P&Q Brioche Plum Tart

“A gourmet who thinks of calories is like a tart who looks at her watch.” ~James Beard

49 thoughts on “P&Q Brioche Plum Tart

  1. A virgin brioche-maker here. So my question is: can you make this Sunday evening and serve it Monday afternoon? I wonder if that qualifies for “serving the same day”? :)

    I might try the peach variation – interested to know who has made this already!

    • I would make the brioche on Sunday and if you are short time on Monday morning I would go ahead and shape it into the tart pan on Sunday night instead of letting it rest overnight. Then Monday morning all you do it add the jam and fruit and pop it in the oven to be served on Monday afternoon. It would be fine if you finished it on Sunday evening and served it Monday afternoon but the brioche would start to get soggy a bit. It would still be good, but if you don’t like the texture of slightly soggy brioche, I would bake it on Monday.

      I made mine with peaches. I would have loved to have tried plums but they were too expensive. My husband liked this one more than I did. I thought it was good, but not nearly sweet enough for my tastes.

  2. I made mine with apricots, which were delicious. Two things: it’s on the bready side, so it’s more appropriate for a breakfast than a dessert; and mine really stuck to the pan. I also used a 10″ tart pan and it was stuffed.

    • Brioche tart for breakfast? Oh, twist my arm! :-)

      I was thinking about apricots as well, considering that I don’t know if I can find plum jam anywhere. How many apricots did you use?

  3. Definitely serve this for breakfast, not dessert. I thought it was in the same family as cinnamon rolls or sticky buns – a sweet breakfast bread.

    I wouldn’t worry about the flavor of the jam matching the flavor of the fruit – just choose something complimentary.

    I pretty much loved it.

      • I halved the recipe and made it in a 6-inch cake pan. I lined the pan with foil so I could remove the baked tart from the pan.

        I think a 9-inch springform pan would work perfectly for the whole recipe. Otherwise, a 8- or 9-inch round cake pan will work, although you might have some trouble removing the tart from the pan.

  4. I have either blackberries or cherries to use for this one. Does anyone see a reason why these fruits wouldn’t work? If I did the cherry version I’d use some Trader Joe’s apple cranberry chutney and for the blackberries I might break out the Christine Farber strawberry jam I bought on vacation… Or even, gasp, Nutella?

      • My friend got hazelnut and strawberry gelato last night which was delicious. So I can only assume Nutella and strawberries or cherries would be fantastic…!

      • Just a note on Nutella and Strawberries. I have had that exact combination on toast and it’s awesome (Nutella and strawberry jam) :)

      • Ladies – thanks all for the suggestions…. they are much appreciated! I went with the strawberries and the flavor combination was amazing!

  5. I made this with a mixture of blackberries and blueberries, on a marmalade jam base. I didn’t know how many berries to use, and it was a little juicy, but not terrible. The brioche didn’t puff up between the fruit, although it might have with bigger pieces of stone fruit. But it puffed everywhere else. The brioche part is sooo delicious, and it was good with the fruit and some vanilla ice cream – perfect for dessert for us, but I can see it at brunch as well. It’s not sugary sweet, but it is plenty rich and sophisticated. This one is a top Dorie recipe for my husband. Keep an eye on it while it bakes; I could have tented mine a bit earlier.

    • I should have paid better attention and done the same with the tent. Mine is finishing up now and smells SO good.

      I don’t know how this could not be delicious! I love brioche and this one was even easier on my KA than the regular brioche recipe since it didn’t overheat at all and came together no problem (no frozen veggie ice packs required, haha).

  6. I’m supposed to bring something to a bbq and wonder if i can bring this.

    Plums and apricots are pretty expensive in Singapore so i’ll have to see what i can do. Hmm.

  7. Mine’s in the oven now and looks wonderful.
    I really liked working with this dough. I’m completely new to brioche and wonder what other recipes I can use this dough in. Any suggestions?

  8. Is anyone attempting this brioche without a stand mixer? When we made the chocolate bread pudding, I used the brioche from Artisan bread in Five. I am wondering if I should just use that again because I don’t have a stand mixer. I may be willing to try Dorie’s “poor” brioche by hand if others have done it successfully. Anyone?

