We are called TUESDAYS with Dorie for a reason…

We post on TUESDAY people.

More and more and more folks are posting on Monday. I realize we have international members. They are in the clear because they are posting when its Tuesday for THEM.  Most of our members are in the United States. Please, please, please stop posting early and post on TUESDAY! This is one of the only MAJOR rules we have kids. Stick to it.

Thanks. Bake on!

xo laurie


12 thoughts on “We are called TUESDAYS with Dorie for a reason…

  1. I don’t know if others have had similar issues, but I was unintentionally posting early because I would compose my post on Monday night, then login to Blogger on Tuesday morning to hit “publish.” What I didn’t realize was that you need to set the date and time under “post options,” otherwise it will default to when the post was saved. I didn’t realize until I looked at my blog and I was mortified.

  2. Good point, Margot & Nancy! If you are using Blogger/Blogspot, the post date will automatically be set to the date and time you created it, not when you post it.

    It helps to try to get into the habit of clicking Post Options and setting the date properly before you publish. If you make a mistake, you can view your list of published posts and edit the one with the wrong date so as to correct it.

    I wish they’d make a change to Blogger so that it was easier to set the post date correctly…

  3. I’m guilty. Lately, probably in the last month, I’ve been posting on Monday afternoon. But let me explain why. When you click on the link on the right side of this site where it says “Update your blogroll” I was using that to visit the blogs. The problem is that the blogs that are displayed in that “reader” are not always current. What I mean by that is that the blog roller doesn’t update as often as the blogs do. So if you posted your TWD on Tuesday morning at 6am, at 7 or even 8 am it still didn’t show in that section. So I started posting early so that it would show up in there for sure.

    I’ll start setting my post time through blogger from now on to post at 3:00 am, that should fix it. :)

    incidentally, if anyone knows how to use google alerts, they are a great way to get email notifications when someone posts their recipe. It’s a lot easier than fishing through the blogroll. I set up two different google alerts, one for “tuesdays with dorie” and another for “twd”.

  4. The time thingy is off on mine too, although I use a totally different program than wordpress or blogger (my H is a programmer and he just made one from scratch for me), so I have no idea how to fix it. I think its always a day off of the actual time I posted or created the post. I’ll ask him to look at it and see if we can get that fixed.

  5. I know that I’ve gotten burned a couple of times with the Blogger posting wizard when I haven’t paid attention to the post options and accidentally hit publish. I just wish that Blogger wouldn’t publish to the date created — things would be so much easier for technophobes like me.

  6. Although I am not a member…it is sad to come and read TWD postings where Dorie is having to chastise her members. I would think being a member in good standing would require people to gee, I dunno…follow the rules? Also, these worldwide tongue lashing could be avoided if the people who were violating the rules were emailed and chastised privately.

    Those who use blogspot you can UNDO an accidental posting by going to the bottom of your post and hit save instead of publish…it will save it as a draft. Trust me….I’ve posted plenty of pages with only a title cuz I hit the return and it published it automatically!

    Keep on baking!

      • I am not chastising anyone either. Just a friendly reminder. More than a few are posting Monday and a few Sunday too. If you are setting up your posts to publish at a certain time, make sure the time is right, or leave it as a draft and hit publish on Tuesday. Easy peasy. Problem solved.

  7. I know that I can “unpublish” a post that went up by mistake (resetting the “post options” or hitting “draft” even after it’s been published) but the posts still show up on Google Reader. I don’t think there’s a way to undo that. If there is, I’d love to know!

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