OSI: Heather of Sherry Trifle

Hey TWD’ers!   Chocolatechic here.

Today begins the first OSI with our new meme.     We kind of thought that it was just a bit long, so we shortened it a bit, and asked a few new questions.    Hope you all enjoy it.


Today’s OSI is featuring Heather of Sherry Trifle

Not only does Sherry have wonderful confections on her blog, but she also has some great cats too.

Sherry picked January 27th’s Fresh Ginger and Chocolate Gingerbread.

Who knew that chocolate and gingerbread would go so great together?

Thanks for such a great pick!


1.  When did you start baking?

Around 5 years ago – I’m a late bloomer. I started off baking for my Church Coffee Hour on Sunday, with cake mix recipes from, “The Cake Doctor,” then I got more confidence and began baking from scratch.

2.  What is your favorite kitchen tool?

I’d say my double boiler – it’s a nice one from the Vermont Country Store; I love to watch the chocolate, curd and so on melting so evenly.

3.  Which TWD blog is your favorite?

I would say Steph’s of “A Whisk and a Spoon.” Her confections always look perfect, like what I would like mine to look like.

4.  What has been your favorite TWD recipe so far?

Gosh, almost impossible to choose – the French Pear Tart, but then there’s the Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes, oh, and La Palette’s Strawberry Tart – I could add some more!

5.  What TWD recipe has been a dud for you?

The Thanksgiving Twofer Pie – it was all mushy and too full of liquid; besides, I’m not that fond of Thanksgiving desserts on the whole.

6.  Which recipe are you dying to make that no one has picked yet?

Definitely the Chocolate Caramel Chestnut Cake – trouble is it’s got chestnut spread and jarred chestnuts in it, which might be a  bit difficult for some of us to get.

7.  If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would it be?

I think the South of France –  a small town or village, not the touristy part.

8. If you knew could you try anything and not fail (and money was no object), what would you attempt?

I’d like to do small private catering of French and French-type pastries.

9.  If you could have a superpower, which one would it be, and why?

Being able to understand everyone’s language – imagine how much I would know!

10.  If you had a day to yourself, what would you do?

I like to spend a day at the zoo, or go to an art gallery, but am not sure if I would like to go alone.

11.  What is the strangest food you have ever eaten?

Octopus. It was really rubbery and did not taste of anything much.

12.  What kitchen tool would you purchase for yourself if money were no object?

I think the absolute best of the best of the Kitchenaid stand-alone beaters. I have a nice standard white one, but why not the fanciest in pink or red!

13.  Give us three adjectives to describe yourself.

Generous, caring, astute.

14.  What spice do you use over and over again?


15.  When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A ballerina!



3 thoughts on “OSI: Heather of Sherry Trifle

  1. Don’t fret Heather, all you’ve got to do is get a babel fish, stick it your ear and your all set to understand anyone.


    What? Don’t you people read science fiction/comedy? Love the new meme.

  2. loved the chocolate gingerbread cake…as of now, it’s my favorite of all the TWD recipes i’ve baked! thanks for such a great pick!

    i agree with you on the chocolate caramel chestnut cake. i want to make that too, but who knows how long it would take to find chestnut puree. i just made a chestnut pound cake the other day, after months of searching for chestnut flour–it was impossible to find!

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