P&Q Coconut-Roasted Pineapple Dacquoise

It’s pronounced da-kwaz. Don’t believe me? Hear for yourself.


52 thoughts on “P&Q Coconut-Roasted Pineapple Dacquoise

  1. I was slightly intimidated by this recipe, but it wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be.
    I cut the recipe in half and my only problem was that the white chocolate ganache was a little bit too runny. I don’t think I beat it enough, but I was scared of overbeating.
    This is one of the best Dorie recipes I have ever made. Everyone loved it.
    It tasted good after spending the night in the fridge too, it just didn’t have much crunch left.

    • I don’t think so, but it may be a touch sweeter. I found unsweetened coconut at Whole Foods in the baking area (they didn’t have it in bulk…boo!) It was Bob’s Red Mill and was a largish bag (maybe a couple of cups). The coconut was delicious and will be great in other dishes/baked goodies/ice cream.

    • I used sweetened coconut (poor direction reading until too late…), but just left out the part of the powdered sugar that gets mixed with it. It still tasted amazing!

  2. This was one of the first recipes I saw when I picked up the BFMHTY cookbook and wanted to try. One question I have though is – any thoughts on how puff pastry would work instead of the meringue sheets (I have never been a fan…….) I am thinking about pre-baking the puff pastry with the (coconut, almonds, powdered sugar) and then continue with the recipe from there. Any thoughts?

  3. Hi there…not a related question, but, who should I email about the blogroll. My link seems to be “broken,” so I thought maybe I could send a band-aid to fix it. he he Thanks a million.

  4. I agree with Mary Ann, I was intimidated by this one but it was really easy (not easy like the Parisian Apple Tartlet, but still pretty simple). It makes a big impact when you serve it, and was quite delicious.

    • Yeah me too :( I’m not sure if I’ll make this only for this reason. We have a bilevel home and heat rises, kitchen on upper level. Gets very hot, husband bitches, etc, etc.

      Still contemplating, hence reading all the comments :)

  5. Hi Laurie, Thanks so much for your response. You know the part where it won’t update my posts without a person clicking through to see for her/himself. I think it has to do with the server. We did a little dancing around with the server and I think we (that would be Corbin, my son) just changed something around. So if its okay can I have him email you? Or is there some other way to address this. I promise to play nice. he he :-) thank you for all you do Laurie. You’re the best! Really!!

    • sure. email tuesdayswithdorie AT gmail.com But, Im not sure there is anything I can do about it. Thats a wordpress function that I have no control over.

  6. Lola, I don’t like white chocolate either. I was thinking of substituting whipped cream, maybe stiffened with a little bit of unflavored gelatin. Or, perhaps, making small rounds of the dacquoise and layering with vanilla ice cream, roasted pineapple and toasted coconut for a “parfait” style of dessert. Or you could try pastry cream.

  7. My baking inexperience really shows here, because I didn’t find this one easy. It was very time consuming (my advice would be to read the recipe carefully and note all the long waits, etc. I missed the fact that it needed to chill for such a long time at the end, and we had it for a midnight snack instead of dessert…) and tricky (any time I have to beat egg whites and whip – but not overwhip – cream in the same recipe, I’m automatically challenged.)

    I used the Valrhona Ivoire on the hopes that I’d like white chocolate after all if I used the best available. As it turned out, I over-whipped the ganache and it became weepy white chocolate butter. That was a very expensive over-beating mistake!

    That being said, all four of us enjoyed eating the dacquoise. It did not convert me to white chocolate, however!

    • Nancy – I was surprised to see so many people call this one easy, to be honest. I found it fairly complex. And I have done that with white chocolate too – very frustrating, especially with the expensive stuff.

  8. I’m daunted. Mainly because I made a dacquoise a few weeks ago and know how much work it is.
    Could someone tell me how the pineapple tasted. I’m going to need to be convinced that toasted pineapple is even edible.
    I was also thinking about dark chocolate since the kids aren’t big fans of the white but I like the idea of whipped cream. One less step!

    • Don’t worry. Roasted pineapple is the food of the gods. You’ll be glad you did. I think whipped cream would go better into this mix than chocolate. I used a layer of greek yogurt and two layers of leftover Dorie’s Lemon Cream that I had from a cake experiment.I think the yogurt (unsweetened) was welcome as a foil to the sweet fruit and cookies.

    • The roasted pineapple is delicious, and I’d say whipped cream would be a perfect accompaniment – doesn’t need much sweetening. We liked this one but I was mad I ruined the ganache!

    • IMO, the roasted pineapple was the best part of this dessert. The sugars in the pineapple caramelize and it’s delicious. I suggest you test roast some pineapple and taste it to see if you like it. If you, I agree with Nancy, peaches would be delicious, or you could pan saute/caramelize some sliced apples.

    • When I tasted the roasted pineapple, I said to my husband, “I don’t ever want to eat pineapple any other way from now on….” It’s delicious. If you don’t like white chocolate, try cream cheese.

