Recipes for February

February 3, 2009- Jessica of cookbookhabit chose World Peace Cookies, page 138-139.

February 10, 2009- Shari of Whisk: a food blog chose Floating Islands, page 401-402.

February 17, 2009-  Stephanie of Confessions of a City Eater chose Devils Food White Out Cake, page 247-249.

February 24, 2009- Whitney of What’s left on the table? chose Caramel Crunch Bars, page 112-113.

Also, its been brought to my attention that members would like a forum to talk to one another other than the weekly P&Q. Well, it just so happens that we have one! We have our very own Google Group that is open to be used by any and all members. Please go check it out!

39 thoughts on “Recipes for February

  1. Finally!!! Someone chose the cover cake! I’ve already made it twice and I’m ready to post it. I’ve also already made the Caramel Crunch Bars and World Peace cookies. Great choices!

  2. Looks like I’ll be doing 3 out of 4 this month, yay! The white-out cake is perfect timing because my best friend and her twin’s birthday is on the 15th, so I’m not stuck eating an entire three-layer cake.

    I’m contemplating the Floating Islands. I know I’m capable of doing it, but it depends when I’m home because this is not something I’ll be doing at school.

  3. Great choices! I’m glad we finally get to do the WP cookies. I’m going out of town for the long weekend prior to the cover cake so either I need to do it early or skip it. I’m going to try to do it early.

  4. What? Wait, I checked the recipe rotation to see where we were at and I get to choose the recipe after the caramel crunch bars! I can’t believe it! Better start browsing now… Oh, and great choices for February, this is gonna be a fun month! :)

  5. WOOOOO!!!! Someone chose the WP cookies! Can’t wait to make them. The cover cake looks really exciting. Maybe I’ll do a test run for my SIL’s birthday this weekend.
    Rock on TWD’ers!

  6. I just made the world peace cookies and they were absolutely amazing!! I don’t even like chocolate based cookies and these were just incredible flavour and texture wise. I love these picks!!

  7. The February list looks great! I’m excited about all the recipes and have one question; I need to buy two eight inch round pans for the white out cake. I’ve looked in local stores in the past without luck, so I’m going to order them from amazon. Is there a brand that you have that you like?
    Amazon has Chicago Metallic, Wilton, Parrish Magic, Wonderbake, Fat Daddio, and Wonder Kleen. Not all have reviews.
    (I just ask because I have two sets of nine inch pans, one set silicone, one set steel and I really don’t like either set and would hate to make the same mistake.)
    My main concern is even baking and durability. I don’t care as much about non-stick (if it is non-stick I would want the pans to be of good enough quality that the non-stick doesn’t chip easily.)

  8. I’ve only used Wilton and chicago mettalic pans and between the two, chicago metallic is definitely better. I’m not sure about the other ones. I think I read that the best pans are the ones made of aluminum.

  9. Please hold while I wipe the drool off my chin… ;) I can’t wait to get started on these recipes! Every one looks to be a winner and I’m sure my friends and co-workers will be most pleased. Thanks for the February choices!

  10. Re cake pans — some folks like the heavy plain aluminum ones (Parrish). Others like the heavy non-stick like Chicago Metallic (the folks at Cooks’ Illustrated prefer them). The darker the pan, the more browning of the edges and bottom of the cake. Some folks like that, some don’t. I agree, get heavy duty. I have the Parrish and am very happy with them.

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