60 thoughts on “P&Q: Chocolate Cream Tart

  1. This is a simple, straightforward recipe. Don’t bother with separate bowls – just throw all the ingredients (except for the butter and chocolate) into one pan and cook away. After it has come to a boil, add the chocolate and butter, then strain. It’s perfect, easy and did I mention delicious?

  2. Megan, Oh, that’s so good to hear. My husband has a friend (yah, just one, LOL) that is helping him with some car repairs so I’m going to make it for him and his wife.

    Has anyone made the tart crust recipe that has nuts in it?

  3. I know some of you will think this is impossible, but this was a little TOO chocolatey. I loved trying the chocolate crust but was thinking the whole time I should just make the plain one. Maybe next time I could just use milk chocolate in the pastry cream? I have to say, though, it was beautiful and tasty. Although I thought there was too much chocolate, it went fast. And I certainly ate a piece anyways! :)

  4. I was thinking about cutting the chocolate, as well. Maybe with a layer of bananas or other fruit under the cream? Or maybe adding a bit of salt to the crust to make it a Salted Chocolate Cream Tart?

  5. I loved this tart!! the chocolate crust is delicious- not too sweet but very chocolaty and it has a wonderful texture that doesn’t get soggy with the chocolate cream in it! I served this at Easter and my entire extended family raved about it. I did double the amount of whipped cream on the top so that might be helpful for anyone who is worried that it is too chocolaty (a concept I personally cannot wrap my mind around, haha).

  6. I just tried a bit of the crust on its own and found it to be kind of bitter. Hopefully that will be offset by the sweetness of the custard and cream.

  7. I made this a couple of weeks ago, fresh on the heels of not one, but two, chocolate cakes. I was totally chocolate-d out, and afraid that this recipe would be chocolate overkill. I was veeerrrry tempted to make a non-chocolate tart crust, but since I was serving this to a large group of people who had not just made and eaten two cakes, I baked the tart as written. And I was skeptical the whole time (We’ve made Dorie’s Tarte Noire and I didn’t think this could possibly compare). The crust is not sweet and I didn’t like the taste very much. The cream was fine, and the whipped cream was, well, whipped cream. BUT when all three elements are put together this tart is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!! Easily in the top 5 Dorie recipes. It shook me out of chocolate overdose and landed me right back on my chocolate-appreciating feet. My tasters raved about this one.

    Here’s a little tip, especially if you are making tartlets: be sure to keep a nice deep well in your crust – build up the sides and keep the crust thin. There’s a lot of pastry cream, and you want to make sure you have room for it. The way the crust and the chocolate pastry cream play off of each other is just amazing – and the whipped cream is an absolutely essential part.

  8. I 99% agree with Nancy:
    “The crust is not sweet and I didn’t like the taste very much. The cream was fine, and the whipped cream was, well, whipped cream. BUT when all three elements are put together this tart is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!”

    The crust by itself was not sweet. I was tempted to make the other crust suggested in the playing around, but since we’re trying to make everything in the book I went ahead and made the crust b/c I haven’t used it before.

    The one point I disagree (and it’s not really a disagreement b/c she said it was fine) with Nancy is the chocolate creme. I could have eaten the whole bowl by itself. It was that good.

  9. i made this with her sweet tart dough and it was fantastic. cut down somewhat on the chocolate, but the nutty flavor and shortbread-y texture of the crust more than made up for it!

  10. I can’t wait to make this. Next week is Double Decker Chocolate Brownies, the week after is Decadent Choco-Latte Layer Cake and week three is Sinful Chocolate-Dipped Chocolate Meringue Kisses. It’s another month chock full of cocoa beans. (Perhaps something with lemon for a change?) :)

  11. I totally agree with Nancy to keep the crust thin to hold all the yummy cream. Mine could have been thinner (I should have used my bigger tart pan in retrospect) so I had extra cream that I slathered on bananas. Yum.

  12. In agreement with Nancy. I didn’t like the crust on its own, but mixed with the custard and cream it was good. If only I didn’t drop half of it in the sink…..

