Messin’ Around

I am going to be playing around with different themes for the blog over the next week. I want to incorporate our new logo into the header. Be patient while I try some themes on for size. Please comment if you see one you like!

Bake on!

xo~ laurie


15 thoughts on “Messin’ Around

  1. I like this. The text is easy to read and the header logo looks really nice. The only thing I might change is to make the blue background color a few shades lighter. I find the contrast between the post area and background to be a little jarring. But, I’m just very susceptible to eye strain.

  2. Laurie, I think changing things around is refreshing. Hats Off to you!!! I’m working on refreshing mine a little myself with the help of Corbin my photog and blog manager. (He likes WordPress too) I would never have a blog without him. I like the white background, easy to read and agree with Susan that a more subtle transition in background colors would create less eye strain. Especially for old eyes like mine. :~/ he he Good Luck and Fun

    • I agree with Carla…the dark blue really isn’t doing much for me. I think the colors of the page should sort of match the colors of the new logo. BUT – its your baby, so you should do what you want! :-) Thanks for working so hard!!

  3. I agree with Carla. Love the light blue background, maybe you could talk to the logo creator and see if she has a larger version so she could make it fit like it’s supposed to? It looks distorted.

    Thanks for all you do, love the calendar!

  4. I like the new layout very much. The calendar is nice, and the tabs across the top make it easy to get to specific info. It would be nice to have a tab for the current month’s recipes to make it easy to get to them. After a number of posts they end up getting buried and require a lot of scrolling to find them later in the month.

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