More Content?

Would you like the Tuesdays with Dorie blog to have more content? I have been thinking that I would like to see more on the blog. With that said, I am not sure what to add. So, I thought some of you lovely bakers may have some ideas. Do you have a great idea for a interesting weekly addition to the blog?  Any and all ideas are welcome. I think it would be nice to have more interaction. Let me know what you think.

Bake on!

xo~ laurie


23 thoughts on “More Content?

  1. I often have stupid baking questions, that don’t necessarily have to do with the week’s recipe. It would be nice to have a “Q&A” resource to come to – with everyone’s vast experience/knowledge of baking. Great post topic LW!

  2. I actually miss the Q&A with the host being posted every week. I enjoyed reading those and getting to know the baker a bit more.

    Maybe post a collection of random pictures from the bakers blogs. One from this blog, one from that blog, etc and post them (along with the links of course) once a week. *shrugs*

  3. it would be really nice if you linked the completed recipes to the post at the blog that was responsible for doing it! :) it would be easier to find out how the completed recipe looks like and all the tips to make it easier! I have the book and sometimes it is difficult to find out who made some specific recipe and find the link to that post. please pleeeease! do it! :)))

      • Maybe send out a mass email, asking for people to send you links instead of searching for them yourself? Assuming everyone responds, that would save you tons of time.

    • I like Carla’s idea. If the people who picked would send in their links, that would at least be a chunk of them (I know not everyone is a current member). It would be a great resource to have the links to all of the recipes!

  4. Maybe have a lesson each week, something like how to bake the perfect pie crust or tips on improving cake decorating, etc. It would be nice if it was relevant for the week’s recipe (like if the recipe was for a pie, pie crust). Or even if we have a unique ingredient, um say sea salt for world peace cookies, do a little spotlight on it.

  5. I like Carla’s lesson of the week idea! It would be helpful for people who want to attempt a recipe, I don’t have a food processor but I still managed to make the crust for the Creamiest Lime Cream Meringue Pie by dividing the ingredients into 4 parts and using my tiny food prep. :| Someone may feel that they can’t make a recipe if they don’t have certain kitchen supplies.

    Also maybe have an introduce yourself thread for us newbies. :)

    Thanks for letting us offer some suggestions!

  6. Even though something extra would be nice, you already have a couple hundred bakers to keep track of. I’m reminded that this is a hobby for you and we’re grateful that you have us all along for the ride.

  7. I think it would be great if you could post recipes to use up extra ingredients. Last week I had extra egg yolks since I used all the whites for the meringue. Some interesting suggestions for how to use up odd bits would be nice. I can Google but that’s not as fun.

  8. There used to be a blog I loved that collected the best stories from Wednesday food sections each week. I find there is so much amazing food content to read on the web that it can be a bit bewildering…

    What about having people send in links to their favourite baking/food stories each week and posting a ‘digest’ of the best baking-related reading on the web that week?

    (If you’re looking for some help on that, say the word.)

  9. I would like to be able to see if the baker has partcipated in TWD without having to go to that blog. It used to be we could just land on their name and it would show if they baked that week. I try to see everyones blog but it makes it very time consuming when I have to go to each one to see if they baked that week.

  10. To be honest, kinda going along with some of the other people here, I dont think that unless we see or hear achange in the rhetoric, there shouldnt be anything of note regarding Legends 3 as a possibility. The thing that Im thinking about is despite their financial weakening state, wouldnt something like Legends 3 not cost as much as people would think? I mean lets make it run smoothly of course, but does it need OMG super polished graphics? The cost of older technologies would be a lot cheaper and they could still deliver a quality game that could wrap up the series. I mean hell they could make it a d/l over any online network system like they did with MM9 and I dont think the overall cost would be as high. That being said it really moves back to the point that Forci said. That one or the other is lying and until one I guesschanges a stance or says something thats not in-line with the consistent rhetoric. I dont think its news-worthy to post about :/.

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