P&Q: Split Level Pudding

I feel like I am ahead of the game this week since I saved extra ganache from this week for the pudding.

Have at it!

45 thoughts on “P&Q: Split Level Pudding

  1. Here’s a tip for a fast, foolproof way to cook the vanilla pudding.

    Dump the first 5 ingredients for the pudding in a blender or food processor and mix briefly till smooth. Transfer to a 2 qt. batter bowl. Microwave on HIGH 6 minutes. Stop and whisk well after 2 minutes, then after every minute, then every 30 seconds the last 1 minute. In other words, whisk more often the longer it’s in the oven. (Time may vary according to the power of your microwave. Watch it till you know.) Then pour back into the blender or food processor to blend in the butter and vanilla per Dorie’s instructions.

    I always make my pudding and cream pie filling this way. Never burns–always silky smooth.

  2. Can the vanilla portion be made in a stand mixer? I tried the food processor per the recipe, but it destroyed the thickness of the pudding. A food processor just seems to aggressive for a delicate pudding.

      • I had a problem with this too! I used the blender, but my pudding, which had the expected texture right off the stove before blending, didn’t set up correctly.

        Honestly, the whole food processor thing is just to get a perfectly smooth texture I think, so I’d just strain it through a fine-mesh sieve instead. Less dishes that way too.

      • Gee I wish I had read this first. The pudding remnants left in the saucepan set up just fine, the main part that went through the processor was cactus – it did not set at all.

  3. Help!! Completely off topic but I cannot seem to figure out how to get the new logo on my blog and I can’t find the tips on how to do it. I don’t want to hijack the thread so if you want to email me kmreinsch at comcast dot net it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  4. Thanks for pointing out that last week’s ganache can be used this week. I added a bit more cream to it so that it would be softer.

    I just made the espresso version of the pudding. It was so, so good! I licked the bowl. And the spoon. And finger-wiped the blade of the Cuisinart.

    I find the food processor such an easy way to make pudding. I processed the first five ingredients together, then followed Dorie’s instructions the rest of the way.

    It would be wrong to bar the front door and eat all the pudding myself, wouldn’t it?

  5. I just finished making this and it’s chilling in the fridge. I have never made pudding before, and I can’t believe how tasty this is! I did the cinnamon version, and mmmmm. The texture (while warm, anyway) was super smooth and velvety. I only made two puddings, as it’s just me, so I cut the ingredients down to 1/3rd. If you are going to do that, don’t bother with the food processor; as I suspected, the blade didn’t even touch the ingredients. I just used a plain old whisk and it worked fine (I sifted the cornstarch).

    From start to finish, it took me about 15 minutes, and that’s only because it was my first time. Seriously good, and seriously easy!

  6. I just finished my pudding and it’s in the fridge to cool. I put it in wine glasses so you could easliy see the layers. I made sure to cool the pudding mixture first because I was afraid that the heat of the pudding would crack the glasses.
    It looks very pretty and I’m hoping it tastes equally as good. I’ve never made pudding from scratch before but this was very easy.

  7. I just finished the pudding and well, its not very pudding-y. It’s the consistency of a thick liquid. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to thicken it. Any chance it will thicken on its own if left it the fridge for a couple of hours?

      • Well the next morning my pudding was still very soupy…I ended up whisking in extra cornstarch, then microwaving, then putting it all into the blender for a couple of pulses (I don’t have a food processor) and added it a little more vanilla extract. Ans all of the sudden I had a beautiful consitency! It was delicious!!

  8. Hmmm…mine never really thickened all that much. It tastes amazing, but I don’t know what happened. I made the espresso version, so maybe it was too much liquid? Maybe the “fast” method didn’t give it enough time to thicken? IDK.
    Oh well, I’m eating it anyways!

  9. I had some trouble with this pudding. The vanilla part looked great when I put it in the fridge to chill, though it needed to firm up a little in the fridge. But it didn’t firm up at all, even overnight. The end result wasn’t soupy, just looser than it should have been. Meanwhile, the ganache hardened too much. So I had a thick, hard-to-spoon layer on the bottom, and a drippy, hard-to-spoon layer on top. My fault, I’m sure. The flavors are amazingly good, even though I messed up the texture on both layers. Oh well!

  10. I loved this recipe! Because my husband, Ken, loves chocolate, I doubled the chocolate and cream, and poured this mixture into our martini glasses. I made the vanilla pudding just like the recipe calls for and oh my goodness! It is delicious. I poured the vanilla pudding over the chocolate ganache and the combination of chocolate and vanilla through the glass is so pretty and elegant. Fellow bakers, I cannot tell you enough how delicious this pudding is. I did not have any problems at all with lumps or anything with the vanilla pudding.

    I will make this recipe again and again and again.


    Susan, Celebration Specialist

  11. I agree, it was perfect. Had no problems whatsoever. Followed the recipe to a T and everything went great. I love the smell, reminds me of my mother’s custard in England when I was very little :) Mine is chilling now, too dark for a decent photo, so I will try and save one for morning LOL

  12. To those of you who have ended up with pudding that doesn’t set or is otherwise runny…

    Please read some of the earlier comments. This was a question I raised. I believe the pudding that doesn’t set is caused by the aggressive blades of the food processor.


    Because my pudding was thick out of the pan, but after its final trip to the food processor, it was thin again. I just think the food processor is too aggressive, making it difficult to determine when the pudding is done.

    Food processor usage appears to be hit or miss (judging by some people’s success). Those who use a whisk and a little elbow grease appear to get consistently good results.

    I’ll be saving my food processor for what it was designed for (veggies, etc.) and returning to the whisk for more delicate affairs.

  13. Wow, this came out great! I did use the food processor and was a bit worried after my first whirring, the milk mixture seemd really frothy and I was afraid the texture would be wrong, but after heating to thicken, it seemed fine.

    I actually only ended up with four servings though. I could have made it stretch to six, but the servings would have been pretty small. Maybe I’m just a pudding glutton, though? I use small glass punch cups to serve this in and they were about 3/4’s full.

  14. That’s a good point…I was pretty aggressive with my blender. I will totally make this again because the flavors are so great – and it was so easy! I think next time I’ll just whisk through the microwave method and ignore the blender.

  15. I was beginning to think I was alone until I read the earlier comments on the pudding not setting up properly. I thought I was way ahead of the game by making my pudding on Saturday morning so I could photograph it before the football game, then enjoy it at halftime-didn’t happen! I made the pudding again on Sunday morning-skipped the whole food processor technique,mainly because everyone was still asleep and I had to be very quiet. The whisk did a fine job of mixing everything and the puddings turned out fine. I made the espresso version and topped the puddings with meringue.

  16. I have second thoughts on the cinnamon version. It tasted GREAT warm, not as good partially cold, but much better thoroughly chilled. However….it doesn’t LOOK overly pretty, because the cinnamon makes it brown and speckled. I didn’t measure the cinnamon, either (duh), and I think I added too much.

    I want to try this again with a chocolate version. If I didn’t hate white chocolate so much, this pudding would be great reversed – white chocolate ganache and chocolate pudding. Mmmmmm!

    • Melissa, I tried the cinnamon also but used cinnamon extract (available at Target) because I was afraid of what you described regarding the appearance. Tasty! And I think you have a great idea about reversing the flavors. How about pistachio (since you don’t like white chocolate) on the bottom and chocolate on top?

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  18. Just wanted to say I will be making this recipe but I’ll be late putting it up on my blog. Don’t count me out though!

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