Holiday Card Exchange in full swing!

By now everyone that signed up via the Elfster link to participate in the TWD card exchange should have been emailed their “match”.

Just wanted to clear up a little confusion.

I’ve gotten a couple emails about some matches not having their address in their profile so if you want to get a card, you need to put that information in your profile. I know some TWD members mentioned that they signed up with their address but it didn’t show up on the profile so please check your profile again to make sure. If your match doesn’t have their address on their profile, you can ask them via an anonymous question to update their profile with their address.

Also another suggestion was to put your blog somewhere in your profile. Maybe in the “address 2” line? That way your match can get to know you via your blog as well.

Feel free to ask your match or any other participant fun questions too. I already got some cheeky ones myself. ::glaring @ Nikki::

Above all.

Have fun!

Happy Holidays everyone!

12 thoughts on “Holiday Card Exchange in full swing!

  1. Now Laura, you look quite educated in this field, so I’m going to point this straight at you: how did you get a cute lil ol snowman to reside in your avatar?


    and, i’m off to update my elfster account!

  2. No worries :) You can update your avatar in your wordpress profile. If you dont have a wordpress account, it only takes a second to sign up. :)

    (its the stay pufft marshmallow man from Ghostbusters LOL)

  3. For the card exchange, do we still keep our name a secret when we send the card? I think for secret santas, usually you find out later on who your santa was?

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