36 thoughts on “P&Q: Butterscotch Pudding

  1. I don’t own a food processor and I’m wondering if anyone is in the same situation and is going to try this recipe without one. It seems the recipe uses the food processor extensively. Would it work without one??

  2. I don’t have a food processor either… but I made Dorie’s Chocolate Pudding without one awhile back… So, I’m planning to soldier on with just my mixer with this one, too. (I havent read through the whole recipe, but I assume its made similiarly to the chocolate pudding).

  3. I have a food processor, but I don’t want to get it out! This recipe seems complicated for just pudding. I read at the beginning of this chapter that she likes using the food processor for cornstarch-thickened puddings, but I’m not up for all that clean up. I’m going to try to scale down this recipe for a 1 or 2 serving batch, and use my hand immersion blender.

  4. I didn’t use the food processor for the chocolate pudding either – you can make it with a whisk just as easily – just be sure to whisk the cornstarch really well with the sugar before you begin, and it should turn out just fine!

  5. Dorie likes to use the food processor because it really whips things together and produces a silkier texture. I think I remember reading somewhere that Alice Medrich liked the technique so much that she’s using it now, too. At any rate, I think Megan is right – you can use an immersion blender. Another thought is to sift all the ingredients to get rid of any lumps.

  6. I will be sitting this one out…only two of us in the house and way too many goodies. I will all revved up and ready to bake again come January!

  7. I used my food processor and it was a PITA. It all leaked out the bottom of the container the first time, so I had to redo it. And I had DH help me the second time and he threatened me that I am never to do liquids like pudding in the food processor again, I am only to use the Blend Tek blender he has.

  8. I learned my lesson with the chocolate pudding… my food processor is too small for a full batch. For the butterscotch pudding, I used the FP just for part of the recipe, not all the parts Dorie recommends. I mixed my eggs as called for in the FP, and then *some* of the hot milk… just enough to temper the eggs. Then I put it back in the pot and whisked the rest of the way. I also didn’t put it back in the FP for the final mixing of the scotch, vanilla, and butter. I used a whisk and it was fine. I would think using a whisk only would be perfectly fine, or an immersion blender.

    I really loved this pudding.

  9. So is there any, any possible way I can make this without using the scotch? I’m pregnant, and don’t really think there’s enough cooking involved to burn off the alcohol. Maybe I should have read the recipe before asking, to see if Dorie answers this herself! Without the scotch, it’s just butter pudding, which seems a tad nasty.

  10. I’m not so sure if I even like pudding….that is, I’ve never tried it. But I may try it out, and use my mighty whisk (or thunder fists) to blend it as Madam Chow & Kristen have said, pudding flood = NASTY!

  11. Amy, I’m also pregnant and made it a couple of weeks ago – not a lot of cooking once the scotch goes in. However, it works out to a 1/2 TB per very generous 1-cup serving…and I think my OB would be more concerned about the vast amount of cream and milk! I was thinking of subbing a flavored extract, but those are based in alcohol as well. It’s very rich; you might only want a taste anyway.

  12. The Butterscotch Pudding can be made with a hand-held mixer. I don’t have a food processor either, and the chocolate pudding made quite the mess for my son, so I made it with my mixer and it came out wonderful. And as far as the scotch is concerned? Just skip it. It’s not that important to the recipe.

  13. I haven’t had my food processor for long and I experienced the flooding and a serious mess due to the large amount of liquid. The pudding turned out and tasted good (though seriously rich), but I had a ton of cleaning to do when I was done.

  14. Just finished the recipe and it is great! I halved the recipe and it made two very full ramekins. I used my food processor and it was great. I didn’t realize how rich the pudding would be, so I am glad I only have two servings…any more and you would have to roll me out of my house!

