P&Q: Creamiest Lime Cream Meringue Pie

I love, love, love lime. Love it. True story. So excited for this one, I may make it more than once this week.

Have at it kids..

52 thoughts on “P&Q: Creamiest Lime Cream Meringue Pie

  1. oh do make this one.. it is so fantastic.. i could of gobbled up the lime cream on its own- but it was much improved with a cookie crust and meringue!

  2. I agree with Mary 100%. This was just made yesterday and I was tempted to just freeze the lime cream and serve it in chmapagne flutes. But I have to say that this pie is now one of my favourites! It used to be key lime but this one really packs a perfect punch of tartness.

    Excellent choice!

  3. I had the same issue as with the lemon cream – if you have the choice, use a metal or glass bowl for the double boiler, not a plastic one. 10 min max of whisking? Yeah, try more like 30, and I never got to 180*F. Other than that, FABULOUS. Seriously do it – there’s a playing around that skips the meringue if you’re not a huge fan.

  4. So I decided to make 1/4 of the recipe since I’m trying to bang out a lot of stuff this week and we only need so many desserts. I know, you feel my pain. If you make a fractional serving, the real challenge is the blender. I tried my smoothie blender and there was so little cream that it didn’t come up as high as the blade. So I moved it to my Cuisinart mini prep and that baby worked like a champ. BUT, 1/4 of the recipe didn’t make enough to fill up my mini pie plate, so I topped it with mango as Dorie suggested in the playing around. I didn’t want to do the meringue, so this was a good alternative. I think you could also use strawberries, raspberries or blueberries, but taste the fruit and adjust your sugar accordingly.

  5. I made this with a gingersnap/macadamia nut/crystallized ginger crust and added the mango. I also left out 2 sticks of butter in the cream because when we made the most extraordinary lemon tart (which is basically the same recipe except lemon instead of lime) I thought it tasted better before I blended in all the butter. I also doubled the meringue.

    • Mmm, the crust sounds like a great compliment to the lime filling. I thought the same thing about the lemon tart. I was thinking of trying just a little butter in this one.

  6. I’m planning to make mini-tarts with almond tart pastry crust, filled with a thin layer of the lime-ginger cream and topped with a little whipped cream and maybe some blueberries. I also will probably leave out some of the butter.

    Hey, I wonder how this would work if you left out most of the butter, cooled it, and folded it into whipped cream? Lime-ginger mousse, anyone?

  7. Re: the discussion about cooking the filling: I did mine in the microwave in a glass batter bowl. (Am I disqualified?) It turned out great! Mix the eggs and other ingredients very well before you start. (Can even be done in a blender but I just whisked it.) Cook on medium and whisk every minute or so. (Important!) Mixture got up to 180 degrees in about 5-6 minutes. After you put it through a sieve and then in the blender for 3 minutes it will be perfectly smooth and creamy. I also left out one of the sticks of butter and didn’t miss it. Delicious.

  8. i did the supercharge method w/out really realizing, as i always cook this type of thing over high heat. came out great! i also cut way back on the butter, which proabably made it a little softer than it otherwise would have been, but it still held its shape.

  9. i bought ten limes… TEN LIMES and NOT ONE had a sufficient amount of juice in them. i had to end up using lime juice from a bottle. i hope it turns out ok. *crosses fingers*

  10. well, i added the meringue last night, popped it in the oven to broil aaaaand burned the tips. burned. not slightly browned, but burned. and the most mind boggling part of it all: it was in there for less than 30 seconds. so beware bakers… keep a REALLY close eye on the pie!!

  11. I just completed this pie …. OMG, the lime ginger cream is so delicious!!!

    I deviated slightly with the instructions for meringue recipe as I’d like to avoid undercooked egg whites:

    – whisk the egg whites and sugar in a metal bowl (i used the kitchen aid bowl).
    – set the bowl over a saucepan w. simmering water. make sure the water doesn’t touch the bottom of the bowl. whisk the mixture constantly until the mixture reaches 140 degrees F.
    – remove bowl from bain marie and with an electric mixer, beat according to recipe instructions.

    As a result, you’ll only need to place the tart in the oven to brown the meringue. I used a kitchen torch to do my browning.

  12. Does the lime cream hold up when you slice it? Is it similar to a lemon meringue pie consistently or like lemon bar consistency? I’ve never made the “cream” before – and was curious (before I started cutting slices with wild abandon).

  13. I’m thinking that the regular pie dough would definitely make more sense with this pie, but graham cracker would be easier. Dorie suggests either or, which one did everyone do?

    • I forgot graham crackers at the store. I had to go with what I had on hand, so I made my crust from Pepperidge Farm Chessmen Cookies. Hopefully it works out well!

    • I totally agree with you Amanda. I think a less sweet crust would work better with the lime ginger cream.

      I ended up making a graham crust, but didn’t add any additional sugar…just graham crackers and butter. It went wonderfully with the filling.

      Next time, I’m definitlely going to try this with a pie crust.

  14. I’m curious about the crust question myself. I’m hoping to make 2 mini-tart sized versions of this but am paralyzed on this decision (why, I do not know!). Will probably make half of the cream just to avoid the problem Leslie had. I’ve made mini-tart sized versions of Dorie’s stuff before, and having such a small amount of ingredients to work with sometimes becomes impossible.

  15. Oh my! The lime and fresh ginger cream is to die for. I wanted to eat the whole bowl myself and then say -oops, no pie. But I’m having company tonight and they’re expecting dessert.

