Celebrate the season

Ho Ho Ho TWD bakers,

I don’t know about you but one of the reasons I love the holiday season is sending and receiving holiday cards. So… anyone interested in signing up for a TWD Holiday Card Exchange? International TWDers welcome too! Sending a card from USA to France is only $0.94! I’d say we can afford that right?

If you would like to participate please leave me a comment with your first name, email address and blog URL. This will give me a chance to validate that you are a current TWD member.

The deadline to leave a comment is November 21st by 12mid EST..

I will email everyone who leaves a comment the Elfster Signup Link. Please click the link to signup and update your Elfster profile by November 29th. You will be assigned your match via an email from Elfster November 30th.

Elfster provides you with a way to ask your match questions to get to know each other. From personal Elfster experience, asking anonymous questions can be alot of fun b/c you don’t have to ask just your match questions so if you ever wanted to ask someone anything, now’s your chance to do it anonymously! Let’s try to keep it G rated mkay? HAHA

There is a space on your profile where you can add your mailing address. I’ve set it up so that only your match can see your mailing address.

If you sign up, please keep your commitment to send a holiday card by December 25th. You aren’t limited to just a card. Feel free to send an ornament, food products, etc etc but the minimum is a card. I reserve the right to boycott your blog and publicly shame you if you do not fulfill your commitment. It’s only fair.

Any question, please ask!

Happy Holidays,

129 thoughts on “Celebrate the season

  1. P.S. I know I’ve already asked you some totally oddball elfster questions in the past (how much wood can a wood chuck chuck?) but you are now going to get the dirty pervy questions. yay I’m so excited!

  2. @Stephanie, Natalie and Happytummy – Check email!

    @Rachel – Yeah you exchange one card with 1 person. I can’t do 350+ cards either! Can you imagine the stamp bill? YIKES! That just gave me wedding invite horror memories! btw Check your email.

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