    If I use the ABin5, how much dough should I use (by weight)? Thanks!!

    (What does it mean to subscribe to comments?)

  9. Mine’s in its first rise stage now. I halved the amount and am going to bake it in a 7 inch tart pan. Am thinking it will be nice to have a small slice for breakfast each morning next week.

  10. This is a lovely breakfast treat. Be aware that the brioche can darken very quickly in the oven, so keep a close eye on it. Also, the dough/batter will be very sticky, so much so that you may wonder if you did something wrong. Just keep slapping it down like Dorie says, and it will all come together into a gorgeous dough.

  11. I made mine with peaches in a 9.5 inch tart pan, and it was absolutely lovely. I didn’t have any issues with fruit or dough bubbling over. I would have tented it 5-10 minutes earlier as it got a tad too dark. A huge hit as a tea time snack! I would definitely make this one again.

  12. This was fun although a little intimidating for me. I had never worked with this dough and have never tried a brioche before. The good bakers at TWD suggested strawberries and Nutella which ended up to be a great idea. This was – certainly – my favorite (I made a 2-part brioche…. blueberries w-homemade jelly and strawberries w-Nutella).

    This recipe was a lot of fun and now I want to try an “authentic” brioche to see how mine compared.

  13. I have a regular 9″ tart pan with sides that aren’t very high, has everyone else used that type of pan? I think traditional quiche pans have higher sides and might actually work better. I’m afraid mine will spill out.

    Nectarines were half as much per pound as plums, so I’m trying a nectarine version with peach jam instead of plum. My nectarines are really hard though, despite being in a paperbag with an apple. I’m not sure what I’m going to do if they don’t ripen in time. Has anyone tried canned fruit? Maybe well dried off peaches?

    • My pan didn’t have really high sides, either. The fruit I used wasn’t very juicy (strawberries), but the brioche puffed up around the edges so high anyways that it stopped the juices from running out. Either way, make sure you have it on top of a baking sheet!
      I think canned fruit might be too wet? If your nectarines aren’t ready, I might either try sauteeing them or use a different fruit? I’m sure it will be delicious.

      • Beth,
        Thanks. Sauteeing them might work. Right now they are in a brown paper bag with an apple, so I’m really hoping that’ll be enough.
        I’ll definitely be putting it on a cookie sheet. I really don’t want to have to use the self-cleaning feature on my oven in the summer!

      • I’m a big fan of the paper bag technique. I bought hard-as-a-rock nectarines and stuffed them into a bag yesterday. Hope they are ready soon!
        I decided to go with strawberries b/c that was the only jam we had in the house and I didn’t want to buy more. :-) I’m trying to be a thrifty TWD’er.

  14. I did a Strawberry Almond Brioche tart, and it was good! I agree that it’s more of a breakfast or fancy brunch treat rather than a dessert, but it’s sure yummy.
    I had to tent mine after about 15 min in the oven, so keep an eye on it. I was intimidated by making a brioche dough, but it was really very easy! Now I think I’m inspired to try the Golden Brioche loaves.

  15. oh gosh.. this tart smells lovely out of the oven. I baked mine with pears and mixed spices instead with a covering of apricot jam. Was excellent!

  16. I used two types of Pluots (a total of 4) and they were really juicy. Maybe too juicy, the beau took the tart to work this morning and he said it came out soupy. Rats! It smelled really good and looked yummy too…

  17. Well so far so good. I have the tart all ready to go in the oven. It has ten more minutes of “resting” and then it can bake! I wanted to make this as Dorie suggested, with plums and plum jam, but couldn’t find plum jar anywhere. I guess I could have made some, but decided to go with black raspberry (seedless) jam instead and used black plums. I did that on one side, then on the other I did cherries and Nutella :)

    Can’t wait!

  18. Mine is just about ready to assemble and bake. I used blueberries! I can’t wait to see the results and look fwd to seeing what all my TWD friends came up with!

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