P&Q Chipster-Topped Brownies

Totally stoked to make these. Cant wait to hear what yall think…

Have at it…

54 thoughts on “P&Q Chipster-Topped Brownies

    • I think I overbaked as well. The brownies were dry. I would rather have expertly made individual components. Though with all the rave reviews, I may have to try again and underbake it.

  1. I took these to a get-together and they recieved RAVE reviews. I even had one woman who liked them so much that she told me she had to have the recipe that night. She ended up buying the book the next day and made them the following day. Everyone LOVED them!
    I wasn’t sure if they were done, but the cookie layer was deep brown and the knife came out a little streaked from the brownie layer. I decided to let them cool and they were perfect. Nice and moist and delicious. I am glad I had people to share them with, because it makes a ton!

  2. I made these last week and I absolutely loved them! If you love brownies and a good chocolate chip cookie than they will be a hit. Best of both worlds come together for chewy goodness.

    The cookie layer did crack when I cut it and the center was still very soft. Not sure how to fix it in the future, maybe tent it the last few minutes?

    Sorry Rosasharne, maybe we just have different tastes, I can see your point.

  3. I’ve made these so many times I could do it in my sleep. The key is not to overbake them. Just watch them towards the end of the baking time. But they are totally worth it – and a total diet killer!

  4. Made this last weekend, when I tried to divide the cookie batter over the brownie batter the cookie batter immediately sunk to the bottom. I have no idea how to prevent this.

    Something must have gone wrong as it was still way too liquid inside even though the knife came out pretty dry. A total disaster for me, the first I might add since I started baking. I couldn’t even salvage the smallest piece…

    I’ll post pictures of my disastrous brownies on tuesday, after that I probably won’t post until the end of June as I’ll be enjoying a weekend in Paris (France) and a couple of week in Waterloo (Canada) :)
    I hope to be able to bake ahead if the recipes for June are posted before my vacation starts.

  5. Am I going to have to make these again and not over bake to get the gooey goodness and no cracking?

    That’s how delicious they are, just reading about them I want more.

    I clearly have brownie issues.

  6. Made these when they were first announced and LOVED them. Went over quite well at the office, too. My mom used to make a similar recipe when I was younger… these were really yummy, but I’m a little partial to Mom’s. :)

  7. I made these in muffin tins because I didn’t have a 9×13″ pan and they were great! I used the top of my Pam to cut circles of waxed paper for the bottom of the muffins for half of them and then the other half I did in nonstick muffin tins with spray. The ones with the waxed paper came out easier but there were only a few casualties the other way.
    Anyway, I just filled the tins half full with brownie batter and then used my 1 teaspoon cookie scoop to get the cookie dough on top of the brownie part. I didn’t bother trying to spread the chocolate chip cookie dough out because I liked the “dollop” aesthetic. They were so insanely good — diet breaker for sure!!

  8. I made these a few weeks ago, but they didn’t turn out. I’m not sure if it’s because I halved the recipe and used a pan that was the wrong size. (Sigh.)

    They were good. I’m going to give them another try over the weekend.

    Even though they didn’t turn out so well, they were gone in a flash. My husband (who wasn’t too thrilled with the idea in the first place) really loved them.

    The problem was that they were way too gooey and never cooked through. I left them in my oven forever.

    Has anyone made these and taken pics that are already on their blog so I can see what they are *supposed* to look like?

  9. May I be among the first to say “::thunk::”. Dorie is my new hero. Giving a chewy brownie a crunchy cookie top is genius. Mine disappeared in a day. I hope no one posts the calorie count!

  10. I didn’t meant to start off the thread with a negative–it’s not like I didn’t eat and enjoy them…I was just…underwhelmed. But I would agree with the other commenters who cautioned against overbaking, it’s really easy to do because the cookie layer cooks differently than the brownie layer, and you are trying achieve two separate textures.

  11. I made these a couple of weeks ago to share on a day sailing trip. The boat had to go on autopilot while everyone grabbed one of these yummy treats. I baked in a pyrex lined with parchment and used chocolate chips. I had no problem with sinking dough and was careful to not overbake them, although, the top did crack some. Absolutely delicious and a keeper recipe.

