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  1. I made this a couple of weeks ago and it was incredibly fabuloso fantastico. :-) Are those words?? heehee

    I followed the recipe and didn’t vary anything, but if I know you guys you’ll be able to make fantastic cupcakes!

  2. I made half of the cake recipe – and it came out perfect. It fit two 6″ pans.

    FYI – Mascarpone is less expensive at Trader Joe’s.

    I know some people are looking for substitutes for the coffee and alcohol. Unfortunately I don’t know what to suggest as an alternative ~

  3. I just arrived home after traveling for 3 weeks. I don’t seem to have the recipe schedule for May. Am I missing something? It seems the first recipe is the Tiramisu Cake. Thanks for any input.

    • Lola- We posted the May Recipes over the weekend I believe. Scroll down on the main blog page and there they are. I will update the sidebar today.

  4. I’m one of those crazy people looking for subs for the alcohol and coffee. I’m sure most of you are thinking there’s no point in making in, then, but I’d like to try anyways. I’d love any suggestions from all you smart bakers!

  5. For those who don’t have cake flour and are substituting, are you removiing 2 tbsp of all purpose flour or removing 2 tbsps and adding 2 tbsps of cornstarch? I don’t know which to use or if there’s another sub that’s better.

  6. Don’t sub the coffee! It needs it, or it won’t be tiramisu. :) You could always use decaf.

    As for alcohol, try using brandy or even rum extract plus water. It will taste almost the same.

    I’m using the real stuff, but I’ve used the extracts before in other recipes. It works just fine.

  7. does anyone know how long this cake can sit outside of the refrigerator? i was going to take it to a party on Saturday but I’m worried that it could sit out on the counter for 2 or more hours while people mingle etc. would this be a problem? will it fall apart?!

  8. Emily – it will be fine on the counter :) Mine sat out and it tastes even better at room temp!

    Coffee subs etc – I agree with Lindsey, don’t sub the coffee, just use decaf. “Tira mi su” in Italian means “pick me up”. Hence the coffee. :) I agree on the extract front!

  9. I’d like to make 1/4 or 1/3 of the recipe. The whole cake takes 1/8 teaspoon baking soda – does anyone have any advice on how to reduce a tiny amount like that?

  10. spike– i will most certainly be halving the recipe, and like megan, i will use a 6″ pan.

    jill–maybe just a pinch to beact with the buttermilk? it has plenty of baking powder in it anyway.

    steph–i don’t know which cake flour sub is better, but i’ve done the cornstarch thing in the past, and it seemed to work ok.

  11. The extracts do have alcohol in them, but once you dilute them with water they are fine. Vanilla has a ton of alcohol in it, too, as do almost all extracts.

    What about trying some of the flavored syrups from Monin or DaVinci? DV makes a Kahlua syrup.

  12. I’ve been looking everywhere, but I can’t seem to find instant espresso powder. Is it usually located near the coffee products at the grocery store? I’ve scanned the coffee aisle with no luck. Any suggestions?
    Thanks a bunch!

  13. Tammy, I’ve always had bad luck finding instant espresso powder at my regular supermarket. I have to go to a local gourmet shop, but it’s not that expensive (maybe $3-4) and a little jar lasts quite a while.

  14. Tammy – I found instant espresso at Von’s Pavilion in the coffee aisle. I wasn’t looking for it at the time but happened to see it and bought a small jar because I was never able to find any when I did need it. I’m in Orange County.

  15. Thanks for the advice on espresso powder. I’ll keep looking, and if I don’t find it, I’ll grind up some instant coffee. I live in Arkansas. Something tells me THAT may be part of the problem! ;)

    • Thanks chocolatechic! I ordered some today, but I’ll have to make do with local offerings- probably ground coffee- until the next dessert that needs espresso powder. At least I’ll have it when I need it.

  16. I made this Tuesday night, and brought it to a dinner thing on Wednesday. Everyone loved it! I liked that it was so easy to make and very delicious. I also used instant coffee for the espresso powder- it’s never been a problem for me.

  17. Okay, I made mine in 2 loaf pans. The cake more than rose enough to layer both cakes and make 2 separate desserts. Now, they arent the prettiest cakes I have ever made, not even close. But I think after their sit in the fridge, they will make an awesome after dinner dessert.

