68 thoughts on “P&Q Pumpkin Muffins

  1. I have made these pumpkins TWICE already, and am looking forward to making them a third time before next Tuesday. I’m actually not a huge fan of raisins, either, but the golden raisins are a nice touch (and I threw in a little less than called for). I love how the colors of the raisins and pumpkin seeds really enhance the Autumn palate. I cook mine about 5 or 6 minutes less than what Dorie recommends (crazy stove!)

  2. Has anyone made these yet? I’m curious what you all found with regard to baking time. Recommended is 25 minutes, but mine were done at 17 minutes. I’m glad I checked when I did.

  3. I made this w/o raisins and just put pecans on top. Everyone loved them. I’m going to try craisins for the next batch. I’m out of raisins so they’ll just have to wait!

  4. I’ve made these THREE times! (Yes, I’m a fan!!) I topped them with pepitas (pumpkin seeds) as well as the sunflower seeds. I found that the 400 degree oven is too hot…the batch that was 400 got burnt on the bottom. I’ve used 350 degrees twice and that seems to work.

  5. I made these with chocolate chips instead of raisins. The pumpkin / chocolate combo is great, but I didn’t like these at all. I may have over mixed the batter, but regardless, they didn’t seem to have much pumpkin flavor. Maybe I’ll double the amount of pumpkin next time.

  6. I almost always sub out whole wheat flour for half of the AP. It’s always worked well. And the idea of the pepitas on top is insprired! I’m looking forward to tasting these. It will be hard to top my regular pumpkin bread recipe.

  7. I made mine with chocolate chips and pecans. I used a large 6 muffin holding pan and 2 small mini bread loaf pans. The pumpkin dough fit in perfectly! I thought I may have to cook the larger size muffins longer, but I cut 12 min. off the time. These are good muffins!

  8. I made mine as directed EXCEPT I used splenda and I didn’t have golden raisins – just regular ones. I loved these muffins. I made them on Sunday and finished my last one this morning. I know Dorie say’s they are best warm, but they are good even a couple of day’s old. IMHO!

  9. I often use part whole wheat flour in recipes. I find that it works best to only replace about one-half to one-third of the all-purpose flour with whole wheat. If you use all whole wheat the baked goods tend to get very dense.

  10. i used dried cranberries instead of raisins…good and pretty! also i don’t have sunflower seeds, but i did make butternut soup a few days before the muffins, and saved the seeds to top muffins. gave them a quick spritz of pam and then tossed then in cinnamon sugar before sprinklng on top. didn’t add that much flavor, really, but looked nice.

  11. I left out the nuts, but otherwise followed the recipe. I tried them plain and with Orange Marmelade like Dorie suggests, and I couldn’t finish one. I am not a huge pumpkin fan. I thought about slathering it in whipped cream, but decided instead to give them to my cousins in college–they love pumpkin and will appreciate a care package.

  12. Just finished making my muffins. Subbed out the raisins for craisins and the pecans for white chocolate chips. SO.FREAKING.GOOD. I have to admit I was “this” close to skipping (b/c I am not a pumpkin raisin fan) this week but if you are on the fence, MAKE IT. Prove yourself wrong. I did :)

  13. A little bird told me that these taste healthy. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But…come on. You know Im not a healthy baker. Im on the fence.

  14. Ok, where do you find unsweetened pumpkin puree??? My dinky little grocery store only has canned pumpkin. Waaaaahh. I’m not a pumpkin fan either, but some of my family likes it so I figured I would give them a try. I like the idea of the choc/white choc chip subs, and the craisins. I do have golden raisins and craisins, so i may try both. Need to find that danged puree first!

  15. @ LW Go ahead. Get off the fence. Just unhealthy it like I did. No raisins. Added chocolate chips and raw sugar on top. I don’t even like pumpkin and loved these (I may have to stop saying I don’t like pumpkin).

    I will make these again and try white chocolate too and pumpkin seeds on top. These really were great.

