Logo Conest Winner and July Recipes

I am excited to announce the winner of the logo contest! Thanks so much to ALL who entered. Its amazing what you guys can come up with. Without further ado.. our new logo!

tuesdays with dorie logo


tuesdays with dorie logo4

Many thanks to Jaime of Good Eats n’ Sweet Treats for passing our contest info on to her friend Lisa of Surviving Oz. As soon as I saw the Eiffel Tower, I was sold. Thanks to Nikki, CB, Shari and Holly for helping me choose a winner. Love you gals. Seriously.

Next, the recipes for July….

July 7- Logo Contest Winner- Lisa of Surviving Oz chose Tribute to Katherine Hepburn Brownies on pages 96 and 97.
July 14-  Denise of Chez Us picked Brioche Plum Tart on pages 54 and 55.
July 21-Susan of Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy selected Raspberry Blanc-Manger on pages 398 and 399.
July 28- Lynne of Cafe LynnyLu decided on Vanilla Ice Cream on pages 428 and 429.

Lastly, I am going on vacation from June 26-July 12. The internet access is spotty at best at the summer cottage. Ill try and check in. Have a great 4th of July all!

Much love, Bake on!


27 thoughts on “Logo Conest Winner and July Recipes

  1. Love, love, LOVE the new logo! Can’t wait to put it on my blog!!

    July recipes look good too. That Vanilla ice cream will be a welcome treat when it’s so hot at the end of July.

    Thanks to everyone!!

  2. I really love the “refreshed look.” I think it will be an inspiration for all of us. Especially in the summer when we are supposed to have lazy days? What’s with that anyway?

  3. I love it – but it seems there’s a bit of confusion and I want to make sure to give credit where credit is due…. it was my friend Lisa who designed the logo, not me! She’s a very talented gal (also did my blog makeover for me!)

  4. the logo looks great! I’m going to get to work on the July recipes as soon as I can since I’m now in a race against the clock before my baby comes in July! Yay!

  5. I absolutely Love the logo. Thanks! I am also looking forward to the recipes for July! I’m thinking of combining the Katherine Hepburn Brownies with the vanilla ice cream.

  6. Love the logo and the recipes for the month. I think the brownies and ice cream might be a perfect match and I can hardly wait to make the Raspberry Blanc-Manger! I am going to start practicing the pronunciation right away so that by the end of the month it rolls right off my tongue.

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