P&Q: Flaky Apple Turnovers

I dreamed about these last night. No joke. Hoping to get them baked up tomorrow.

60 thoughts on “P&Q: Flaky Apple Turnovers

  1. I made the dough over the weekend, assembled them last night and froze them (for Friday). I can’t make pies. I go into pie-making shock. It was a nightmare. It was like making 18 little pies. I made half the apple filling and used homemade raspberry jam for the other half. We’ll see come Friday!

  2. I made these over the last few days and I really had trouble with the dough. Mine was a big crumbly mess. I just didn’t get everything mixed together well enough. Rolling out was super hard too. Just a big mess for me overall, but I got a couple in the oven and a couple of decent photographs.

    • I had trouble with the dough too. Seemed like it needed some sort of liquid. So crumbly. It rolled out ok and now it’s chilling again until I fill and bake them tomorrow. Glad you hear your baked off ok.

  3. Question for pie bakers: these were supposed to have 3 Tbs. of butter (chopped small) and sprinkled on top of the filling mixture before sealing. I’ve made mine and froze them. I awoke in the middle of the night realizing butter wasn’t even taken out of the fridge (I *knew* there was a reason I can’t bake a pie)! Will the lack of butter make a huge difference, or should I thaw, slice them open and put some dots of butter inside, re-seal and then bake? Thanks for any help! Doesn’t surprise me – this summer I made a double crust pie, sealed and crimped the top dough, then looked down next to my hand and saw the cup of chopped, butter pieces (that were supposed to be dotted on the filling)…. sheesh….

  4. To be honest, I think it will be okay…based on the amount of butter in the dough!! I made my dough last night and there were still a few big hunks here and there, even after folding and rolling.

    BUT, I haven’t fully baked these yet, so I don’t know for sure. Worst case scenario, you top it with ice cream if it’s too dry inside :-)

  5. I put the dough together in about 15 minutes, but it takes 1 hour for the first chill and then 15 min to roll/fold, and then another hour for the second chill.

    It’s possible to do the dough tonight, roll and fold before you go to bed, and then do the filling/baking at another time.

  6. I just made the dough ,chilled for two hours rolled it out and did my letter fold…now to chill..but again. I am telling you the turth my biceps got an extreme workout from rolling. I got it to the 9×18 but not without sore muscles!

  7. I’m worried about my pastry dough. It never fully came together and was a huge crumbly mess. It’s chilling in the fridge now. After I got my hands into mix, it came together much better but I’m still concerned that it’s too dry. Did I do something wrong? I’m afraid I’ll have big trouble when it comes to rolling this dough.

      • Hi Margot,
        The time in the fridge did wonders for my dough. It really brought it together nicely. Have you baked yours off yet? I just did and they’re wonderful!

    • Mine was still crumbly after a night in the refrigerator, but I managed to salvage it. I dumped it all back in a bowl, added a tablespoon of water and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, and chilled it again. When I rolled it out later it was fine. I just baked them and they turned out nice! I was worried that my solution to fixing the dough would not work out.

  8. I baked mine this morning out of the freezer (some with apples, some with raspberry jam). The jam oozes out a LOT – the apples stayed perfectly inside – they looked great. Baked at 370 – it took much longer than 20 minutes – I’d say 30 or so? I just guaged by “browness”. Took them to work (rushed out without tasting them) – but the CEO came back personally and told me i had outdone myself…. and other coworkers have been emailing me – so I guess these are “pretty good”! I just tried one – they are phenomenal…. I’m making more dough tonight for future turnovers!

  9. I’m making my dough today but I don’t have a pastry cutter and was thinking maybe I’d do it in my food processor. Isn’t that usually how we do dough?

  10. I’ve just put my dough in the fridge. I am really excited about seeing how these little pies taste as the dough was so pleasant to make. I am making half portions, so added 1/2 cup sour cream plus 2 Tbs. Without the additional Tbs. sourcream it was way too crumbly to shape.

  11. CB I was wondering about the whole FP thing. Did you get yours? Congrats what did you purchase? Also, it crossed my mind when I read about people being frustrated with the crumbly nature of the dough. YAY saran wrap. I’m getting ready to make up my dough so I’ll let ya know….. but seems like you could certainly help the dough mush up into a mound with the help of the saran wrap. I dunno, we will see. These sound really tasty. Never made puff pastry before, not even a Dorie modified version. So this may be just the springboard for me. he he Thanks everyone for all the dialogue. This really is so helpful.

    • Amy/CB – I made another batch last night and didn’t have any “crumb” problem. Are you mixing it enough with the fork? Without over mixing, it gets fairly pliable. I spent about a good minute or two mixing. Then (as you suggest with the saran wrap), it “molds” into whatever shape (rectangle/disc) you make. Strange… hope it works out. Amy Ruth – I made “real” puff pastry last fall. The kind that takes you all day and you roll and re-roll 18 times (or whatever). It’s still in the freezer. I think just making it burned me out on puff pastry! :) But this dough is WONDERFUL. So much easier, and very tender with the added sour cream. Let us know how it went for you.

  12. I just took my turnovers out of the oven and I have to say, “They’re simply beautiful!” (if I do say so myself. haha)
    I was worried yesterday that I would have trouble rolling out my dough being that I thought it was too crumbly. This was not the case. The dough (for me) was a bit stiff to work with but as it warmed up a little it was much easier to roll into it’s proper thickness. I used a square cookie cutter to make the turnovers into triangle shapes. This is the shape I remember from when I was young and I wanted to bring back those memories. All I can say is if they taste as good as they look/smell, we’re in for a huge treat after dinner tonight! I plan on serving them with vanilla ice cream…yum!!!

