this is the first Dorie cookie that did not benefit from a stint in the fridge. It made them very hard to scoop. Good, but very very rich. And expensive.

  3. These are my favorite cookie we’ve made so far! So glad to have one I liked after the Whopper cookie (which didn’t go over so well here). I used dried cranberries in place of the raisins and used pecans for the nuts…it is a perfect cookie for Fall! Oh, and the fudgy middle is awesome!

  4. My last batch is in the oven. They taste much better than they look! I used all chocolate chips and about one cup of walnuts. My husband does not like raisins in baked goods, so that was out. Also, I got 3 1/2 dozen – I guess that means they are smaller than they are supposed to be.

  5. OMG, this taste good! I skipped the milk chocolate chip and just used the cup of white chocolate chunks. The only advice I have to give is that do not lift them while still warm as they’ll brake. I baked mine in a silpat but when I lifted them, they broke :(

  6. I just made mine and they look very turd-esque as well! But, omg they are so delicious. I used dried cherries instead of raisins. 4 minutes seems to be just about the right time to transfer them from the pan to the rack. There really is very little dough holding these suckers together.

  7. Susan S, I have put sour cherries in lots of different types of cookies, and they are really good. I much prefer them to raisins. I usually halve them, though, because I don’t want that much fruit in any one bite of cookie. btw, Martha’s Cookie cookbook has a recipe for dark chocolate and sour cherry cookies. All that being said, I’m thinking of golden raisins for this one, primarily because I’ve been using sour cherries so much lately – time to change it up!

  8. I made these last night and I *love* them; definitely more like a brownie than a cookie. I used milk chocolate instead of white chocolate, because I don’t like white chocolate. I thought the salted peanuts was an interesting suggestion, but will likely stick with madademia next time. Because they only called for 1/3c of flour, they were *super* easy to make gluten-free (I just subbed Pamela’s GF Baking mix for the flour). Definitely a keeper recipe and a great first experience with TWD!

  9. I definitely don’t suggest refrigerating these – waaay too hard to scoop, and they don’t spread at all. And yes, they look like turds, but I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought so :)

  10. I am planning to use cherries instead of raisins. Also considering using just semisweet and bittersweet chocolate chips as we’re not fans of either milk or white chocolate. Any recommendations from those of you who have made them?

  11. Dorie says these are based on Maida Heatter’s Mulattoes. I haven’t made those but I have made Maida’s Miami Vice cookies, which are also a variation on the Mulattoes. They were wonderful!

    For the Miami Vice cookies, you freeze the dough in a rectangular log, then cut off thick slices and bake. Might work for this recipe too. I may try it with some of the dough.

  12. My husband hated these…I followed the recipe exactly..that DID look like turds..just weird and lumpy…the fridge turned the dough into a rock..hmm…I guess we’re just old school cookie fans!

  13. Mine are in the freezer as we speak… and doin’ fine! I’ve tried a couple and they were just as good as when they went in. I used dried tart cherries, which I let sit for a few minutes in water that I had brought to a boil, then taken off the heat. They were delish!

    Also, I made the Mulattos these were based on and I didn’t like those at all. WAY to coffee-flavored for me (I hate coffee). If I were to make those again I would leave out the coffee or cut it back to a pinch, since I do think chocolate recipes often benefit from a little bit of coffee thrown in. These were very strongly coffee flavored.

  14. Speaking of the freezer, does anyone have tips on how to freeze cookies if you want to save a 1/2 batch?? Do they freeze well and how to thaw?

    The recipe on this one reminds me of the Granola Grabbers slightly.

  15. OK, I just finished mine and I have to say…

    If your poo looks like these cookies, you should get to the doctor ASAP. I’m concerned for your digestive processes.

    Mine were pretty. And delish! ;)

  16. Mara, I usually save cookie dough in the freezer unbaked. I scoop them with a triggered scoop. Place them on a cookie sheet on a shelf in the freezer. Once frozen 30 minutes or so. I drop them in a zip-loc freezer bag. There they stay until one of my kids, college age or junior high age (3) drags someone in for a meal or snack. You know?? Bake’em right out of the freezer. Yum

  17. Mine are now complete…Do they have a turd-esque quality to them? Yes…sort of. Do they taste good? Oh yes, delicious! :) I do have a feeling that these are not going to be very photogenic though!

  18. I just love how the raisins complimented the crazy amount of chocolate. I froze about half of them, but I have yet to eat one straight from the freezer.

    Mara – After they are baked and cooled, I put them in a small freezer bag and freeze. I think technically you are supposed to wrap them individually or by pairs in plastic wrap then freezer bag, but meh. As far as thawing, I just let them sit on the counter for a few minutes so I don’t break my teeth. If you want them warm though, I imagine you can place them in a low preheated oven for a few minutes.

  19. I love these cookies, but I’m admittedly a chocoholic:)

    I used craisins instead of raisins, and I gave them a little soak in some bourbon just to up the decadent factor a bit more. I used toasted walnuts instead of pecans or peanuts, and this made for more of a classic brownie flavor profile.

    I used a combo of white, milk, and semi-sweet chocolate for the chunks and I really like the interplay of all the chocolates.

    i often freeze cookies, and i usually place them baked, cooled, and unwrapped in a ziploc container. They thaw quickly, or if I’m in a real hurry, I’ll set them on top of the coffee maker while I brew a cup to go along with the cookies. The hot steam from the coffee maker helps them thaw.

  20. I made these yesterday. I agree they were pricey, especially since everything I needed (all the chocolates!) weren’t on sale. At least I have half of all those for later use.
    They did taste great though on day 1. Day 2 they kinda crumbled. I used aprictos, peanuts and white chocolate for my choices.
    I posted a sneak peek photo in my flickr. ;) Shh.

  21. My family loved them. They were just average for me …. too much chocolate, not enough cookie.

    Not the most photogenic cookies, but, they try! :)

    I just scheduled my post to go up … 55 minutes from now.

  22. Like some other people said, when I refridgerated the dough, it turned into a rock of chocolate and would not thaw after a while on the counter!

    I ended up putting the bowl outside (in 100 degrees AZ heat) and it wasn’t doing much so I broke up the dough with an ice pick and put the bowl over a double boiler until I could get the dough to break apart enough to dump into a casserole pan to bake as bar cookies.

    So my advise… don’t refrigerate (or freeze) the dough unless you’ve already scooped the cookies!

    They were delicious, though. :)

  23. Is anyone else slightly sick from how many cookies they have eaten. If I don’t quit I am going to weigh 300 pounds! I have only eaten 3 and need to pack them up for friends. My little guy LOVED them, we’ll see how hubs and Kid #1 like them. Neither of them like cooked fruit.
    I put in dried blueberries and craisens and used milk chocolate chips. YUM! Noone should ruin a cookie with raisins and nuts.

  24. I know it is a little late, but I took Dorie’s suggestion and made her cinnamon ice cream and crumbled a few of these in. Good thing too, because they taste much better in the ice cream!

  25. thanks for the tips on freezing, i love the idea of freezing them scooped unbaked and just dropping them onto the cookie sheet if you want a few one afternoon…yum.

    i probably won’t fridge the dough, because i never do, i am too lazy…glad to hear it doesn’t hurt the recipe. ;)

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