Attention New Members

I am going to post a short note here rather than answer the 15-20 emails that sit in my box asking this question. I will be adding new members this coming weekend. It takes a good amount of time to do this, as your names/URLs are added in several places on the blog. Please, please, please be patient until I have the time to do this. Remember, this is a hobby for me and not a job.

Next, a few rules I want the new bakers to be aware of. We always post on Tuesday. This is a good refresher for older members as well. I see those of you posting on Monday when you live in the US! Second, Rewind Recipes as they have been come to be known are only acceptable when stated. Again, another reminder for older members, I see rewinds popping up everywhere. Please try to stick to the recipe of the week. This group is about baking the SAME recipe together!

If you have questions or comments about the group, you can leave them here and myself or a member will try to answer them in a timely fashion. Or, you can email me at tuesdayswithdorie AT

Welcome to all the New Members! Bake On! xo~ Laurie

8 thoughts on “Attention New Members

  1. I am guilty as charged. ::hanging head:: Being on the west coast, its so hard to wait sometimes so when I see my GR popping up with TWD recipes I get a little trigger publish happy but I promise I’ll be better. Thanks for all you do for TWD!

  2. Thank you Laurie – for ALL you do. It is much appreciated to us new members, as I’m sure it is with the “older” ones as well!

  3. Thanks for the reminders – quick question about rewinds: you’re talking about misusing rewinds in place of the weekly recipe, right? If I want to go back and play catch-up on a recipe I missed, I should post it in addition to my Tuesday assignment – or on another day of the week?

    • Jessica- You got it. I want everyone to make the recipe of the week. On occasion, we will allow a ‘rewind’ in place of the weekly recipe if it requires a piece of equipment not everyone has, or an ingredient not easily found, etc.. If you want to catch up with past recipes, you are welcome to post them in addition to your weekly recipe on Tuesdays OR on another day of the week. Thanks for having me clear that up! :)

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