  13. Reading all of your comments was INCREDIBLE inspiration. I have been out of the loop for the last two recipes and am looking forward to be back on board. I’m baking this weekend! Mike, how do you know the upcoming recipe rotation?

  14. Mike, how do you know the upcoming weeks? Are you psychic? Or is it listed somewhere here I do not see? (I assume the latter.:) For those worried about “too much chocolate”, don’t forget the “playing around” idea of chocolate coconut cream pie. I can’t decide. I have never had too much chocolate, but I love chocolate and coconut. (I am eating Hershey’s chocolate coconut kisses right now.)

  15. Sorry! My lame attempt at a joke. :)

    I HOPE there’s some variety next month – I love chocolate, but maybe something lighter… with fruit maybe?

  16. I made this last night! Oh my god, it’s SO SO SO SO GOOD and I’m not really into chocolate pastry cream such as the one for this recipe! Before spooning the chocolate cream into the baked tart shell, I spread a thin layer of Nutella. I garnished with whipped cream around the edges, drizzled some chocolate syrup and sprinkled with toasted hazelnuts. The chocolate hazelnut flavors were RIDICULOUS!!!

  17. I’m having an idea, and I wonder if anyone who has already made the crust could counsel me on it…I’m thinking I might like to turn this inside out a bit and make ice cream with the chocolate filling, then sandwiching that between two ‘cookies’ made of baked tart dough….maybe a little ribbon of salted caramel running through the ice cream….

    can anyone who’s made the tart crust tell me, would it hold up to being used in this way, or should I adapt it slightly?

  18. I can’t wait to make this chocolate cream tart. It sounds wonderful. I might make a few minis, so I can play around (maybe some with peanut butter mousse, some with coconut cream)…

  19. I think I’m in the minority, I didn’t really like the crust on this one. The funny thing is that I loved the taste of the unbaked crust dough–it really wasn’t sweet, as others have said, but it had a great choc flavor. But when added to the SUPER INTENSE chocolate pastry cream and the richness of the whipped cream, I thought a chocolate crust was too much. Next time I would also fold some whipped cream into the pastry cream to lighted in a little–it was too heavy for me. But I’m not a big custard person, so take that with a grain of salt…

  20. The chocolate pastry cream was delicious! The end result really depends on what chocolate you like though, so make sure you use your favourite because it will taste just like that. I could seriously eat the pastry cream by itself like custard!

  21. Thanks, everyone, for sharing your experiences!

    I’ll be making mine on Sunday (my usual “Dorie Day”) and I’m thinking that I will make the chocolate crust using Dutch-processed cocoa. That generally has a more “mellow” flavor than the natural cocoa.

  22. I made this today and it was delicious! Hubby and youngest son both approve as well :) YUM!

    BTW, I will be interviewing Dorie (she already has the questions), so watch my blog for the announcement! Hope to have the answers next week and will get it posted asap. Hoping I can get Laurie (sp?) to post a link here somewhere. TWD is definitely in the questions :)

  23. Help needed: I left my book at work (xeroxing recipes). I can’t remember how to make the crust. I do have the pie recipe here.

    I have the butter chopped in the freezer, and the dry ingredients in the food processor. Do I just process the butter with the dry until it’s crumbly? Or would someone mind emailing me if that’s not correct?


    Thanks in advance for your help!

  24. mike – you process the dry ingredients with the chopped butter until small and flaky then you add the egg yolk and process until it starts to come together. then just fold to get the last of the dry and press into the pan. So it sounds like you are good as long as you don’t forget the egg yolk!

    hope that helps!!

  25. Thanks Charli! And Amanda too – I completely forgot about the egg yolk! I’ll let you know how it turns out! Thanks again!

  26. Hm… I LOVED the tart crust AND the custard (by themselves). I can only imagine what the whipped cream will add – I’m sure it’s the taste Nancy described. Can’t wait to finish it tomorrow –

  27. Okay, a couple of questions. :)

    First I don’t have a food processor. Any suggestions on the best way to make the tart dough?

    Second, I’m angling for a food processor for mother’s day, lol. Any good reccommendations??

