March Recipe Rotation

Could the following people please email me their selections for March? (or comment in this post.)

March 3- LyB of And then I do the dishes
March 10- Bridget of The Way the Cookie Crumbles
March 17- Liliana of My Cookbook Addiction
March 24- Sihan of Befuddlement
March 31- Jayne of The Barefoot Kitchen Witch

Thanks! Bake on!


12 thoughts on “March Recipe Rotation

  1. LyB- I did get yours, thanks!

    Bridget- Its okay if you need a day, but I’d like to get them posted as soon as possible. It makes it easier for people when they know in advance. Thanks!

  2. yum! so excited about the yogurt cake.

    just wondering if there was any way the upcoming months’ choices could be revealed earlier in the previous month…like maybe two tuesdays prior? i often bake things early, so by the end of the month, i’m out of dorie recipes to bake and chomping at the bit.

    anyhoo, just a thought! still having a blast participating :) thanks!!

  3. HappyTummy- I cant post them if I dont have them. I just got the last recipe for March this morning. I do try my best to get them posted early. Pardon the lateness this month.

  4. I was just looking over the yogurt cake recipe. I want to get ahead and make this since my life is more hectic than usual these days. I’m going to use vanilla yogurt instead of plain since that’s what I have, and no ground almonds, just flour. Can’t wait! :) Oh, and I have lemon curd so I’m going with that ;-) LOVE lemon curd.

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