Happy St. Patty’s Day!

To celebrate St Patty’s, I am opening membership for one day only. Leave a comment on this post or email tuesdayswithdorie AT gmail.com. Offer expires tonight at midnight EST.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day TWD Bakers!

xo~ Laurie


22 thoughts on “Happy St. Patty’s Day!

  1. Can I play!!! I finally have a blog and am excited to give it a go. I have THE cookbook and love it! I’m in!
    I’m cindy at Everyday Insanity–getting thru life one brownie recipe at a time!

  2. I have interest in joining as well, but I’m newer to reading this blog and am not completely familiar with the requirements. Please let me know if I can, and how I do, become involved.

  3. I just got this book for Valentine’s Day, and I am excited to join this club and try out some recipes I probably wouldn’t otherwise.

  4. Weird — I just noticed that in the blogroll on the right on this page, the URL is correct, but in the list on the main part of tuesdayswithdorie.wordpress.com/tbr, it’s still the old version.

  5. I bought the book a month or two ago at TJ Maxx and have been slowly trying recipes from it, so I think that joining would be a great challenge for me. Please let me know if there is anything else that I need to do!

  6. Hello. I applied for membership on the 17th but don’t yet see my name listed. Did I miss something or maybe I am looking in the wrong place?
    Thanks so much

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