OSI Rewind: Nikki from Crazy Delicious Food

Nikki of Crazy Delicious Food hosted the Fudge Gateau back in February. I wasn’t a member when this was selected but its on my future rewind list! Is it on yours??


1. When did you start baking?
I think I got my easy bake oven when i was around 5. Does that count? It doesn’t? Fine. The first time I remember baking without a box was with my best friend Scarlette. We were probably 8 years old and were trying to make fudge. Lets just say it didn’t go so well. We put a metal can in the microwave for starters. Then we cooked the chocolate for too long and surprise surprise it got seized. So we tried to reheat it (oops) and ended up with completely burnt fudge nastiness.

2. Do you have a favorite baking memory?
Oh this one is easy. Freshman year of high school in cooking class I was in a group with 3 other girls, we had a bit of a rivalry with the boys group that cooked opposite us. We had some missteps due to the worst cookbook ever (Do not ever buy any version of the “brand names cookbook”), but the one time the entire class made the same thing it was a pie with a meringue on top and the teacher said ours was the best Ohh it was like music to my ears. I’m still friends with one of the guys and I make sure to remind him of my superior baking skills every now and then.

Fudge Gateau

3. Who is your TWD blog idol?
Idols aren’t really my thing, but I think Laurie is a rock star for doing all she does

4. What has been your favorite TWD recipe so far?
I think my favorite all around goes to the brioche snails because they’re amazing and the brioche is amazing and the custard is amazing and you can freeze them forever and they still taste amazing and I love them, but I think you got that already. The gooey cakes are also right up there.

Brioche Snails

5. What recipe are you dying to make that no one has picked yet?
THE CAKE ON THE COVER. Please someone pick it. When had my pick there were only 8 of us. I thought I would pick again. I had no idea that 8 months later it still wouldn’t have been picked. I will do just about anything to convince someone to pick that cake. ::whispers so Laurie can’t hear my bribes:: Remember I’m a staff member and I have access to the attendance sheet … I’m just saying

6. What 2 questions would you ask Dorie if you ever met her?
“Can you come live with me and bake delicious goodies for me every day?” and when she said no I would say “Why not?”

Caramel Topped Flan

7. Share one food item that best describes the last year of your life. (example: “frozen pizza” because I did a 180-degree turn this year, or “cinnamon roll” because it had lots of twists and turns but overall was pretty sweet)
Brownies because they’re good and I’ve had a good year … lame I know, but these kinds of questions just aren’t for me

8. What one item in the kitchen best describes you and your personality?
Sugar because it’s sweet and I’m sweet hehe

9. What’s your favorite band or CD of all time?
I’m going with top three, The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan and Pearl Jam probably top the list, but there are so many other fabulous bands!

10. If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would it be?
I would travel around the world living everywhere for a little bit. There are so many places to see and I want to see them all.

11. Complete the statement “I recommend…” (it can be a show, movie, book, restaurant, website, activity, etc.)
electoral-vote.com … best pre-election website ever. Vote people. It’s good for you

12. If you knew you could you try anything and not fail (and money was no object), what dream would you attempt?
It’s not so much a dream, but I can not draw, paint or sing for the life of me. I would like to be able to do all three. I don’t need to be fabulous, I just need to have more skill than a five year old.

La Palette’s Strawberry Tart

13. What super-power would you most like to have, and why?
I would be invisible … invisibility takes people watching to a whole new level

14. If you had 1 hour of free time, no distractions, what would you do?
Depending on the day I would either nap, sew, bake, watch TV or read

Peanut Butter Torte

15. What is the meal and dessert you would choose as your very last?
I would want a little bit of everything. I’d need a cheeseburger, some Thai food, lasagna, some chicken fajitas, pizza, chicken parm, mac and cheese, some soup (minestrone, chicken noodle, broccoli and cheese, escarole/italian wedding), roast beef sandwich and some chicken fingers. Then for dessert I would want an ice cream sundae made at Putnam Pantry’s Smorgas board, brownies, cake (all chocolate), cookies (snickerdoodles and chocolate chip), donuts, snickerdoodle cupcakes,

16. What is the “strangest” food you ever ate?
Some Swedish Herring dish that my Grandmother insists on serving at every family gathering. It’s disgusting

17. What are three adjectives that describe you?
Stubborn, Honest, Loyal

Chocolate Cupcakes

18. What is your favorite thing about yourself?
My boobs. Can I say that?

19. Have you ever met a famous person? who?
I was on a plane with Ashton Kutcher once. I didn’t really talk to him but I totally stalked him from the moment I saw him until he got on another plane during our layover.

20. What’s your favorite spice?

Snickery Squares

21. Do you speak another language? (If yes, say something and translate)
I took four years of French, but I only remember how to order a cheeseburger and hot chocolate and I’ll probably fumble through that so I’m not opening myself up for embarrassment. I also took ASL in college which I remember a bit of, but I can’t exactly translate that via computer.

22. Do you have any pets? (List what kind of pet, names etc)
Yep. I have a cat named Bubba Lucky and a beagle boston terrier mix (aka dog) named Puddles. Eeek we also just decided to get another doggie. Whoever comes up with the most wacky name wins :P

Orange Berry Muffins

23. Are you a ‘morning’ or ‘night’ person?
Total night owl

24. What was the last book you read?
I’m reading two books right now.  The first is Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris.  It’s the book that the HBO show True Blood is based on.  I think this is the first time ever that I’ve liked a show/movie more than the book, but I’m not done so we’ll see I may change my mind.  I also just started reading The Professor and the Madman, a book about a patient of an asylum that contribute to the Oxford Dictionary.

25. “2 Truths And a Lie” – Share 3 unique things about yourself and your life, 2 of them true, 1 false, and let the group guess which one isn’t true.
(1) I eat refried beans out of the can
(2) I like pancakes
(3) I’m 5’2″


11 thoughts on “OSI Rewind: Nikki from Crazy Delicious Food

  1. Thanks Nik! I think you rock too. :)

    Okay, I am kind of disgusted by #1, gross! But I think its #2 bc its everyone likes pancakes, and you arent everyone are ya? ;)

    As for a name for the new pup.. “Mudd”. I dont think you can name it anything else!?! hahah

  2. LMAO CB I love you

    And yes #2 is the lie. I try to like pancakes all the time, but I just don’t like them and while I know eating refried beans out of the can sounds nasty it’s not I promise. Ok it kinda is but i love refried beans

  3. I kept thinking someone would pick it too. I wanted to make it so bad so I made it over the summer for my brother-in-law’s birthday and it’s just waiting to be posted when it does get picked :)

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