  15. I doubled the recipe because I’m making a Butterscotch Cream Pie in my large Pampered Chef stoneware pie dish. I had just enough, plus a little bowl for me to try! I have a mini food processor and after the mess with the chocolate pudding, I knew I wasn’t gonna do that again. So, I planned to do it exactly the way I made it before…with my Cuisinart hand-mixer.
    I got the liquid in the pan, just about ready to boil and realized my brand new mixer doesn’t work! ACK! I just used a hand whisk instead, and it came out nice and thick and creamy just like it’s supposed to be!
    I tried it without the scotch, and it was really good. But then I decided to put some Crown Royal in it, and it was AWESOME!

  16. I agree that the food processor made a simple recipe seem like a big production. I wish my boyfriend had been home to see the mess; I’ve been asking for an immersion blender for Christmas and this would have proved how useful one would be. I used half and half instead of cream to cut the fat content a bit, and my pudding was still creamy and tasty.

  17. For anyone who doesn’t want to buy a whole bottle of scotch to make this, most liquor stores sell the little mini bottles like you get on airplanes. Perfect for cooking with!

  18. I think I am going to skip the scotch in this recipe I am hoping it turns out fine. Plus I am joining some of you gals and doing the mixing by hand. I dont own a food processor . I am making mine today I cant wait I love Butterscotch!

  19. I remember the mess with the chocolate pudding, too, so I just used a whisk this time. It turned out fine. For those who are debating about whether to use the scotch… The pudding tastes okay without it. But I was amazed at the difference in flavor the scotch made. It’s fabulous! It reminds me of when I add rum to chocolate–you can’t taste the rum that much, but the overall flavor is much more interesting. Kristin mentioned the mini bottles, which is a great option. I went with something a bit bigger. I didn’t want to buy a huge bottle, but I was able to buy a small (200 ml) one for about $9.

  20. I missed out the scotch as I didnt have any and was just making a 1/3 of the recipe, so it was a lot to buy for not much if you get what i mean!! I did add more vanilla though and it was delicious!

  21. I made the whole pudding by hand-no mixers. It came out nice and silky without having to transfer it around and wash a million bowls. The good old fashioned wire whisk did the trick. Also, I left out the scotch all together. I did add in an extra spot of cream to loosen the pudding. I didn’t think I’d like it all. I didn’t. I LOVED it.

  22. I made it as is, and the food processing does add depth. I also have a Claudia Fleming recipe that whisks after chilling and then spooned into cups. Next time I’ll try that method. Also, I recommend the scotch. It tastes like butterscotch!

  23. I really don’t think you can skip the Scotch – I hate alcohol with a passion, but that is very simply what makes it a butterscotch pudding.

    I added the scotch to mine during cooking and allowed as much alcohol as possible to cook off so I still got the butterscotch flavor without too much booze taste.

  24. I just put mine in the refrigerator to chill. How does the taste change as it chills? It is so good warm out of the saucepan I can’t imagine how good it will be cold!

  25. Real Butterscotch Pudding

    Ok, I made it! It is 9:43 PM on Tuesday night, I have made dinner, had a couple of glasses of wine and made the Butterschotch Pudding! Wow, that was a lot! I was happy with the outcome. I read the blog ahead of time and was carefully watching any food processor spillover, but no problems. My only surprize is the pudding is a bit boozy tasting. Maybe after the four hours in the frigo it will be less so. happy holidays to all!


  26. I love this pudding! I must admit that after reading the technique of using a food processor I just decided to go about making the pudding using my usual method. Everyone loved it, a true treat, the flavors were fantastic!

  27. I just made the butterscotch pudding tonight and I actually like it. That’s a big deal considering I completely abhor everything and anything butterscotch-flavored! LOL. Makes me wonder if i did something wrong. DH loves butterscotch pudding and he said it tastes good and tastes like butterscotch pudding but not like the store bought kind. I don’t know if that’s good or not?

  28. This was a huge failure for me. The pudding didn’t jell, the taste was so rich as to be inedible… aggh. Was I the only one who culdn’t make this work?

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