TWD needs YOU!

There were several good ideas on how to add content to our blog. Unfortunately, I am unable to execute all of them. So, I am asking if there are any TWD Bakers out there who would like their own weekly article/post on the blog. I’d like to have something new posted on the blog daily. All you need is a cute idea and the willingness to follow through. I think we could make this space a lot more interactive together.

You can volunteer on this post, or email me directly at tuesdayswithdorie AT or laurie.woodward AT


15 thoughts on “TWD needs YOU!

  1. i would absolutely love to help! i just wouldn’t really know what to DO! one of my original ideas was bringing back the Q&A with the host of the week and another was random trivia and facts. *shrugs*

    i could work something out if i am steered in the right direction :)

  2. I would love to do little ‘Baking with Kids’ posts. I could do some simple seasonal and traditional baking that kids could help out with in the kitchen. Let me know if you think that sounds like something that would work on here :)

  3. I’d be happy to create a slideshow of everyone’s pictures for the weekly challenges, which will include links to the blogs as well. I’ve sent an email to you Laurie as well :)

  4. I’m pretty close to a complete listing of links to all the “weekly host” postings. Will try and work on that over the next few weeks (very busy with home repairs and garden right now, though). Laurie, I’ll e-mail that to you when I’m done.

  5. I know you don’t know me – and I suppose if I need a blog of my own I’m definitely out, but I have been thinking about doing a food blog for about a year, but didn’t think I had enough material to do my own. This could be exactly what I’m looking for.

    My idea? How to take a meal and make it work for both a cheese loving carnivore and a cheese less peskitarian. The tweaks that have to be made, what makes for good substitutions etc.

  6. I would love to do a weekly feature if you still need help. I’ve done some writing for the Daring Kitchen and for FoodieView. I’ve been sick for the last month but I am ready to get back to cooking/baking.

    I could do something on techniques, or answer specific how-to questions, or research things. Anything really; I love to write.


  7. I don’t know about you but I think TWD needs more pictures. How about we start a flickr group, TWDers can add 1 picture per week/per recipe to the group and then we can do a collage or something to post on the blog? I wouldn’t mind trying to take it on but I also don’t mind if someone else who knows how to photoshop better wants to do it too.

  8. After seeing the comments about crumbly pastry dough for the Flaky Apple Turnovers — how about a Hints and Tips for Pie and Pastry Doughs post? We can all chime in — I have several good tips. Maybe some other folks have posts to videos or good how-tos on the web…

  9. Would love to see a Q&A with Dorie once in a while. Maybe once a month if she’s able? Maybe combine it with Barbara’s idea about the hints & tips – Dorie’s pastry suggestions, tempering eggs, etc

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