P&Q Perfect Party Cake

Partying is such sweet sorrow…

*ba dum bum bing*

Thank you! I’ll be here all night.


50 thoughts on “P&Q Perfect Party Cake

  1. I would love to hear from anyone who has made this before! I’m going to make it for the 4th, and decorate with raspberries and blueberries on top for that Star Spangled look :-) Any tips/hints on pre-baking the layers and freezing them? Do you let them defrost fully before icing or just ice them when they’re um…icy.

  2. I made mine for fathers day. I ended up freezing mine just over night so that it was easier to stack and frost the layers. It was really hard to cut the layers once frozen…so I would cut the layers, then wrap individually and then freeze. I only froze over night but the cake was SUPER moist and tasted great.

    I had no problems with the cake rising…it was fine.

    I also froze the cake between each layering to make sure it stayed put while decorating.

    I noticed there was not enough frosting to frost that many layers (seriously there was about enough to only top the cake and get it on the sides! So I just made sweetened whipped cream for the center. (about 2 cups).

    Overall, I thought the cake was great. The frosting was buttery…but not too buttery like I have heard from the other bakers.

  3. That sounds like a cute cake. I’ve always wanted to try that.

    I have frozen cakes quite a few times before. What I do is wrap them really well in plastic wrap and put them in another big plastic bag and try to push out the air and then freeze. The day before I decorate, I take the cakes out of the freezer and put them in the refrigerator to thaw overnight. Then, on the day I decorate them, I take them out and let them come to room temperature before decorating. I leave them wrapped the whole time until I start icing.

    I know some folks decorate partially frozen cakes, but I have had problems with “blowouts” when I do that. A blowout is when you get a bubble of air under your icing and it looks like a big icing pimple on your cake.

    Everyone is different, of course. What works for some doesn’t work for others.

    • Icing pimple sounds really awful :-)

      Thanks for the advice! Can’t decide if I want to do buttercream all the way or whipped cream. I do love buttercream, but 3 sticks? Hmm…..

  4. I made this last weekend, but I halved the recipe and baked it in an 8×8 pan. I had problems with rising, and I also thought there wasn’t enough frosting. It was yummy, but didn’t elicit the same reactions from my coworkers (or maybe they’re getting bored with all the sweets I bring in!)

    Oh, and my 8×8 was done in 28 minutes, overdone if anything.

  5. I made this cake for Daring Bakers last year – it is a lovely cake but I found it did not rise very well. Definitely make at least 1-1/2 times more frosting than the recipe calls for – I remember I did not have enough.

  6. I made this for Father’s Day/Birthday (perfect party!!) and had trouble with it rising. And I ran out of frosting, so beware – either make more frosting or use whipped cream for part/all.

    Good taste tho’

  7. I made this cake months ago, and I’m definitely making it again. I didn’t have any problems with it, and found it relatively easy to make. My icing was enough; you just can’t make big thick layers of icing, that’s all. I’m wondering if the egg whites aren’t whipped enough, and that is throwing off the volume of icing.

    This time, I’m going to try it with some chocolate icing. :) The last time I made it, all the freaks I work with hate chocolate, but this time I’m making it for ME.

  8. I made this a few weeks ago and had plenty of frosting – way too much in fact! I also found it really, really buttery so if I make this cake again I would use whipped cream between the layers to lighten it up a bit. Good luck everyone!

  9. In the Playing around for this cake, Dories suggests using whipped cream between the layers and the frosting for the outside. I think I’m going to do that, instead of doubling the frosting recipe. I always run low on frosting when doing layers, and I like to have frosting to frost with, so I’ve learned to double. In this case it’s nice we can do another filling. =)

  10. Buttercream hates me! I whip, I beat and suddenly there’s a point where the whole thing is one lump that slides around my bowl. That’s when I stop and it’s too buttery and just not right.
    Should I have kept going or was I already past some point of no return? Can someone pleae explain how to finesse buttercream? Please and thanks.

      • Yes, keeping beating is a key thing with buttercream! Two other tips – buttercream is quite temperature sensitive. If it seems cold and hard, try setting your bowl into a pan of barely warm water and beating some more. If it seems oily and warm, use a pan of cold water.

  11. Help! I have to leave some of this batter unbaked due to an unplanned errand…. should I put it in the refrigerator or leave it covered at room temperature? I will be gone for about 2 hours. If refrigerated – should I bring it back to room temperature before baking?????

  12. This cake was “celebrated” last summer at my house. However, it went to another household as a birthday remembrance. Darn, I hate it went I don’t get to taste something as beautiful and magical as this cake. So, hey….is it delicious or TOTALLY WORTH THE CALORIES? or what? I didn’t have any troubles with making it and thought it turned out beautifully in appearance. My Birthday girl “said” it was delicious. People are nice sometimes…the parts I tasted were yummy. So, I hope she spoke the truth. Re: icing? I have this silly little trick with dividing icing. Dorie says 1/4 between each layer so I use a rubber spatula and draw hash marks into the icing bowl and scoop away. Or you could use a measuring cup to ensure uniformity. Usually works out and yes, Melissa I agree as I remember I had plenty of icing. You can also consider that if you are using coconut on the outside your coverage doesn’t have to be so impeccable and thick. Bonus! Also, with the the filling and the jam it really works better thin between the layers and is more stable, less likely to slip around. Excited? You should be. Its a beautiful accomplishment. Please let me know “Oh Calorie Police” if its worth the calories or if I should share with another household again. he he

  13. I had plenty of icing–and even threw some away after icing the entire cake (don’t yell at me–I would have chowed down on it, all that butter…)…

    Anyway, it is really key to warm the whites/sugar–this helps with the volume…

    I just need to practice slicing my layers in half…and for the photo, I wish I’d put it in the fridge first…just for the looks.