  13. Hi all… I made mine earlier today and just tried one… to DIE for! I was amazed at how flaky the crust was considering how soft my dough was. I used all of the flour recommended and added a little extra. Might have been because my kitchen was very humid… I was poaching some chicken when I was preparing the dough. (I won’t make that mistake again.)

    Anyway, I also made the Russian Grandmother’s Apple Pie Cake, since I’m trying to catch up on the recipes made before I joined. I haven’t tried it yet, but I can’t wait. It looks wonderful.

    Thanks for the pick Julie!

    • ok, I switched to a well floured silicone mat and very well floured rolling pin and I had a much easier time! I don’t know if it’s just me but I always have trouble with waxed paper. I should have gone with my old tried and true to begin with but I figured I ought to give it a try if Dorie said it was easier. Oh well!

  14. Mine are in the oven and puffy WAY too much. I’m sure they’ll taste great, but pretty? Not so much! My dough was dry and wouldn’t come together much at all, time in the fridge didn’t really help either, oh well, better luck next time.

  15. Maybe I was rushing the process, but after 2 hours in the fridge, my dough was a shaggy mess. I took it out, put a few TB ice cold water in it and then repackaged it. I think it should be ok now. It looks more similiar to regular pie dough now.

  16. I did mine as per the recipe, and it turned out decent. All the problems were mine; I wanted to eat that thing so bad I took it out before it was done, so the crust was a little underdone. I am not a very proficient pie maker, so I think the next time I make these I’ll put a bit more filling in them.

    One thing I really, REALLY liked was the crust. Generally, I don’t like pie crust, but man, this was tasty.

  17. I’m another one who had super crumbly dough – just put it in the fridge, so we’ll see what it looks like in a couple of hours for the roll out part of the program. Glad to see some solutions if everything doesn’t come together at that point.

    I so love “apple anything” that I really hope this works out okay Thanks for all the tips!

    • Okay – a few hours later and it wasn’t pretty! I think I didn’t mix enough the first time around for fear I would over do it. I tossed in a wee bit more sour cream, and mixed thoroughly with my fingers. We’ll see if I regret that later. It sure is a lot of butter to turn out bad!

  18. Hey Mike, I mixed mine last night, regrettably 1/2 recipe. I’m thinking of all the different flavors. Anyway, no real complications so far. I quartered my sticks of butter lengthwise, then sliced crosswise probably about each T. So, I had lots of little pieces of butter which I proceeded to put in a small bowl and freeze for 20 or so minutes. In the mean time I prepared the rest of the ingredients. I used a pastry blender to cut the butter into the flour mixture, (like Dorie said). Again until it looked like coarse meal. Not sure I achieved that goal. I may have made it a little too fine. We will see. Anyway, mixed the sour cream stuff in carefully and then I smushed it into a rectangle lump with the “magic” saran wrap. Love that stuff. I think a lot of the moisture to hold the flour mix together comes from the small pieces of butter. Anyway, hope that helps out a little for the few of us left who are still “a work in progress….he he he.”
    Have a great day!

    I’ll let you know if this was a flop after I bake today.

  19. My 2 cents – keep the apple pieces small! That way, you can fit a lot of apple into the turnover. Mine were rolled a little too thick and the circles were a little too small, so I had some difficulty fitting in apple chunks.

    Overall, though, good flavor!

  20. I also had a problem rolling out the 9×18 dough down to 1/8′ thick piece. Instead I rolled out the dough as much as possible while keeping it uniform and I rolled out the circles individually after they were cut. It was much easier to manipulate and to achieve the perfect thickness. But I only ended up with 12 turnovers…and a lot of scrapes. :|

    On a side note, I browned some butter and caramelized the sliced apples with the addition of ground ginger. I could eat the entire mixture on it’s own! :)

  21. I can’t visualize these yet – do they look like regular fried pies only they are baked? Like half moons of pastry? I’m going to try and make them tonight. They sound delicious.

  22. Any idea how to store the baked ones? I baked half the recipe and froze the other half but my husband is taking them to work tomorrow. How do we keep them fresh until then?

  23. I baked mine tonight. They have been in freezer since Friday. Baked for 22 minutes instead of 20. They turned out great! Mine were kind of small as my cutter was only 33/4 inch instead of 41/2 inch but small is okay. I couldn’t put a lot of apple mixture in the tart because of the size of not only the tart, but the apples. Next time I will chop the apples even smaller. I added a bit more cinnamon as I really like cinnamon with apples. The crust was flakier than I thought it would be. It seemed a bit dry around the edges, but baked up beautifully. Maybe freezing helped? Can’t wait to post my pictures tomorrow.

  24. I am not a pie baker at all but this was a very easy pastry dough to make. I was pleasantly surprised! It turned out so tender and flaky — just beautiful. I thought the filling was nicely spiced although I wish I could have fit more filling in the turnovers. All in all, a very nice recipe. Easy and delicious!

  25. I prepared mine last night then baked it this morning straight out of the freezer. It was awesome! Really tender and flaky. I made semi-circles at first but ended up making triangles for the remainder because I didn’t want to waste the dough. It did say the scraps wouldn’t have the same puff. LOL…Besides it was easier to cut in squares and fold into triangles….we love the pastry!!! will be trying it with something savory next time. yum!

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