  9. I’m daunted. Partly because I made a dacquoise a few weeks ago and know how much work it is.
    Could someone tell me how the roasted pineapple tastes. It doesn’t really sound appealing.
    Also, I was thinking about using dark chocolate because the kids aren’t fans of white, but I really like the idea of whipped cream. Good one!

  10. Laurie – I just wanted to let you know that I’m skipping this week and most likely the following week too, because I’m still having knee problems and I need to stay off of it. I hope to be able to make at least two in July.

  11. can you say disaster!!! Did anyone else have a problem with the wax paper sticking to both the dacquoise AND the pan??? We were so excited when we took the dacquoise layers out of the oven and 3 hours but then finding out that everything stuck to the pans??? We used wax paper and everything??? Maybe it was to thin the wax paper?? So frustrating =( we spent 5 hours on this recipe today. Ended up making a trifle and just layering the broken pieces of the dacquoise and topping with the white chocolate ganache and pineapple… Did anyone else have this problem??

    • I haven’t made the recipe yet, but I am guessing your problem was if you really used wax paper instead of parchment since they are two very different things. Wax paper melts the wax off onto everything in the oven. Parchment paper is usually coated with a non-stick, oven safe (non melting) coating.

      Such a bummer to have it go south on you! I don’t know if that helped or not, but I hope it did.

      • I agree with Holly- I made the same mistake a few weeks ago with the Parisian Apple Tarts and used wax paper instead of parchment- not only did they stick- it also smoked up my whole kitchen! I’m so sorry your meringue stuck to the paper! What a horrible disappointment!

  12. Hm…. are people using whipped cream in place of the chocolate? Can you use it straight or do you need to stabilize it? White chocolate sounds “overly” rich. Could you also use peaches or apples? (not a big pineapple fan).

    Jill: I hope your knee feels better –

    • mike- my only 2 cents are that the white chocolate whipped cream is amazing. We made it as part of the black and white chocolate cake. and it is to die for. I highly recommend it!

      • Thanks LW + Nancy! I have the dacquoise baking now. Thankful for the rainy, chilly day here (actually built a fire tonight)! So 3 hrs. oven time is a welcome heat. I will probably try the pineapple and go for the chocolate. I looked at pineapples in the store tonight – they were $1.49 a lb. Smallest I could find was 3.5 lb. This woman showed me how to tell if they were ripe. She pulled out the innermost leave – if it “gives” it’s ripe. I had no idea… I was standing there smelling them to see… you learn something new everyday. She also said that was too much to pay for a pineapple, so I walked away empty handed. I’ll get one tomorrow. :)

  13. I’m starting to worry about making the dacquoise since it has been very humid or rainy here, and predictions are that this will continue… Isn’t humid weather supposed to be bad for making meringue-based items? Anyone with experience or advice here? What is apt to go wrong? How humid is “too humid?”

    P.S. — went to visit my sister in western Washington State last week. Didn’t rain at all the whole time I was there. Now raining a lot here in Wisconsin. I think we somehow swapped our weather…

  14. Question – recipe calls for baking 3 rectangle layers. Couldn’t I make one large sheet and cut it into 3 rectangles? Are the meringue layers something I can cut easily?

    • Yes Joelen, you can – the only small risk is that the meringue will snap in the wrong place. We had to cut up dacquoise pieces for Daring Bakers at Christmas to make a buche, so provided that your knife is sharp, it should be fine.

  15. Even though I am hosting I am just getting to this today!
    I am planning on using my brulee torch to caramalise the pineapple.
    I haven’t gotten my head around the new ovens grill function.
    Great to see all the interest and discussion of this recipe.

  16. I’m making this as we speak and I can’t get the cream to thicken at all, any tips? I let it chill for 3.5 hour to be sure it was cool.

  17. Well, my dacquoise did not turn out. I should have passed on this one, as it is humid here. I, also, used freshy grated coconut and I think it was too moist. When grinding the nuts, coconut, sugar, it was a more moist combination. Perhaps I could have toasted the coconut a bit. Anyway, the meringues spread totally into their own shape. I will see if I can save them by cutting them into shapes and layering with my greek style yogurt and lightly grilled pineapple. The concept sounds delightful, so I will give it a try this winter when it is not so humid or when I go to Colorado for a visit. I am certain other bakers had success. I look forward to seeing the results. I am not sure if I will post or not. I guess we should post our failures, as well as, successes. lola

  18. I just couldn’t do it. 3+ hours of hot oven in a house with low A/C would just about kill me. I can’t wait to see what everyone else does! Maybe I’ll roast some pineapple, though, just to try it.

  19. My first attempt at a TWD recipe ended up being very different from the recipe…. no meringue, no white chocolate ganache and fruit in addition to roasted pineapple. The end result was actually quite tasty though and will probably be a repeat this summer.

    Looking at the Party Cake – I’m thinking that will be pretty much by the book!


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