P&Q: Linzer Sables

OOoops … This is more than a little late, but I come bearing excuses (or blame passing). I would like to blame
1. Turkey Day food comas … so good but they make you so useless.
2. CB … because she’s my secretary and is supposed to remind me to do these things
3. My husband because really folks, it’s always his fault :P

41 thoughts on “P&Q: Linzer Sables

  1. Excuse me?? I would like to use #1 as my excuse for #2. TYVM.

    I am making my cookie dough right now. Came together so far easy peasy! The dough is yummy. ;)

  2. Curious? Anyone that finished the cookies already… did you make the chocolate version? I am thinking that my chocolate loving husband will totally dig the chocolate version but love to hear some reviews! Maybe I’ll make a twofer cookie – chocolate and jam! haha

  3. I got in a hurry and misread the recipe and added 1 1/2 teaspoons of SALT! AAACKKK! Soooo, my cookies just might have a salty/sweet kind of thing going on….oops! I agree, the dough was really easy to make. I hope these turn out ok……

  4. I also agree. For a double cookie…1/4 inch is a bit thick. I just made mine and I’m waiting for them to cool before I sandwich the cookies with raspberry jam. Good Luck to all!!

  5. thanks for the insight, all. i actually only have a 3″ cookie cutter so there are going to be even less of them! i’ll try rolling them a little thinner.

  6. I halved the recipe and got 5 sandwich cookies plus a broken one (my bad!). I have no clue how thin I rolled mine. I love the “sandy” texture it gives!

  7. Dorie specifies a 2″ cookie cutter, which is really pretty small. I’m guessing that’s how she got such a high yield. A 2″ biscuit cutter would be great, but my set is missing that size, and most of my smallish cutters are 2.5″. I’ll be baking them tonight or tomorrow.

  8. Mine just came out of the oven. I definitely agree with everyone in that they need to be rolled thinner. I’m going to get about 14 sandwiches out of this.

  9. I halved the recipe too and got 18 cookies. I made Dorie’s chocolate pastry cream with these and judging from how good they were with it, I am thinking the chocolate version of these cookies would be delish. I used hazelnuts and they are always tasty with chocolate.

  10. Mine were thinner than 1/4″ thick (not intentionally, I am just a sloppy roller-outer) – if you do that, watch your oven! Mine were done closer to 8 or 9 minutes. I used hazelnuts.

  11. I made several versions: strawberry jam, raspberry jam, chocolate-caramel ganache, and Nutella. I think the jams are the overall winner in my family. We were all expecting to love the chocolate more, but something about the fruity jam went really well with the nutty cookies. Both were good, though.

    And yes–thinner, and don’t overbake them, otherwise the filling will squirt out when you bite into them!

  12. Laurie, love the oops post.!!
    I also love this recipe. It was fun and easy and it taste delicious and it’s cute!
    I did roll mine quite a bit thinner than 1/4 inch and my cutter is 2 inches. I should get a couple dozen cookies.

  13. My dough is chilling in the frig. I had so many pecans leftover that I used them along with walnuts. At least I didn’t put cranberries in the dough.

    Are there any bakers out there in Florida? It was so much easier to bake in Colorado even at high altitude. My butter just about melted while I was making the dough.

  14. Mine are in the freezer chilling so I can bake them tonight. So far so good. I did roll them thinner than the recipe called for. Love the nutella idea. I may do some that way and some with jam.

  15. I just finished these (and the Buttery Jam Cookies also – yummy!). I had 19 sandwiches total; half are 2.5″ and the other half are 2″. The smaller ones look better, imo. Depending on how long you boil it, the jam can get quite thick. It was hard for me to know how much jam to use, especially on the larger cookies. I didn’t want to waste any by tasting them.

    I’m baking all of the December recipes this week, and would love to have more of the P&Q posts, especially since we are permitted to post them out of order. Hint, hint!! I’ve never made cheesecake before and am feeling a bit daunted…

  16. I started these on Saturday and baked them on Sunday. I rolled them thinner and baked them for a shorter time (about 9 minutes) – my total yield was 27 filled cookies (my cutter was also larger than Dorie’s recommended.

    I actually subbed 1/4 cup of cocoa for 1/4 cup of the flour and used walnuts and left over pecans in the dough. Then filled them with a milk chocolate + nutella ganache. Then, added a dollop more of straight nutella in the little cutout windows. They are pretty tasty but I much prefer soft chewy cookies myself – I would recommend eating these with coffee, hot chocolate or tea.

    Nancy – don’t worry about the cheesecake, I’ve under cooked and over cooked cheesecakes in the past and still enjoyed eating them. The batter comes together easily and if you’ve done any baked custards in the past then it should feel pretty familiar! Good Luck!

  17. I have some almond flour in my frig and was thinking about subbing it for the ground “nuts”, does anyone have an opinion or is there a reason one is preferred over the other?
    I intend to at least double the recipe and freeze some for “friends” and neighbors for the holiday frenzy.
    Nancy, Hi… cheesecakes are simple, haven’t read Dorie’s recipe, but just make sure cc is at least close or at room temp and I always bake in a bain marie. A blank canvas to flavor to your whim. Enjoy and you are so smart to bake ahead. What a great idea!!

  18. Nancy-read the cheesecake recipe -some things I’ve learned with trial and error that you may find helpful…heavy dury alum foil for the wrapping (2x) of the bottom of the pan as well as a covering of the top after. Saran always falls and sticks to the top of the cake for me as does waxed paper. Who cares if it cracks a little just means you can add some “goodness” to the top to camo the crater, right? Some recipes call for a tablespoon or two of flour or cornstarch with large proportions of cream cheese. This recipe will definitely be creamy. Yumm

  19. I think I rolled them (some!) too thin. HAHA. So much for saving! But I made 82 cookies from one recipe ie, 41 sandwiched babies in total! I got really good comments from my fussy bro though =D

    And I know this may have been asked before, but I can’t seem to find the answer – how do I put a little picture beside my name instead of Mr Anonymous Blankhead? :) Thanks!!!

  20. I’m so glad that December is flexible for our baking. I finally have my Linzer Sables done and on my blog. I didn’t post on Tuesday, but I’m blogging as I find the time this month.

    Mine turned out pretty well. I like them, but I’m on the fence as to whether I would make them again or not.

  21. I plan to make these tomorrow to send to work with my hubby with the Sugar Cookies…I’m so sorry I’m a week behind and I am very thankful for the flexibility in December!

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