      • Audrey- Yes, I used the recipe straight from the book, but split it into 2 loaf pans. It made 2 complete cakes, by layering both loaves. It seemed to work rather well. :)

  18. I’ve been looking up marscapone substitutions and there seem to be two different variations. One uses heavy cream and an acid, the other uses a mixture of cream cheese, heavy cream and sour cream. Does anyone have any experience with either substitution? I’m curious as to which would work better for this recipe.

    • It would probably work. The layer would just be thinner than a loaf pan made. Id def put the cake in the freezer before slicing it so that it gives you an easier time of layering.

  19. I’m going to make half the recipe in two 6-inch round pans.

    And I’ll make 2/3 or 3/4 of the frosting recipe, because when you make a half-size layer cake, the amount of frosting you need for the tops of the layers is 50% as much as you’d use on a full-size cake, but the amount of frosting you need for the sides of the cake is about 70% as much. (The area of the top/bottom of the cake is 1/2 as much, but the circumference of the cake is one over the square root of 2.)

  20. How nice that it (TWD) falls on our potluck at work. Maybe this will be my ‘Tiramisu de Mayo’ dish I need to bring. I’m glad this has turned out as delicious as it sounds – for the folks that have made it. Now, you would think I live in a ghost town. For the life of me cannot find a tub or mascarpone anymore. Has anyone sub’d with Philly? (mike ducks).

  21. Mike – I live in a rural town and am amazed to find many items at my local rip off grocer. LOL That’s where I got my mascarpone and several other ingredients I can’t find anywhere else. It’s not just you! ;)

  22. I was finally able to find mascarpone in the “imported and domestic” (i.e. fancy) cheese bin at my store, which is near/in the deli department. I looked in three stores near the cream cheese, regular cheese, ricotta cheese, and cottage cheese areas and came up empty. Finally, I figured it had to be in some other department.

    I’m not real crazy about the taste on it’s own, but with the sugar and vanilla? Wow!

  23. Thanks Amanda – we have stores called “Grocery Outlet” – all the merchandise is “off brand” stuff… I’ll check there! It’s just odd that my major grocery stores don’t have this mixed with the brie and other “fancy” cheese…

    Thanks LW! I just might have to resort to Philly!

    Question: does anyone know if you can leave the finished, frosted cake in the fridge for a couple of days before serving? Just curious – I know with traditional tiramisu, some recipes encourage leaving in the fridge for a day or so (to meld) – just wasn’t sure about the cake.

  24. I found espresso powder at Whole Foods in the coffee aisle. I say I found it, but I needed the store employee to point it out to me. Looks like any old jar of instant coffee.

  25. Hello, everyone:

    My cake just came out of the oven. Looks wonderful, smells wonderful…but the layers are so short! Were your cakes nice and tall, or will you have two relatively thin layers, layer-cake wise?

    Once I fill and stack them I think it will be OK…
    I just nibbled on a little piece and it tastes wonderful!

  26. PS I know it’s too late for this week :) but you can buy espresso powder from the King Arthur catalog…$5.50 for a generous little plastic jar full.

  27. Thanks Nancy – I just saw that…. I figured it might be one of those “keep in airtight container for up to 2 days”, but they will actually last an entire week. :)

    I was going to make mine tomorrow (Sunday) and serve it Tuesday… so I hope it will not get too soggy? Thanks for the info!

  28. Hey all–I made mine into cupcakes!! Come see me on Tuesday! ;) So far they look good, I tasted the cake part but waitin for the flavors to marry. Cant wait!!!

  29. Amanda – I halved the cake recipe (not the frosting and stuff) and just cooked 1 8″ cake then torted it. The layers were pretty short, but it made an excellent small cake!

  30. I finally made this. Or these, as the case may be – since I made cupcakes. Holy smokes it was a lot of work and a PITA. Next time I’ll just make the cake.

    I found marscapone at my local Whole Foods for $4.99 for 8oz, which wasn’t too bad.

    I found the espresso powder at Publix: Cafe Bustello Instant Espresso powder, for $3.99.

    I also used Kahlua as the liquor.