  12. First of all, I can’t believe that I made something before 8pm on Tuesday night and can comment in the P&Qs!

    I made these on Monday, and the part that I brought to work was very well received. I cooked mine the appropriate amount of time and tested them too. The exterior section was almost over cooked, the inside section was definitely undercooked. No problems with cookie dough sinking, the brownie part had set before I added the cookie dough. I did use a ceramic pan rather than pyrex — that might have been my problem. Oh, and the dough cracked when cutting it.

    Verdict is good (my coworkers loved them) but they are not pretty and it had a dodgy outcome. (I tried to bake just the middle section a little longer — I do NOT recommend this as a viable option!)

  13. These were amazing! I dolloped the cookie dough over the brownies and managed to get it pretty smooth. Dorie really does know how to make a brownie! I used millet flour to make it gluten free.

  14. After reading the Q&A’s I’m going to bake the brownie layer for 15 minutes then add the cookie dough and see if this will help. I love to experiment.

  15. Would it work in reverse? Cookie bars bottom and brownie top? I wonder if that would be easier, you can spread the cookie dough easily on the dish and then pour the brownie batter on top. IDK…just thinking.

    • As I was gently spreading the cookie dough on top I wondered the very same thing…

      But they are delish..going to a party w/them tonight AND tomorrow…to impress everyone.

      I’ll just add this: RICH. I wanted a strong cup of cafe cubano…or a strong glass of bold red wine…


      • Meant to add that I left the walnuts out..just bec. that’s the way I make brownies…Nuts are always optional in my brownie book.

  16. I made these last weekend. They were a huge hit at my house. I halved the recipe and baked in a 9 inch square pan. Doing it over, I would probably go for an 8 inch pan. I found it a little difficult to get the cookie dough fully spread across the top but the brownies do set while you make the dough which helps. Also, the dough didn’t sink but the chips did just to the top of the brownies. I don’t recall exactly how long I baked them but the top was definitely leaning more towards brown over golden when I took them out. It didn’t really matter as they were literally gone in seconds.

    And, I might humbly suggest a little ice cream accompaniment.

  17. Although Dorie suggests spreading the cookie dough over top, I just made rows of heaping tablespoons and it all melted together perfectly flat.

  18. I just made these and I really like them. Here’s what I did.

    * no walnuts – instead i added 3/4 cup ghiradelli semi-sweet chips
    * put the brownie batter in the oven while i made the choc. chip dough. they cooked 15 minutes before i dropped the cookie dough on it.
    *total time in oven – about 65-70 minutes

    They are very great. pretty goey because i put the chips in. i really wish i had vanilla ice cream on hand…it would be perfect.

    also, my chipster crust ws very golden. this is a cool recipe.

  19. I just made these and I really like them. Here’s what I did.

    * no walnuts – instead i added 3/4 cup ghiradelli semi-sweet chips
    * put the brownie batter in the oven while i made the choc. chip dough. they cooked 15 minutes before i dropped the cookie dough on it.
    *total time in oven – about 65-70 minutes

    They are very great. pretty goey because i put the chips in. i really wish i had vanilla ice cream on hand…it would be perfect.

    also, my chipster crust ws very golden. this is a cool recipe.

  20. We are going out of town this weekend and I was sick earlier this week, so I didn’t get to make them before we leave. I will definitely be making them when we get back since they look divine!

  21. Made them without walnuts. After 50 minutes, they seemed cooked enough to me. Took them home the next day and cut them up to serve and they were decidedly… undercooked. Mushy, as if it was just brownie batter. Baked it for another 30 minutes today. Seems mushier than before. Flavour is fantastic but I’m getting frustrated with the texture issue. Thinking baking it even more.

    • These are awesome!! I omitted the nuts and used ghiradelli chocolate. AMAZING!!! They weren’t dry at all. In fact, they had a gooey, moist layer inside that was even better on day 2. I’m curious about making it in a jelly roll pan to make it more of a bar. These would be perfect with homemade vanilla ice cream!!