    Flavor? Fabulous and it’s really impressive.

  14. Babette,
    I’m sure you are a pro at it and you are just joshing us what with being a baker and all….. but a bread knife with a serrated edge works well for me. Just rotating the cake around in a circle and sort of sawing a “dotted” line all around to follow makes it really easy for me. Different ways work for different peeps though. How do you do it?

    PS I’ve saved remaining icing before until it grows “something” and then thrown it away and I’ve opted for the throw it away immediately option as well. he he
    You are not alone.

  15. The cake is definitely worth the calories, although I don’t think the icing is. It is seriously one of the best non-chocolate cakes I’ve ever eaten. Light, lemony, moist…it’s really fantastic!

    I made mine with Dorie’s cream cheese icing, and I’m not sure if that was a good idea. I also used fresh strawberries instead of jam, and I decided I’d take it to my auntie’s new house. Half way there, half the cake slipped off; I guess the strawberries and cream cheese icing were too slippy. I think next time I’d make sure and chill it if I go for that icing again.

    The cream cheese was pretty good, though!

  16. I ran out of icing during the middle of frosting the cake. I made 2/3 of the frosting for a half recipe of cake, baked in six inch pans and stacked in four layers – the height did me in. I ended up making another third of the recipe and had a little left over.

      • you can buy them online, too, if you can’t find them where you live. fat daddio’s and magic line are good, professional grade pans often sold on amazon. ones made by bridge kitchenware (buy direct from their site) also nice. any 8″ or 9″ cake recipe will halve just fine in 6″ pans.

  17. Am I the only one? I loved the cake part, but wasn’t crazy about it all together. I did the whipped cream for layers, and the frosting for outside layers, and had lots of leftovers. I tossed it out too, because Uh…I had an incident with the greasy goo from my mixer. =( Once refridgerated, the frosting became hard and peeled away from the cake! So we didn’t eat that part anyways, besides it was like eating straight butter. Hmmm…..

    • I think if you refrigerate any buttercream, it will be hard because it’s made of butter. SMBC is one of the better buttercream frostings (at least for me), but definitely cut down on the butter and let the cake come to room temperature for a bit.

  18. Rachelle yea it is definitely buttery. I usually make Dorie’s recipes as intended for the first go round just so I won’t miss out. So I’ll probably stick to it and hope the icing does too. he he Anyway, if you have a copy of the Cake Bible there are a multitude of fabulous icings there. Sorry about your mishap. Better luck next time with the Celebration. I agree the cake is lovely, tender and oh so white. :-)

  19. HELP!

    I’ve been mercilessly beating my buttercream for about an hour, and it has yet to thicken. Is there some way to remedy this, or do I just prepare myself to label some butter soup atop my cake?

    Thanks for any help…first time buttercreamer.

    • Try chilling it in the fridge for a bit–don’t let it get hard, but just bring the temperature down. Try 20 minutes in the fridge and beat it again, with the whisk attachment, and see if that helps. I’ve had buttercream problems in the past where my kitchen is so warm, it just won’t come together unless i cool it down in the fridge.

  20. Mike, did you beat the egg whites to stiff peaks before you added the butter?

    Also, did you make sure the egg whites were pretty much at room temp before you added the butter because you might have melted the butter?

    • Yes I did, I guess the kitchen was just too hot (I was making this cake and throwing together a pizza at the same time, so the oven was reaching epic temperatures while I was beating my buttercream).

      Thank you for the help!

  21. I finished the cake earlier today. My goal was to make it yesterday but didn’t get it done (the weather was too nice to be inside)!

    I am not sure my cake rose the way it should. Using 6″ pans – I thought it would be “taller” and I might have a layer to freeze for something later…. Oh well – it was still an incredible cake and I will absolutely make it again. One thing I will do differently is frost the layers and then spread the jelly – my frosting layers turned “pink” as I ended up smearing the two together (could be a “user” error though – hah!). I tried this approach on the last layer with jelly and it seemed to work pretty well.

  22. I’ll be unable to participate for the next couple of weeks because of summer schedules, but I’ll catch up when I get back to blogging. I’ve already made the cake layers, which are in the freezer. Can’t wait to see all your pretty cakes!

  23. I just made my mini party cakes this morning, they were great! I baked in a jumbo muffin pan and halved the recipe, worked out perfectly. I made a little birthday cake for my blog, I can’t believe it’s been a year since I joined TWD, and what a fun year it has been :)

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  25. Hello all~~
    I’m brand new here, this is my first TWD. It’s late because I had to wait for the book to be delivered. :-)

    This was a fun cake to make, the whole family liked it. My layers didn’t rise as much as I would have liked, but that was ok. I didn’t have a shortage of frosting as others experienced. Granted, I didn’t put it on too think between the layers because I didn’t want to run out. But still had enough to make everyone eating it happy. I played around with the recipe just a bit to suit our tastes.

    I look forward to participating here and reading all the wonderful blogs. ~~

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