Welcome Our Newest Members

Here is a new installment of new members. I know, I know, its about time right? Well things in the Woodward household have been hectic the past few months. Our youngest, Colby, was diagnosed with epilepsy in early June. While, we knew something was off, it came as quite a shock. Its taken me a while to get back into the swing of things and back to my hobbies.

If you have emailed me about joining and do not see your name/blog listed, please check your email first. If you have nothing from me, then please just send me your info again. I’ll do my best to get you on the blogroll ASAP now that I am caught up.

Thanks for your patience over the past few months. And many, many thanks to those who have picked up my slack behind the scenes. CB and Nik, love you gals. MUAH!

Karen of Shortbread

Susan of Simply Sweet Bake Shop

Michelle of Big Black Dog

Kim of What the Whisk

Angela of Spinach Tiger

Helen of Aardvark Cakes, Welcome back!

Erin of Dog is my Soux Chef

Lauryn of Bella Baker

Sarah of Blue Ridge Baker

Ashley of The Eclectic Connoisseur’s Weblog

Suzy Homemaker

Shandy of Pastry Heaven, Welcome back!

Christine of Black Cat Cooking

Devona of Sweet Thoughts

April of Kentucky Cupcakes

Chantelle of Dish It Up

Kimberly of Nightshade Farm

Tianne of Buttercream Barbie

Megan of L’Aventure des Price-Dickersons

Katie of Polka Make & Yellow Cake

Melissa of Scrumtrellescent

Jeff of E Street Kitchen

Mrs. PH of Pointlessly Hypertechnical

Jana of Smart Cookie

Jessica of Domestic Deep Thought of the Day

Erin of The Sweet Life

Jennie of Domestic Goddess

Melissa of I Dream in Buttercream

brunettercluse of All Purpose

Christina of 13 Bakery

Stacey of Team Hoopes

Leslie of Q’s Eats

Sarah of Teapots and Cakestands

Jen of Maple N’ Cornbread

Again, if you do not see your name or blog and are sure you had emailed me, just pop me another at tuesdayswithdorie AT gmail.com. Thanks!

xo~ laurie


23 thoughts on “Welcome Our Newest Members

  1. Thanks! I can’t wait to visit all the new blogs! One question though…where can I get the HTML code for the new and improved TWD avatar? I’ve seen it on some of the blogs, but I haven’t been smart enough to figure out how to get it for myself. Can anyone help me?

  2. Thanks Laurie – I have enjoyed this group over the last few and have seem a lot of great tips and suggestions! Great job keeping this going!

  3. Welcome everyone! I look forward to visiting your blogs!

    Laurie, I’m so sorry to hear about your son’s health problems. Very best wishes to you and him. Hope he is doing much better now that you know what you are dealing with.

    I use Blogger and was able to put the new avatar on my sidebar by editing my old one and replacing it with this:

    If you don’t have it on your sidebar yet, edit the layout of your blog and add a gadget of type HTML/Javascript.

    Sorry, if you don’t use Blogger I’m not sure how it works. And if you want a different version of the logo I’m not sure either. But this will get you started!

  4. Laurie, it’s so great to see you back. I hope that you’ve had a good summer — so far — and that Colby’s doing well.

    Welcome to all the new members. And, of course, happy baking!

  5. Thanks for adding me to the blogroll, Laurie. I went ahead and started participating in June and I’m having so much fun! You are a great group of bakers with terrific tips and you’ve been super supportive (yes, I like alliteration).

    If you’re using WordPress and want to add the new TWD avatar to your blog, first save the logo as a picture. Then, start a new post, insert image, and switch to HTML view. That will display the code. Then you can copy the code, create a text widget, and paste the code.

    Have a great week, everybody!


  6. Laurie,

    All my best to you and your family. It has truly been the most wonderful experience baking along with the group for the last few months, and I am honored to officially be a part of the blog roll!!

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