TWD Holiday Card Exchange info

Participating in the TWD holiday card exchange…? LISTEN UP!

Ok now that I have your attention… (I feel so powerful. HAHA)

Please make sure that you all sign up with Elfster via the link that I emailed you by November 29th. If you do not see your name on the list below that means you have not signed up with Elfster. Just leaving me a comment on the previous post does not mean you are signed up. Also anyone that left me a comment but did not receive the link (I noticed that some emails bounced back undeliverable?), please email me and I’ll get you the link ASAP.

Clara (aka CB)
Amanda M.
Amy S.
Barbara A.
Beth L.
Carolina L.
Cindy C.
Cristine H.
Danielle G.
Dharmagirl (Jessica)
Di C.
Erin O.
Heather H.
Holly H.
Hornedfroggy (Jessica)
Isabel C.
Jennifer K.
Jessica W.
Joanna B.
Jodie W.
Kayte G.
Kelly G.
Kimberly J.
Kristen A.
Lauren D.
Lauren S.
Laurie W.
Leanne J.
Lynne D.
Mari G.
Marthe T.
Mary D.
Mary Y
Mary Ann M.
Megan S.
Melissa D.
Michael T.
Michelle A
Nicole (nikki57)
Pam C.
Rebecca C.
Robin T.
Sabrina R.
Sara B.
Shira J.
Stephanie C.
Stephanie C.
Stephanie H.
Susan W.
Tammy M.
Tamy B.
Tania S.
Tanya B.
Teanna D.
Whitney B.

After November 29th, all signups will be done and Elfster will match everyone up November 30th. You should receive an email with the person’s profile that you will be sending a holiday card to. Feel free to ask them (or any other TWD baker) anonymous questions. Just another fun way to get to know each other.

Please send cards by December 25th.

Any questions, please ask!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.

*gobble gobble*

13 thoughts on “TWD Holiday Card Exchange info

  1. If you signed up with Elfster before the November 29th deadline you should have your match by now.

    @ Danielle – you can ask your person via an anonymous question to remind them to put it on their profile. I notice some participants didn’t do it yet.

  2. I have the same problem as Danielle…are we supposed to ask the address anonymously and if so, can’t everyone see that part? I don’t mean to sound like a dingbat, but I just want to be able to send the card to my “person.”

  3. Ok I asked and then looked at my profile and noticed I was just as bad as I didnt have my address listed so I updated that. Everyone take a min and look at your profile make sure your address is there!!

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