43 thoughts on “P&Q: Tall and Creamy Cheesecake

  1. I made this a few weeks ago, and despite wrapping the pan with 2 layers of heavy duty foil, the water bath leaked into the pan. I have no real idea how it happened. Luckily it didn’t ruin the entire cake, and the good part was really, really good. I made with with some lower fat ingredients, and it was really creamy and almost fluffy.

  2. I made this a few weeks ago, straight up with no variation and it was To. Die. For. A seriously good cheesecake. Maybe my new favorite basic cheesecake recipe.

  3. I made this last night, and the texture is really thick and fluffy. Not that it’s bad, just not what I was expecting. It reminds of NY style cheesecake – it was quite tasty nonetheless.

  4. I made a lemon version and posted it this week, and here are some thoughts:
    Megan is right – it is not dense, but rather fluffy. I used low fat cream cheese and sour cream.
    I did not use graham crackers in the crust – I thought the spices in them would interfere with the lemon flavor I was looking for.
    I increased the amount of lemon that Dorie calls for. I suggest tasting just a bit of the batter before you pour it in the crust, and adjust the lemon flavor to your taste.
    I thought this was a winner!

  5. I was on the fence since I’ve made cheesecakes countless times using several different recipes and have my go-to favorite. But… hmmm… fluffy… and lemon? Oh heckyeah I’m all over it!!

  6. I will be sitting this one out…only two of us in the house and way too many goodies. I will all revved up and ready to bake again come January!

  7. I made this a few weeks ago and put it in the freezer, so I can’t comment on the taste yet. It is for our Christmas Eve dessert so I am anxiously waiting for it! I used sour cream and heavy cream. I can’t remember how exactly I divided it, but I think it was a cup of sour cream and the remainder heavy cream, just because I bought an 8 oz container of sour cream and it was just easiest to do it that way.

    I did mine as two of her variations combined. I have a vanilla layer, a chocolate layer, a layer of raspberries, and a top layer of vanilla. I am so excited to try it. It looked divine!

  8. This is one of my favorite cheesecakes, mainly because of the texture. I used Neufchatel cheese, a combination of sour cream, Greek yogurt, and heavy cream, and flavored it with freshly picked limes. I didn’t have any leakage, even though I had to bake it longer than the recipe stated. It disappeared quickly.

  9. I made mine with all sour cream, no heavy cream, and loved the tanginess it gave to the cheesecake. So wonderful. Baked without a waterbath, it took a little over an hour.

  10. I love the idea of eggnog and am going to try that one. Maybe 1/2 eggnog and 1/2 cream portions.I think I’ll make a raspberry sauce from my newly acquired Rose Berenbaum book and dribble that over the top of the cheesecake.

  11. I made mine with half sour cream, half cream.

    I took about a half cup of cinnamony apple pie filling (this was home made but I have used canned with good results) and mixed it with 1/2 cup of the batter. I poured about 1/2 of the remaining batter in the pan, then the apple batter, then the other half of the remaining batter, then swirl a little with a knife. Then baked for maybe 10-15 minutes longer. It was scrumptious.

    I have also done the same with peanut butter instead of apple pie filling and it is awesome. I can’t remember if I used 1/4 PB or 1/2 cup.

  12. I made this last week, seriously amazing. I made dorie’s bittersweet brownies, cut them into small bites and mixed in with the batter. Decedent but worth it. I also made a chocolate crust using teddies grahams which were perfect but I’d recommend reducing the added sugar a bit.

  13. I made this cheesecake twice last week and I am going to confess to you all the reason for making two cheesecakes in one day. Okay, here goes, and just so you know, I feel as stupid as you think I am. I wrapped the bottom of the springform pan. Yes, just the bottom. I guess I didn’t read the recipe through and I was just going step by step, and I just read it that way. Both cakes were great, but the one with pan wrapped the wrong way was too messy looking with the foil stuck to the bottom for my husband to take his office for his Christmas spread. Awww… shucks… we had to keep a cake here.

