OSI: Denise of Chez Us

Let’s give it up for Denise of Chez Us! If you haven’t seen her blog yet, you need to go over there right now. Don’t wait, do it now. The photos alone will impress you, but she’s also got videos, podcasts and rolling Daring Bakers photos! And when you get there, don’t just look at her TWD Brioche Plum Tart, which is absolutely beautiful. I’m sitting here staring at the most realistic lobster I’ve ever seen. Her photo of Lobster Azorean Style literally jumps off the page, and I want to lick the screen!

Thanks for the treat Denise, you made our day!

Brioche Plum Tart

1.  When did you start baking? I attempted to bake when I was younger, as in my teens, but failed at it so I never really took an interest.  I remember once, that I was at home sick  from school and attempted to make floating islands, it was a disaster;  so I then attempted to make cream puffs in the shape of swans, another disaster!  I have always been able to make my way around a kitchen while cooking outstanding dinners, but baking never took for me until a couple years ago.  I decided I should challenge myself by learning how to make great deserts so I joined Tuesdays With Dorie as well as the Daring Bakers, I was so inspired by everyone and this is when both groups barely had 100 members.  After the first few challenges, it all sort of fell into place and I just became comfortable with it.  I now feel that I am able to finish any baking task I set my mind too.

2.  What is your favorite kitchen tool? My Kitchen Aid Mixer, it is definitely the most used item in our kitchen.  We love all the great attachments that you can use with it.

TWD Berry Surprise Cake

3.  Which TWD blog is your favorite? The group has grown so much in the past year, that I cannot even keep up on them all.  I try to explore new ones every month as well as peeking at old favorites.  I really enjoy each for so many different reasons, from witty stories to outstanding photography, I consider each baker as “raw and undiscovered talent”.

4.  What has been your favorite TWD recipe so far? That is a hard one as I fall back on Dorie’s recipes all the time, this book is really timeless and such a great one to have for all your sweet tooth desires. There are three that really stand out for me, Lenox Almond Biscotti , Fluted Polenta and Ricotta Cake and the Chocolate Armagnac Cake.

TWD Armagnac Cake

5.  What TWD recipe has been a dud for you? The recent Chipster Brownie really didn’t do anything for either of us over at Chez Us.

6.  Which recipe are you dying to make that no one has picked yet?
Why, that is easy, the Brioche Plum Tart, exactly why I picked it!

TWD French Pear Tart

7.  If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would it be?
We consider ourselves very fortunate to be living in San Francisco as it is beautiful but it is not my dream home.  Anyone who really knows me or who really knows Chez Us for that matter, knows that is a given;  Paris.  We both love it there and if we could find work there ……

8. If you knew could you try anything and not fail (and money was no object), what would you attempt? I have always felt that I could do anything I really set my mind too and have never let money stand in the way, regardless of failing or not.  If I had to pick something it would be to travel around the world, cooking and shooting pictures, if money was no object!

TWD Gingerbread Cake

9.  If you could have a superpower, which one would it be, and why? I would love to fly as I am always wanting to go somewhere, travel is in my blood.

10.  If you had a day to yourself, what would you do?
The Spa would be great.

TWD Honey Peach Ice Cream

11.  What is the strangest food you have ever eaten? Pig’s feet when I was much much younger and I loved them.

12.  What kitchen tool would you purchase for yourself if money were no object?
La Cornue Stainless Steel and Chrome Stove/Oven

TWD Lemon Custard

13.  Give us three adjectives to describe yourself. Loyal, passionate and adventurous

14.  What spice do you use over and over again? Cardamom

TWD Parisian Apple Tartlet
15.  When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? That changed all the time, never had one set dream, I wanted them all.


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