Recipes to start the New Year- Updated

Can you believe TWD will turn one?!? I am still in shock that a passing thought and post on New Years Day 2008 lead to an army of bakers. Its stunning! I want to thank each and every one of you for making this year the best baking year I have ever had! (However, my thighs are cursing each and every one of you, too.)

Okay, so here we go.. The recipes to start 2009 are:

January 6, 2009– Chosen by the author herself… Dorie Greenspan has chosen the French Pear Tart on pages 368 and 369.  Special thanks to Dorie for taking her time to join in on the fun. Not only did she give us this amazing cookbook, but she has so graciously answered all my questions in the past year. I cannot thank her enough for her kindness.

January 13, 2009– Rebecca of Ezra Pound Cake chose Savory Corn and Pepper Muffins on page 6.

January 20, 2009– Mary Ann of  Meet Me in the Kitchen chose Berry Surprise Cake on pages 273-275.

January 27, 2009–  Heather of Sherry Trifle chose Fresh Ginger and Chocolate Gingerbread on page 212.

Also, I have had numerous requests to join since we closed the group. I am going to open the group to new members from today till January 1st, in honor of our 1 year anniversary. If you would like to join TWD, please email me at tuesdayswithdorie AT by January 1st.

Thank you! May you all have the very merriest of Holidays.

Much love,


38 thoughts on “Recipes to start the New Year- Updated

  1. Happy Holidays Laurie!

    Thanks for this terrific group – I have thoroughly enjoyed the year, and am looking forward to next year!

    And thanks for posting the recipes so early, it really helps with planning!

  2. Yes, thanks for posting the recipes now. With the holidays and all, it comes in handy.
    Great that Dorie is participating too! Will she be posting just like us? That’ll be interesting! We’ll all be linking to her blog for a change!

  3. I truly wish I could join… I lurk so much and read everything, but never have enough time to bake. Or cook for that matter. I just bought the book, and it looks soooooo fabulous.

    I just don’t think I could keep up with the one or two a month baking…:(

    But I lok forward to everyone else’s baking and their comments!

  4. I am pretty excited about Januarys picks!! I have been a bad baker this month doe to a new job and general not actually being at my house. Hopefully January will even out and I can get my rear in gear again! Can’t wait for the savory muffins! yum!

  5. I always love getting the big list of recipes for the next month. It’s so exciting to see what we’re going to bake. I’m so new to the TWD but congratulations on one year! How amazing. This has been so much fun for me and I was able to add a bunch of new treats to my Christmas roundup this year, all thanks to TWD. And, I’m so excited to make the Kugelhopf on Christmas morning!
    I’m looking forward to being around for all of the 2nd year of TWD.

  6. Ooo I think I have to make Carlo bake the Berry Surprise Cake for my birthday, which is on 1/20.

    How funny that the French Pear Tart is the selection for 1/6? I wished I had checked the site yesterday, because I made another pear tart for my mom last night. She said she was getting more pears. So I’ll do a comparison between the two.

  7. I made the pear tart yesterday and it is amazing! I’m so glad Dorie picked it. My only caution would be to add any flavoring slowly and taste the almond cream before adding more. I over-flavored mine. I’ll be making the tart again this weekend.

  8. I made the first two parts of the Pear Tart. The crust is SO easy to work with and I (like Nancy mentioned) overflavored mine…I used vanilla, not rum, but it still tastes delicious…what a wonderful cream!
    I can’t wait to bake these in a few hours!

  9. I was looking for the question and answer for the Pear Tart..not up yet I guess! I just wanted to say(since TWD is quickly approaching) that I baked my tart for 40 min. It was perfectly baked with a nice brown crust. I pre baked my crust for 20 min. I really enjoyed the flavor of this yummy tart, of course I LOVE pears!

  10. I just pulled my tarts out of the oven. They are so precious! I prebaked the crust for 12 minutes…I wouldn’t pre bake it as long as it says in the book, it will be too dark on the bottom by the time the tart finishes. This tart is YUMMY!!!!!

  11. I also prebaked my crust for 20 min (instead of 25) and then I baked the full tart for 45 or 50 minutes (the recipe says 50-60). It’s really really delicious!

  12. I just prebaked my crust. I don’t have a tart pan, so I used a fluted pie plate. I just hope I don’t tear it up trying to get the pieces out. My pears have cooled, and am waiting for the crust to cool so I can get started with everything else.

  13. OMG that almond cream is TO DIE FOR!!! YUM!! What an awesome recipe~
    Can’t wait for the corn muffins too, already planning to make crockpot-chili next weekend! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWD! WOOHOO!

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