P&Q: Applesauce Spice Bars

So stoked about this one because it reminds me of fall. Cannot wait for fall. Its my favorite season.

Comments, questions etc… have at it.

31 thoughts on “P&Q: Applesauce Spice Bars

  1. Wow, Michelle — how fun! I bet you will get a blue ribbon :) I’ve always thought it would be neat to enter a baked good in the fair but never have, maybe next summer.

    The bars look absolutely delicious in the book, great pick! I am also loving the fall vibe with these. Can’t wait to make them.

  2. Any recommendations, besides Dorie’s,on what type of apples are good for this one?

    Fantastic, Michelle. Hope they win.

  3. I am making these tonight and I cannot wait. I have been wanting someone to pick these! yay! I didn’t buy any raisins or pecans though… When I made my grocery run this week, I had to go to the pricier store and I just didn’t feel like I could really fork over the extra dough for raisins and pecans. Bummer, cause I’m sure they really add to the recipe. Hopefully it will still be good without!

  4. Make sure to glaze them after they cool down – it’s a thinner glaze than it looks in the book, and it’ll soak right into the bars if you don’t wait. I also saw a suggestion by someone to double the glaze if you want it as thick as it is in the book. Other than that, they’re super easy – I’ve made them before, but I’m definitely making them again! Fall’s my favorite season too :)

    • I have to agree–my bars were still warm, and the glaze definitely soaked in some. Still tasty, though. Mmm, doubling the glaze sounds like a fine idea for next time… I’m also tempted to bake these in a 9″ square pan to get something thicker, more like a snack cake. I definitely cut much larger pieces than Dorie suggests. =)

  5. I made mine last night and didn’t have the same problems with the glaze soaking in. I made sure to cook it on the stovetop for a full 5-7 minutes so it was thick enough. My husband took them to work today — hopefully they’re a hit!

  6. These smell so good ( and taste wonderful…I had to try some before they went into the ovwn ). They were a bit runny so hopefully they will be ok after their trip through the oven.
    Thank you for the advice on waiting for them to cool before glazing! :)

  7. Alrighty, I made mine a couple of days ago and used a Fuji I had on hand for the apple. I omitted the raisins and browned the butter which added to the nutty warm flavor of the bar – which really did seem more like a thinner piece of snack cake. I think the glaze would be awesome doubled. These definitely remind me of fall. My youngest looooved these so we will definitely make them again.

  8. I doubled the glaze and I am wishing I hadnt. I baked the ‘bars’ in a 10in springform and I think its too much glaze. Doubling may be needed for the 9×13 but its not for something smaller. FYI! :)

  9. I was thinking they weren’t spicey enough, but the second day seemed to give the flavors a chance to find themselves. Used walnuts because I had them on hand, and honey instead of corn syrup and that worked pretty well, too. Not my favorite TWD but nice for a simple fall treat.

  10. These were great. I’m not a huge fruit in baked goods fan but I really liked these. The glaze does soak in if you add it while the bars are warm. I think maybe next time it would be interesting to glaze them while they are warm and then again when they are cool. Either way…really yummy!

  11. hm, i would have to make a few adjustments next time i make these. they are good… but weren’t great to me. something was missing…

    but i’ll try until its perfect :)

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  13. I had a lot of fun with this and will be making it again. A couple changes gave it a personal touch with a little stronger flavor profile – the spices were doubled (as was the glaze). One other change was to replace the vanilla with rum doubling the amount of rum also.

    I was a little disappointed sampling when finished but all thought it was delicious the next morning after setting in the refrigerator all night.

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