  16. Well I actually ended up making a regular pie crust. I have a feeling that my filling is going to be a bit tarter than intended. I used the zest of 3 limes as suggested, then I juiced those three limes and got exactly 3/4 cup of juice. In the book it says 3/4 cup would be about 6 limes. And my limes aren’t even that big! Dorie’s must be teeny, OR very pithy and not have a lot of juice maybe? Hmmm. Anyway, crust waiting on the counter and custard chilling in the fridge. I hope to slap it al together for dessert tonight, but I think we are going to the fair so it may need to wait until tomorrow. We shall see!

    LW – I’m sorry about your custard mix up!

  17. Well, I’m a bit disappointed in mine :( I wish that the recipe had specified a measurement of zest instead of “3 limes”. I have a feeling that the amount of zest I used may have been too much. The recipe said you would need 2/3 cup of juice, and then went on to say that would be about 6 limes. It only took 3 for me to get that amount of juice, so I’m wondering if that’s why my custard is so tart.

    This wasn’t a complete flop, I’ll wait until tomorrow and see how it is, but as of tonight the custard hadn’t set all the way (my fault, being impatient) and I misread the directions about the pie crust being fully baked. Mine was only partially baked, so I ended up throwing it back in the oven later and it’s still dougy on the bottom.


    Oh well, they can’t all work out perfectly. I’m so glad this worked out so well for everyone, and I’m glad I tried it :)

  18. So…. my instant thermometer stopped at 155 degrees no matter how hot the cream seemed to get, yet my candy thermometer read 180, so I pulled it off the heat. I then tested my instant therm. in a pot of boiling water: 210 degrees (close enough). I know my candy therm. is calibrated. Now I’m wondering if the cream actually got hot enough – as it’s more like pudding after 7 hrs. in the fridge. I can’t make a sturdy custard (or cream) for the life of me . . . I’m so glad tart season is over. :)

  19. Passing on this dessert this week….. the kitchen is full of sweets and there is a lot going on the last couple of weeks.

    September ought to be fun!

  20. I have a general question…. if there is a recipe that calls for “3 eggs” and you want to half it, how do you handle the quantity of eggs? Would you round up? Round down? Thanks for your help!


    • Jeff- I would whisk the second one and take half. Ive done it a lot, and it normally works out. Not sure if there is another scientific way to go about it. Ive also used one extra large for 1.5 eggs. That normally works out too.

      • Jeff, if you have a scale, one large egg should weigh 50 grams. Whisk together two eggs and measure out 75 grams worth for your recipe — you can freeze the rest. I normally buy medium eggs because they’re cheaper and this is what I do. It does require investing in a scale, though!

  21. My pie is a thin pudding, even after following the directions word for word. I made the filling yesterday, cooked it to 180°, refrigerated it overnight and,then some. Today after making the meringue, and refrigerated it for four more hours, it’s still soup. You’d think with all that butter, the pie would have thickened. We will eat it anyway, but probably will make a proper lemon meringue next. Did anyone else besides Mike(in above comment) have any problems with this pie.

  22. I’m going to start this tonight (will let the cream set overnight) but I’m going to cut the butter. Tomorrow I’m going to make my crust using pecan sandies. I’ve had a “Tang Pie” before with a pecan sandie crust and it was wonderful. I think it will go very well with the lime/ginger flavors of this pie.

  23. My pie will be ready later tomorrow. The filling has been ready since Saturday, but I’m working late tonight, so the crust won’t be made until tomorrow. It took only 4 minutes for the filling to thicken on the stove and now it is nearly rock-solid in the fridge. Hopefully, the filling will make it to the crust without being consumed first. ;)

  24. I give up. I just give up. I have absolutely nothing to put together for this week’s pie. Except for a bowl of lime pudding. Which, I’ll use as a filling for a coconut chiffon cake later this week. It TASTES out of this world, you just can’t cut it with a knife. :)

  25. the lime cream alone taste gorgeous. I just hope the crust would hold up. Seems like a lot of others are having problems with their cream being to soupy even after refrigeration. Added a bit of gelatin to mine so hoping that would help. *gulps*. Will be posting tonight!

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  27. I agree that the cream was amazing but this was a pain to make. I took over an hour for my cream to come to temperature and that was with the heat crancked up. I think something must be wrong with my thermometer. It just wasn’t moving! I eventually just took it off the heat and finished the recipe. I ended up making whipped cream to put on top because I just didn’t want to mess with meringue. I was soooo out of the mood by then. It really is the creamiest pie I’ve ever had. I liked the whipped cream on it. Although lime isn’t my favorite — this was definitely good!

    • It could be that your therometer wasn’t working. I noticed that mine never got over 150 degrees but once it got to a got consistency I just took it off.

      This was sooo good. A little sweet, even with all that butter. I will defnitely make this again!

  28. OK – this should be called Butterlime pie. Even after the butter by a third the pie is rich and smooth. I didn’t think it would make it to the crust after the refrigerator, but a quick whisk lightened it up and a pie it became.

  29. I was so worried about my cream reaching the temp…I was amazed when it only took about 3-4 minutes! It’s super tart, which I thought was great, I will definitely make this one again.

  30. Lovely pie, DH doesn’t like meringue so I used whipped cream =-) last week played with the mango option and only 1 stick of butter in the lime cream W*O*W a whole new pie to dig in to.

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