P&Q Banana Bundt Cake

I don’t know a-bundt you but I love cake.

(Oh come on! You totally laughed.)

58 thoughts on “P&Q Banana Bundt Cake

  1. Make. This. Cake. Seriously, this is not the week to skip out on – quick and easy, and oh so good. I used 2 cups of banana instead, and it was nice and moist. Don’t use a smaller bundt pan though, because it barely fit in the specified pan size.

  2. Does anyone know if this would/wouldn’t work as cupcakes? Or possibly a mini loaf? I want to cut the recipe in half and I don’t have any mini bundt pans.

  3. All I can think of is that hilarious scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

    “Bonk? Bonnnn-kah? Bon-tah?….Oh, it’s a cake!”

    “There’s a hole in this cake!”

    All jokes aside, if we don’t have a bundt pan, can I use an angel food cake pan? Or something else?

    • I read somewhere you could interchange the pans as long as you weren’t trying to make angel food cake in a bundt pan. I have no experience with this though.

  4. Does anyone know about how full I should fill the bundt pan? I have a bundt-shaped muffin pan that I’m dying to use instead…2/3 full?


  5. First, it is such a great thrill to get to pick a recipe!! Whoo hoo!! I haven’t made it yet, and am so looking forward to seeing everyones!

    Jill, Dorie Greenspan herself made 1/2 the recipe for muffins (and added chocolate chips). Here is the link to the Serious Eats page from 2008: http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2008/03/banana-cake-big-and-small-recipe.html

    (I don’t have The Book in front of me to compare ingredients…but I’m 99% sure this is the recipe I picked!)

  6. I was a little skeptical putting on the lemon glaze because I was like, lemon and banana?? But it tasted pretty good. Kinda sad you couldn’t see the icing, probably bc the cake was still slightly warm. This cake reminds me of banana bread.

  7. My cake stuck to the pan. I really thought I had greased it really well, too. Any tips for a second try?

    Oh, and I added about a cup of mini chocolate chips and it was really good.

    • I was using a very deep pudding mold and wanted to make sure it would release, so I slathered on the butter and then floured the pan. The cake did release successfully but the flour was a little bit visible on the finished product.

  8. This cake is fabulous. I did not make the glaze and it was perfect with out it. The taste is incredible and it’s super easy to make. Do not skip this one!

  9. LOL – I made it and served it today and didn’t even realise it was supposed to have a glaze til now. That’ll teach me for not reading the recipe first. Oh well, it was gorgeous without the glaze.

  10. I agree with everyone else. Unless you hate bananas,make this cake. I have made it 3 times since April. Bananas are so cheap at Costco, you have to buy them so when they get a little over ripe I make this cake. Do check at 30 minutes for browning. I always cover it with foil as per Dorie’s suggestion. As for the sticking, the second time I make mine did stick a bit. I made sure to butter the pan heavily the next time, no problem.

  11. I’m glad it’s moist – sounds like everyone is enjoying it! I envisioned dry, “loaf banana bread” – but I’m looking forward to making it (oven is preheating). I feel a rush of pecans coming on though (bananas/pecans….) Hm….

    • I was expecting a run-of-the-mill banana cake and was bowled over by how amazingly delicious it was. It was very moist, but I don’t find that a problem in a bundt cake. Pecans would be a great addition. I used part whole wheat flour and reduced the butter (substituting lightly flavored olive oil and extra yogurt). I made 2/3 recipe in a 7 cup mold and it nearly overflowed the pan.

      • Whole wheat and bananas sound great – especially with yogurt! I made a pecan streusel and went with my full fat sour cream.

        I used 2 smaller old bundt/tube-style pans, and it’s spilling over onto the bottom oven. I love the smell of burning batter, don’t you? Note to self: buy that oven liner.

  12. This is delicious, and I agree with Dorie that it’s even better the next day. I made a rather thick lemon glaze, and loved it. Just make sure the cake is room temperature before glazing.

  13. I love banana bread and it seems that banana cake would be a logical extension of that. However, after looking at the recipe – it is very similar to the banana bread recipe I make every week (yes, 4 or more mini-loaves every week) so am going to skip this project. I will, however, probably try the lemon glaze on a batch soon as I think that sounds great!

  14. I’m sooo looking forward to this one, will be baking them tomorrow!!

    If you’re interested in a gift exchange, please visit my blog and let me know. I also have a giveaway going on at the moment.

  15. Mine is in the oven as we speak. The batter was SOOOO good!! I can’t wait to cut into this one. I never would have thought a banana cake could taste so delicious. Instead of sour cream, I used lemon yogurt, and I stirred some chocolate chips into the batter. Because really, why not?

  16. I’ve made a different banana cake recipe from Dorie’s book and that was fabulous, so I suspect this one will be just as amazing. Making it today I hope :)

  17. Ok, this cake is so moist, I’ve had both wrapped for a few days (room temp) and they are STILL moist. Extremely moist, not dry at all. Taking them to work tomorrow – they’ll be a hit for sure. I bought extra “ripe” bananas and froze them (I’ll be making this again soon)!

    • Super-good! Mine just came out of the oven and I can’t wait to try it. I don’t know how the cake tastes yet, but it was so quick to make and created just a few dishes, so I would definitely recommend trying it.

  18. I’m posting mine on Tuesday evening – I usually like to get in early but I’m going to have it ready to go for Wednesday morning. As it’s August, quite a few of my usual consumers are out of the Office – some will be back mid-week, so I can take them the treat then.

    Am wondering if a nice English custard would go nicely on the side or would that be overdoing it?

  19. Mine is done and frosted, or glazed, whatev. The batter tasted fantastic and it smelled great baking up, but it came out looking very, very, dark, dark brown. Even after taking it out of the bundt. Its extremely dark. Just hoping that doesnt affect the taste. Recipe was easy easy.

  20. Mine came out very dark, too, but it tasted great. I added chocolate chips, and I can’t believe I’m saying this – I added too much. I didn’t know such a thing was possible. I want to make it again without chocolate (!). I must have a tumor or something; I think it tasted best just as is!

    I would second the moistness. Fantastic cake.

  21. Mine also came out dark brown. It was delicious! I took it into work and got rave reviews. One fellow stopped by my cubicle to say he’d had to work hard to restrict himself to just 2 pieces!

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  23. I threw this together in no time. It looked like too much for my bundt pan so I filled a 12-mini-muffin pan and the bundt pan overflowed a little anyway. No glaze because the cake was half gone by the time it cooled. My daughter just asked if I could make it again for her to take when she goes back to college next week.

    Who knew such a modest little banana cake would be such a big winner?

    Oh, the mini muffins were done in about 15 minutes. Those things just jump in your mouth.

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