    I only baked mine about 17 minutes too, but if you are using a dark pan, you may just want to turn your oven down 25 degrees to take that into account.

  16. Thank you foodlibrarian! I felt pretty stupid at the store trying to find a can that said puree on it, all the while having exactly what I needed… a plain old can of pumpkin LOL! Thanks! ;-)

  17. I’m just curious…when you measure something like pumpkin, or applesauce, or sour cream, should you (officially) use a liquid measuring cup or a dry measuring cup? I’ve just always wondered!

  18. Audrey – I always us a liquid measuring cup. I also have one of those push-up measuring cup things like AB uses and it works well for sticky things.

    I only ever sub 1/3 – 1/2 ww flour in things cause they just get way dense.

  19. I made these today and they are fabulous. I am not a pumpkin person and I love them. I subbed milk choc chips for the nuts but kept the golden raisins. They are really yummy! I did reduce the temp to 375, cooked for 25 minutes. I’m glad I reduced it, I think they would have burned at 400. Does Dorie live somewhere with high altitudes or maybe she uses convection heat? Seems like several of her recipes need the temp adjusted.

  20. Hi kittymama — I think coconut milk should work fine, especially if it is unsweetened. (If it’s sweetened you may need to reduce the sugar in the recipe). However, if there is any baking soda in the recipe, then the recipe is expecting some acidity from the buttermilk in order to activate the baking soda. I don’t think coconut milk is all that acid. So you’ll need to add the acidity — as Nancy says, for every cup of buttermilk called for in the recipe, add a about a tablespoon of lemon juice or white vinegar, or about a teaspoon of cream of tartar. If there’s no baking soda in the recipe, no need to add the extra acid unless you want it for flavor or tenderness.

  21. I just made mine. Yum!! I left out all nuts and raisins (yick) and added in chocolate chips. Only cooked them for 17 minutes like everyone else seems to need. I didn’t have buttermilk but used sour cream instead. These are so good. My whole family likes them.

  22. For those looking for canned plain pumpkin, Trader Joe’s has a canned organic pumpkin whose only ingredient is organic pumpkin. I think it was a 1.69 or so.

    Also, I subbed orange-flavored dried cranberries (also purchased at TJs) for the golden raisins. They were really good.

  23. I’m not big on raisins in muffins and I don’t have any craisins of other small dried fruits in the house… but I do have a bag of fresh cranberries. Anyone think that might be an interesting/okay substitution for dried fruit? I really like using fresh cranberries in quick bread recipes, so I’m thinking it should be okay as long as the flavor of the cranberries doesn’t overpower the other flavors in the recipe. Thoughts?

  24. Audra – I think fresh cranberries will work fine. It will add a little tartness to the muffins, which isn’t a problem if you already like fresh cranberries added to bread recipes. I’m making these today. I might substitute dried cranberries for the raisins.

  25. For those thinking of substituting flours… I used half white whole wheat flour and half AP flour. The muffins turned out great. I baked them at 400 degrees, but only for 20 minutes, rather than 25.

  26. these were great! funny, I actually thought to add chocolate chips, but didn’t. Next time! i used red raisins and left out the sunflower seeds since I couldn’t find any. I also found that they were done at around 17-18 minutes. I’m going to make these at Thanksgiving!

  27. Well, I made mine and I did use fresh cranberries and I think it was a mixed sucess. The cranberries were a good addition, but the muffins would have been better if I had used 1/2 fresh cranberries and 1/2 Craisins. The amount of fresh cranberries I used added a bit too much tartness, but they did look very pretty. Oh, and the tartness diminishes a bit when eating them a day later…

  28. So maybe I am the only one, but I baked mine for the whole 25 min at 400 and they were perfect. I did bake them in cast iron muffin pans…so maybe it evened out the heat a bit better than a traditional pan. Also I used red raisins and used the dry roasted sunflower seeds that I could buy at the grocery store and they tasted great (I also could not find raw sunflower seeds). I love the idea of using crasins instead of raisins, definitely next time :)

  29. Thanks for all the great suggestions! Mine are in the oven right now, although, my batter will fill more than 12 cups for sure.
    The batter tasted a little “heavy” to me, but that could just be b/c I’m used to cookie and cake batters that are a little lighter! We’ll see how they come out.