    That embarrassing moment over with… I’ll tell you that both my cheesecakes were amazing. I made the lemon variation with a ginger snap crust. I followed all the directions for the water bath and I used equal amounts of sour cream and heavy cream.

  14. Judy: All that you used sounds incredible. I can’t wait to see it.

    Debbie: I’ve done that before. Thankfully I’m dozens of cheesecakes later now and with any luck I’ll remember to wrap the thing correctly.

    I can’t wait to make this. It’ll be just after my boyfriend and I return home from spending Christmas out of town. He doesn’t know yet. Cheesecake is just about what makes him love me and I’m going to surprise him. Can’t wait.

  15. I made this yesterday and it is AMAZING. We’re not cheesecake fans but this was creamy with a hint of tangy. I made the basic recipe with all cream and the flavors were perfectly balanced. Very easy recipe, too!

  16. Karen,
    Do you have mini springform pans? If so, you could make small cheesecakes and freeze them and take them out when you are in the mood for cheesecake. You could even do different flavors that way.

  17. The texture of this cheesecake blew me away! Two people told me it was the best dessert they had ever eaten, including in restaurants. It is worth making!

    My leakage prevention tip for baking in a water bath is to buy a roll of extra-wide foil so you can wrap the entire pan without any seams. Also, start this recipe early in the day or you risk being up very late like I was.

  18. My cheesecake is in the cooling down mode in the oven, door propped open. I made it with the ginger snap crust and the orange variation; it smells OMG wonderful!!! Will be eating on Christmas day so it will have almost 2 days to chill out.

  19. Anyone have problems with the batter “breaking”? Mine looked almost curdled after the addition of sugar. Weird. I am pressing ahead to see what happens, but as of now, I don’t like the texture of the batter, it is really watery. Any thoughts?

  20. This was so easy and YUMMY. I did the eggnog rum variation and it was a huge hit…I think I ate 1/2 of it myself.

    Gretchen…my batter was thin but not curdled, possibly keep going…sometimes when batter curdles the ingredients were too cold when added, keep beating to warm it up. Good luck!

  21. oh crap! I just took mine out of the oven and realized I was supposed to wrap the entire pan with foil!! I wrapped just the bottom insert and then clicked it into place. I hope it isn’t ruined. :(

  22. This cheesecake got raves at our Christmas celebration. It was so light and creamy. We made the orange version with a chocolate graham cracker crust. Tasted just like a creamsicle.

  23. Rachel….. I did that too. It was fine. It wasn’t pretty cuz’ I couldn’t get the foil off, but wow it tasted fabulous. My family loved that I screwed it up. My husband took the pretty one to his office and we had the one I messed up. I feel better that someone read that the way I did.

  24. I made this recipe last weekend and it was delicious. However, it was very dense and moist – not fluffy and light. I mixed the batter in a food processor, I’m thinking that’s the issue. Thoughts?

  25. Finished this off last night and had guests tonight to give it a go. Beautiful! and absolutely mouth-watering! I followed the recipe to a T, and it did require time but it was very worth it. It was my first cheesecake. I melted chocolate and added it to a portion of the batter (about 1/8 of it, not 1/3 like Dorie says) and swirled it around. Topped it with drizzled hot chocolate sauce and crushed Heath bar. Can you say delicious?!

  26. Mine are in the oven “luxuriating in their water bath”. I did one full size and before adding flavoring I removed 1.25c batter and did a 4″ mini size. The big one is lemon cheesecake with a blackberry swirl… on a gingersnap crust. The small one is toasted coconut almond cheesecake on a toasted coconut graham crust. I’ve made many cheesecakes using many recipes and I can honestly say I just love cheesecake… regardless :)

  27. This was my first try at something from Baking, and I have to say it turned out great. I used all heavy cream and added the lime zest and juice. I served it with a cherry topping (looking for a kind of cherry-limeade vibe) and it was pretty tasty. Will definitely try more from this wonderful book.

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