TWD Gone Twittering

Hello fellow TWD bakers!

Long time no post from me huh? Work is just kicking my bum!

Just wanted to pop on and tell everyone that TWD has a twitter account. You can see the feed on the sidebar ——–>

Laurie (our fearless leader) and myself will be occasionally twittering. (We will be checking with Dorie to see if she may want to twitter some too, no promises…) If you have a twitter account, please add @TuesdaysWDorie to see our updates. Feel free to leave us tweets with your comments, questions, suggestions and we’ll tweet back at ya as soon as we can.

Happy Sunday bakers!

UDPATED: Just heard back from Dorie (@doriegreenspan) about our TWD twitter group. “I’m in! ~Dorie” Isn’t she the coolest??

6 thoughts on “TWD Gone Twittering

  1. I’m not really up on Twitter. How does it work? If we had Twitter, would we do it here or on our blog? I guess I’m not sure how this TWD Twitter works.

    Sorry to be such a noob!

  2. I’m with Jacque – I’m not at all clear on what Twitter is. Is it like instant messaging? Do people text message via a hand held device to Twitter, and then Twitter disseminates the message to subscribers?

    Like Jacque, I’m sorry to be so IT impaired. I don’t even own a cell phone!

  3. Its just another media outlet for TWD. The TWD blog will still be the same but twitter is like a “message board” that lets me, laurie or dorie post in 140 characters or less. Just another way for TWD bakers to stay in touch with the TWD blog. We might twitter about the current recipe, dorie comments/suggestions, etc etc. You can access twitter on your comp or a cell phone (as long as you have internet access). Hope that helps!

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