Recipes for March

Pardon the lateness of this post. Sometimes life happens, folks. I can’t post the upcoming recipes if I do not know what they are. I do my best to get in touch with people. Again, life happens. Have some patience. Good things come to those who wait. ;)

March 3– Lyb of And then I do the dishesChocolate Armagnac Cake – The Cake That Got Me Fired on pages 279-281.

March 10– Bridget of The Way the Cookie CrumblesLemon Cup Custard on page 387.
March 17– Liliana of My Cookbook AddictionFrench Yogurt Cake with Marmalade Glaze on pages 224-225.
March 24– Sihan of BefuddlementBlueberry Crumb Cake on pages 192-193.
March 31– Jayne of The Barefoot Kitchen Witch Coconut Butter Thins on page 145.


27 thoughts on “Recipes for March

  1. I am so excited about the Armagnac cake…..I’ll bet that will maker “her” smile. YEA Thanks Laurie for a great job. Just let ’em keep their britches on. Its cool.

  2. I am so glad many of you are excited about the Chocolate Armagnac Cake! I was afraid the prunes would scare off a lot of people. Man, this is fun! :)

  3. Lemon Cup Custard was the first thing I ever made by Dorie. It was in an issue of the now defunct “Cottage Living.” It will be something that will make you remember that spring is just around the corner. It’s delightful!!!!!

  4. And I forgot to mention I am SUPER excited about the blueberry crumb cake. I look for any excuse to use them. I gave in today to my Wyman’s blueberry obsession and bought a 4 lb. bag of them at Costco. :)

  5. the blueberru crumb cake has perfect timing–i’ll be visiting my parents, who have a blueberry farm, and thought it’s still winter, their freezer is packed with last summer’s berries:) i can’t wait!

  6. Great month of recipes! A nice mix of rich chocolate/fruit and my current favorite: lemon. I’ve never heard of “Armagnac” – glad I have Scotch on hand (for cooking purposes, you understand). :)

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