  22. Between pregnancy “woes” and a trip out of town I’ve missed three weeks of TWD but I’m feeling better and have the house to myself this weekend so I’m definitely going to make these. Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences so far – I can’t wait to get started :)

  23. I am looking forward to “Brownie and lots of butter week”…I have two different brownie recipes to bake for two different blog groups (as a lot of us do.) Hmmm…I see a taste test coming……

    I can’t wait to make these!!!!!

  24. Laurie, I’ll be missing this week and possibly another week or two because I hurt my knee and need to stay off of it. I miss my kitchen :(
    Jill (Jill’s Blog)

  25. I just finished mine up and stuck them into the oven. I did not have any problems with the layering. I left out the walnuts and used semi-sweet chocolate as opposed to bittersweet. They smell amazing while baking! :)

  26. I made them and had to bake a bit longer than called for–b/c my cookie batter was golden on top, but uncooked the minute the knife went in for the doneness test.

    Even with extra baking (w/ foil on top so crust did not go from brown to black) I still ended up with a small area in the middle of the pan that sported a perfectly done crust/top–and perfectly done bottom, but an in between area of brownie and cookie batter that did not set/bake through.

    I did not have any issues with the layers not staying where they belonged, the cookie layer remained on top throughout.

    Despite the gushy center, I still had plenty to share! Am taking them to a family picnic today (and saving a stash for Dear Husband and I for later!)

  27. I thought these were great. I also left out the walnuts and did not add any more chocolate. I used white chocolate in the cookie dough and that was good, as well. My youngest daughter declared dorie a genius after trying these last night.

  28. I’m not sure how this turned out for me. I halved the recipe and used an 8×8 pan. I just took the pan out of the oven and the cookie layer really puffed up. Even though I baked for 1hr it seems the top is VERY done while the underneath still seems less than done :-/ Its cooling now and we’ll see how it ends up but at this point I am worried :-[

    • Alright, this was absolutely an unmitigated disaster that I will not be posting. I hate wasting ingredients but that’s exactly what this was… a waste of ingredients (and time).

  29. I halved this recipe and used an 8×8 pan and … well .. eh. I was really jazzed to make this recipe, but it came out overbaked and with no definition between the layers.

    Don’t get me wrong, the flavor was good, but you totally can’t tell that there are two different elements in mine. It looks like a light brownie or a dark bar cookie … or something.

    I like the idea of putting the cookie on the bottom and brownie on the top, but then I’m wondering about the rising elements of the cookie.

    I dunno. Like I said, I was jazzed to make these, but the results don’t seem worth the effort. I’d rather have a really good brownie and a really good chocolate chip cookie, than to try to combine them like this.

    Sorry to be a downer. This one just didn’t do it for me.

  30. I made this over memorial day weekend and they were hit! I didn’t have any trouble with the baking part of it. Once the edges started to brown, and the middle wasn’t completely done I just turned the heat down to 325 on the oven and baked it till it was all set!

  31. I made the recipe last night and took some pics. I’ll have the blog posted soon.
    I added pecans to the brownies because I didn’t have walnuts.
    I was also short an egg yolk for the cookie batter. The top crust of my cookie layer was very crisp, almost brittle. I blame that on the missing yolk.
    I thought the cookie to bownie ratio was too small. I would have liked to see half cookie, half brownie.
    Next time I would take half the brownie batter and bake it in its own pan, just to have brownies. I think that would make a better overall brownie/cookie combo.
    This is my first week with TWD and I’m looking forward to more baking and cooking.
    I regret that I’ll have to skip the ice cream week next month, as I don’t have an ice cream machine.

  32. Waaa! I am making these right now. Yes I am late….I had a sick elder and sick kids. Baking was not top priority.

    I thought they were done but when I took them out I saw that the cookie layer was still really wet. I have some biscuits baking right now so I have to wait to pop them back in. I hope they are not ruined :(

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