  30. Mine were great and I just used regular salted sunflower seeds. We liked that salty taste on top! The cooktime was perfect for mine but I made 12 large muffins.

  31. Yup, lesson learned! I was hesistant to fill the cups all the way b/c cupcakes will run over, but with these, you can fill the whole cup. I made a second batch (with walnuts) and filled each cup to the brim. Now I’ve got 12 large gorgeous muffins!

  32. These were the first recipe I had made when I purchased the cookbook before joining TWD. I took the wonderful advice of adding chocolate chips. I, too, used the mini variety. They got rave reviews from my colleagues. Knowing the people I work, with they are going to swoon, yes swoon, with next week’s chocolate chocolate cupcakes. I am quickly becoming a popular staff member. Unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons!

  33. This was my first TWD! :) How fun! I love reading all of the different ideas that everyone comes up with. What a great group of people you are!

    This was a great recipe to start with….we loved the muffins. I made 1/2 a batch with mini chocolate chips (my new favorite flavor combo is pumpkin and chcolate!) and half with raisins because this is my hubby’s favorite. I used silicon baking cups for these and filled them right to the top. They turned out so pretty! I baked mine at 400* but it only took 17 minutes for them to bake up perfectly.

  34. okay, i just made mine and they were really great! BUT…like others, i found them to be more subtle.

    For some reason most of my nuts and golden raisens when to the bottom, top and sides. Did anyone else’s do this or know why mine did this? Bizzare. maybe i over mixed them?

    I think I would add chocolate chips next time. :)

    Also, any ideas of what I should do with the half can of pumpkin i have left over? I’m not going to make another batch…maybe try something for pancakes or oatmeal. I’m totally open to new ideas!

  35. I used my leftover pumpkin to make pumpkin gnocchi.

    I am so not a pumpkin girl. I am not a gourmet girl. And yet this gnocchi was so fabulous it makes me want to be a food snob.

  36. Okay – yall talked me into it. Going into the kitchen now to make them! Thanks for all the advice.

    Oh & I will probably do some type of pumpkin bread with the left over pumpkin.. great question Becky O!

  37. Mine are in the oven as I type, so it looks like I will make this week’s deadline after all. I was tempted to take a pass, but I love pumpkin bread so I really wanted to try these. My question for all of you is this: what is everyone making with their leftover pumpkin puree? The pumpkin bread recipe I like to make calls for a whole can of pumpkin, so I’ve never had leftover puree before! Thanks!!

  38. I’m so sorry to have posted a repeat. I just saw Becky’s question about the leftover puree. Pumpkin gnocchi sounds awesome! Kristen with an E, what recipe did you use?

  39. Wish I had read this before I baked mine. Chocolate – I mean really, why didn’t I think of that? All I came up with was a sprinkle of coarse sugar. Note to self: Question you must ask when making any recipe, “Does this need chocolate?” I think this will do wonders for my baking. :)

    While I did notice the muffins were a tad on the dry side, I didn’t have any problems with burning or even over-browning. They were surprisingly delicious.

  40. Thanks for the link Becky! I didn’t do that to “correct” you (I hadn’t even noticed how you’d spelled her name), but rather, as any Kristin knows, our names are constantly misspelled so I was just differentiating her from me.

  41. I had a lot of fun with these little jewels. I lightened them up quite a bit and really liked the outcome for the most part. I posted all my alterations on my blog, http://danazia.wordpress.com/
    I think next time I will use only cranraisins, as they look so pretty with the orange hued muffins. Mine were a bit dry too, but I suspected it was due to the whole wheat flour I used. Maybe more pumpkin puree in the future and more spices?

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