    I gotta say, these are wonderful in flavor and texture. I love them. They channel tiramisu perfectly. I just need to not do cupcakes next time! :)

  31. I made mascarpone using one of the recipes I linked to from the link Lindsey provided up top – thanks Lindsey! I had a block of cream cheese lying around that was needing to be used, so that was perfect. The filling/frosting tasted amazing! The cakes were so good too. I did some things a bit different along with making the mascarpone, so it took me all afternoon.

    Sorry, Mike, didn’t mean to sound like a smart aleck! You could possibly prepare the separate elements on Sunday, and assemble on Monday??

  32. My cake has just come out of the oven. It also did not rise very high so I’m a bit disappointed, and the top is a pale color. I wonder if 2tsp. baking powder is too much. I read that overloading on BP can cause a cake not to rise!

  33. Mine rose well — but the batter was not very high in the pan. I made half a recipe and used two 6-inch round cake pans that are 2 inches deep. The batter was only 1/3 of the way up the sides of the pans. The advice I’ve read says you should fill cake pans about 1/2 to 2/3 full if you want the cake to be just about the same height as the pan. So, I think this recipe is designed to make thin layers.

  34. Heather – I lightened up on the BP too, i’ve found Dorie’s to be a little heavy on this on the past. I used about 1.5 Tbsp – ish. just a little light on 2nd scoop.

    mine rose well, i used the small egg shaped pans from wilton and had thick layers – i only leveled he 2nd layer, hate to waste the cake as we always eat what is frosted here.

    I need to soak mine more in the syrup – i had too much left over and should have just let all soak in. it was still delicious! will make this again and again. I too thought of cupcakes but didn’t want to hollow, fill, etc etc this time…but, definately for the next work event!!

    great pick on the recipe!

  35. I’m playing this one straight, as there’s a birthday cake needed. Did we solve the refrigeration question?

  36. I don’t know what to think of my cake – I’ve completed it and it is in the fridge with frosting, mascarpone etc. All that was easy and quite fun but I am worried that the coffee flavor is just too strong. I followed Dorie’s recipe and added 2Tbs. coffee (instant grains). Now I think that it has quite a bitter taste. My group at work is looking forward to the cake – I hope I don’t disappoint them.

  37. Heather, did you leave the coffee grains as is or did you grind them to a fine powder with a rolling pin? Did you add 2 tbsp MORE than Dorie’s recipe or just use it in place of the espresso powder? I’m sure it will be fine :)

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  39. So it was 10:38PM on Monday. I should have known better! Why do I try to bake something for the first time on a weeknight? This time it was because I needed a cake for Tuesday night and I thought if I made it on Sunday afternon it would be too long a gap of time.
    The recipe was straight forward. No problems and wow the kitchen and dining room smelled great! only forgot the parchment paper on buttered pan, but really not a problem. The soaking of the cakes I thought went fine. But when we eat the cake on Tuesday night I saw that it didn’t soak all the way through. Also, maybe next time chop the chocolate finer than I did. The amount of frosting initially got me concerned that I would not have enough. It got a little challenging, but worked out ok. The mistake was licking the spatula, beaters, etc so late at night with espresso syrup in the frosting! Also, next time have chocolate covered beans to decorate with!

  40. Won’t be posting until tomorrow because this cake is a birthday surprise and the birthday girl reads my blog, but the frosting has just won my eternal love. This is a very good cake. I doubled the cake recipe and have three layers. For four people at a party. I need to get a grip. Or a larger family/workplace. And Kevin, I did the same frosting licking, and it does strike me that I’m typing awfully fast…

  41. Thanks to all of you who suggested cupcakes. I used a giant muffin tin (6 big cupcakes)with half the recipe. Big enough to still split and do the double layer thing. I love this recipe! Will definitely do this again. The frosting was fabulous, and I could have eaten it on its own. (But didn’t thank goodness!)

  42. I’m not a TWD member but this cake looks like just the thing for Mother’s Day. For the people who have made cupcakes, how many does the full recipe make? Also how does soaking just the tops and frosting compare to splitting and filling then frosting? Do you think poking holes in the top of the cupcake and pouring the syrup over would be enough?

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