OSI: Dennis from Living The Life

Correct me if I am wrong but Dennis from Living The Life was our first guy Dorie-nator right? He’s obviously too cool for school! Thanks for hosting the Linzer Sables this week!


1. When did you start baking?
First time I made cookies I was probably 12 and it was in school, we didn’t have an oven at home until I got older.. I wanted to go to culinary school, but my French wasn’t good enough and that was one of the things that you needed to get in to it in those days.

2. Do you have a favorite baking memory?
My mom in the kitchen making “appelflappen”, a sort of appel fritter we make here in Holland for New Years Eve.

3. Who is your TWD blog idol?
Laurie for starting this whole circus and get this many people baking (and because she has a real cool tattoo ;-)) and Lindsey’s Cafe Johnsonia, love how she does her pictures!

4. What has been your favorite TWD recipe so far?
The brioche raisin snails!

5. What recipe are you dying to make that no one has picked yet?
Banana Cream Pie, American pies are so different from the ones we have here in Europe, so when I eat a slice it gives me an instant vacation feeling.

6. What 2 questions would you ask Dorie if you ever met her?
I would probably ask here about good bakaries and restaurants in Paris.

7. Share one food item that best describes the last year of your life. (example: “frozen pizza” because I did a 180-degree turn this year, or “cinnamon roll” because it had lots of twists and turns but overall was pretty sweet)
Who makes up these questions? :-) I have no idea, really!

8. What one item in the kitchen best describes you and your personality?
My new stove, big and warm.

9. What’s your favorite band or CD of all time?
Tori Amos, beautiful voice and fabulous live shows! I have seen her perform in The Hague and Rotterdam but also in New York and Las Vegas :-) and Pink Floyd during the time Roger Waters was in the Band, I must have heard the Wall a million times!

10. If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would it be?
Probably New York City, I love NY but couldn’t afford to stay there for a whole year. But a nice warm destination would be very ok too.

11. Complete the statement “I recommend…” (it can be a show, movie, book, restaurant, website, activity, etc.)
Ka, the show Cirque du Soleil plays in Las Vegas, mindboggling and beautiful!

12. If you knew could you try anything and not fail (and money was no object), what dream would you attempt?
Visit every country on the globe. There are quite a few places I still like to visit that aren’t in the safest part of the world.

13. What super-power would you most like to have, and why?
Teleport would be fun I guess, makes travelling a lot easier:-)

14. If you had 1 hour of free time, no distractions, what would you do?
Go through my cookbooks.

15. What is the meal and dessert you would choose as your very last?
Stewed rabbit with potatoes and vegetables, poach pears at the side and creme brulee for dessert.

16. What is the “strangest” food you ever ate?
I ate cat in China, but fried scorpions, crickets, grasshoppers etc. must be strange too. I try everything and I want to know in advance what it is I’m eating.

17. What are three adjectives that describe you?
Friendly, loyal and funloving.

18. What is your favorite thing about yourself?
That I never get lost.

19. Have you ever met a famous person? who?

20. What’s your favorite spice?
Salt, while not actually a spice it’s the thing that lifts everything.

21. Do you speak another language? (If yes, say something and translate)
Ik spreek Nederlands, ein klein bisschen Deutsch, un petite peu Francais. ( I speak Dutch (which is my native language), a little bit of German, a little bit of French) I had French and German in school, but don’t use it enough to be good at it and you get around the whole world with English…

22. Do you have any pets? (List what kind of pet, names etc)
I don’t have any pets, we love to travel and don’t want to burden other people with our pets.

23. Are you a ‘morning’ or ‘night’ person?
Definitely a night person.

24. What was the last book you read?
Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.

25. “2 Truths And a Lie” – Share 3 unique things about yourself and your life, 2 of them true, 1 false, and let the group guess which one isn’t true.
1. I suffer from social anxiety
2. I hate melon.
3. I love to dance

7 thoughts on “OSI: Dennis from Living The Life

  1. Thank you for selecting a really pretty cookie, festive for the holidays. Love that you’re the first Dorie-guy! Neat! Your photos are beautiful.

    Fun holiday page too! Happy Holidays everyone!

    Oh yea someone who is an avid traveler doesn’t seem like he would suffer from social anxiety. ??

  2. Hrm. Im going to say you like melon. But, I dont think we have made anything melon to check.

    Sending some love your way too. So honored to have you as our first guy in the group. AND you have one of the most wicked back pieces I have ever seen. <3

  3. Your food always looks so great! I am guessing you don’t care for melon. It would seem to me that if you had social anxiety (#1), dancing (#3) might not be the way to go…but then that is just an assumption, and for all I know, you just love to dance at home with the music turned up really loud! I’m still guessing #2 is the fabrication.

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