    Thanks, and I’m excited to try this one! (on my way to the grocery store after I type this, lol)

  28. Katy – Just whisk the dry ingredients together then cut the butter in with a pastry blender. Then just use a wooden spoon to add the yolk and incorporate it all with your hands :)

    Recommendations – I can’t give you one, I just use a Black & Decker $30 model from walmart and it does the job for me! :)

  29. You can cut the butter in with two table knives if you don’t have a hand pastry blender.

    Last year I finally got a fp – I bought the Cuisinart that Costco sells and I’ve been plenty happy.

  30. Kristen – I made a bunch of 4inch tartlets. I baked them for 30 minutes with foil and about 5-6 without. I’m no expert on tart shell baking – they just “looked” done. :)

  31. Hi, Katy,
    I have a Cuisinart too. Mine has an 11-cup capacity, which is fine for most of the cooking I do. You can get smaller and larger ones…I just wouldn’t get the mini unless all you want to do is chop a few nuts or some parsley. When you get one you’ll be amazed at how much you can do with it – not just chopping or grating but almost using it in place of a stand mixer.

    I’ve heard good things about KitchenAid fps too.

    I’ll pass along one thing I learned (the hard way)…don’t store the blade in place on the little stem from the motor (this will make sense when you get one). Because the housing is plastic, it can swell or stick and get stuck hard in place there…store it loose in the bowl and be careful, because it’s seriously sharp! :)

  32. Thank you for the help!! I do have a mini (itty bitty, teeny tiny, lol) one that I got to make baby food with…and that’s definitely all you can make with it!

  33. I loved this … loved, loved, loved. It was definitely not too much chocolate for me. :)

    I made smaller tarts and each version was a variation. One of the things I did was to mix the whipped cream and chocolate filling together – not thoroughly but just swirling it – and that did cut the chocolate a little bit.

    Oh, and one other thing is that I find Dorie’s whipped cream to be a bit too sweet for me. I use 1/2 cup of powdered sugar to 1/2 cup of cream and that’s just about right. Any more and I think the cream is too cloyingly sweet.

  34. solaisphoto – “I use 1/2 cup of powdered sugar to 1/2 cup of cream and that’s just about right.”

    Did you mean 1/2 cup powdered sugar? That’s an awful lot of sugar to cream.

  35. I also fell into the camp of “so-so” on the crust. I didn’t like it raw (shoot, I have to try everything raw) and baked wasn’t much better for me (plus I had a heck of a time keeping it together). I agree that when it was combined with the custard and the whipped cream, it worked out pretty well cause it isn’t so sweet. So far, I’m 0-3 on the crusts I’ve made.

    But I love the custard – great flavor and I love it with the whipped cream. I still don’t get how people strain it though? It seems too thick for that. I tried shoving it through a mesh strainer and that just wasn’t happening!

  36. I’ve made the separate components and can’t wait to put the whole thing together tonight. The chocolate filling alone would be enough to qualify as a diet wrecker. I can’t imagine how amazing the finished tart will be! This was a great choice, even if we’ve been eating chocolate all month.

    Katya, I love your idea about making ice cream with this filling. I’ll have to try it.

    Being part of this group is one of the funnest things I’ve done in a long time. Y’all are great to share your ideas and comments.

  37. I decided at the last minute to make this. How could I pass up cool creamy and chocolate?
    Hopefully it’ll be set to slice tonight, and hopefully we’ll have some left for photos tomorrow ;)

    I kinda when with the flavors of the choco bread pudding I made last week. Hazelnut creamer and almonds. I only had about 1/4 C of creamer so it’s not real noticeable. I added nuts to the crust and threw some as a bottom layer too.

  38. Loved the chocolate cream (had to try it yesterday), I thought I wouldn’t like it ’cause it’s made similar to the banana cream which I didn’t like.

  39. This was a fun tart to make with a friend. Very slightly overbaked the tart shell and not quite enough topping, but neither were really big problems. It still tasted and looked good. It was fun to bake with someone who doesn’t bake much! It was also very fun to drive by Julia Child’s old house since I was back in Cambridge, MA. Check out the two postings on website.

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