Recipes for November

For November 4th, Piggy of Piggy’s Cooking Journal has chosen,

Rugelach from pages 150 and 151.

For November 11th, Yolanda of The All-Purpose Girl has selected,

Kugelhopf on pages 61-63.

For November 18th, Isabelle of Les gourmandises d’Isa has picked,

Arborio Rice Pudding, White, Black (Or Both) on pages 412 and 413.

For November 25th, Vibi of La casserole carrée has chosen,

Thanksgiving Twofer Pie* on page 321.

*I am going to allow something that I have never allowed in the history of TWD. If you would like to make the Twofer pie for Thanksgiving, you may post this recipe ‘late’. All Twofer pies should be posted by Sunday, November 30th. It will make such a fantastic Thanksgiving feast dessert!!!

45 thoughts on “Recipes for November

  1. Another thanks for posting the selections early, especially with US holidays coming up. And another thanks for allowing the TwoFer to be posted late – I think that one will be on a lot of holiday tables this Thanksgiving!

  2. Oh yeah! I made the twofer pie last year – it is AMAZING! And just in time for Thanksgiving!!

    Thanks Laurie for posting these early – it really helps with the holiday planning!!

  3. Thanks Laurie for the late Thanksgiving post!
    Like earlier mentionned… although not American, I was hoping to make this special for their Thanksgiving.
    Very appreciated indeed!

  4. Planning ahead here — I’m happy to buy a Kugelhopf pan, but I’m not sure of the size needed. I’ve seen them from 4 1/2 c. to 11 c. Anyone have an idea for me?

  5. Oh I’m getting excited – the holidays are coming and good foods along with them. Rugelach, Kugethopf, Rice Pudding and twofer pie! Those all sound great!!

  6. Woo hoo! I see some specialty pan shopping in my near future. These all look FABULOUS, and I second Nancy — thanks for posting these early for the “planners” in your midst!

  7. OK, I have the answer to my own question. Doing a bit of research I learned that the tube in the center is necessary for the kugelhopf to cook all the way through – otherwise such a tall cake would collapse in the middle.

  8. Nancy, I’m nervous too. Fortunately I have a bread baker in the family — Jim does all the baking with yeast. I’m sure all the other TWD folks will be glad to help too!

  9. Anybody read the recipes yet? At one point, the kugelhopf needs 10 minutes straight with the mixer. I’m afraid it will break my hand mixer for going a long period of time, and I just bought it not too long ago. Any reassurance? Or should I skip this one? I’m excited for the rugelach, but I don’t think it will be done for Nov. 4.

  10. Dore says you can make the Kugelhopf by hand. I just have a hand mixer, too — I don’t think it would be up to this job.

    I have heard you can mix bread dough in the food processor — I wonder if that would work?

    If not, I’m going to enlist my husband’s help and we’ll take turns beating it by hand. We’ll put on some rowdy music and have a party!

  11. I am excited about just having joined the group! November’s selections look wonderful! I am a little nervous about working with yeast, but I need to try it again, my first failure with that was years ago and I need to jump back on the wagon!

  12. Hmm. :/ I’m a bit nervous about the Kugelhopf… I’m pretty young, so I don’t have the money to buy all these pans and such, and I don’t think my parents would be too invested in the purchase of a Kugelhopf pan. Is there going to be a rewind option for this recipe?

  13. Great pics for November! I have had a Kugelhopf pan and never used it, now I have no excuses. I was wondering if I could do a rewind for the Rice Pudding? I was traumatized as a child with my mom’s rice pudding and can’t even think of making it or even eating it. Something about sitting at the table until it was all gone or I couldn’t go play with friends; needless to say I didn’t play with my friends that weekend, but I didn’t eat the RICE PUDDING either. If one of you can talk me into it, I might.

  14. fit chick–rice pudding is awesome!! i’m really excited for that one!

    and to the others who talked about kugelhopf by hand, i’ll be right there with you, as i’m in the process of moving internationally and my KA will be in storage for a couple more months, at least. i am dreading it!

  15. Sara, I bet you could bake the Kugelhopf in a regular loaf pan — you might need two of them, not sure. Not quite as pretty but still delicious!

    Fit Chick, what if you flavored the rice pudding with something you really like? Or something really unusual (but good), so it wouldn’t taste the same as the ones you have such bad memories of? I’m thinking of rosewater & pistachio for a Middle Eastern / Indian flavor.

    Steph — kitchen equipment in storage, argh!

  16. Steph – are you doing a different flavor? or keeping to the recipe as stated.

    Barbara – great flavor ideas; I MIGHT try it. My DH just said he would eat it if I didn’t care for it. Rosewater & pistachio just might do it for me.

  17. question about kugelhopf pans for anyone who has (and has used it!) one– will probably buy one for the recipe, as i’ve wanted one anyway…have seen ones by Nordicware, which are quite heavy like thier bundt pans. have also seen ones that are made from tin (these are not non-stick), i guess. and also silicone. wonders what works best??

  18. a little off-topic, but does anybody know if there is a TWD group on face book? I think it would be cool to have one, and then everybody post pictures and I could thumb through them in one big lump ;-)

  19. These all look very intriguing. I’ve never had Rugelach, so I have no idea on how to solve my problem: DD is allergic to nuts, so what can I use in place of the nuts? I keep trying to think of something else crunchy and the only thing I come up is graham crackers, but I don’t think that would work. Anyone have any ideas?

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