P&Q: Sweet Potato Biscuits

I am ahead of the game, as I already made these AND took the photos. I know, I know, its a miracle. They are lovely for breakfast. Hope you all like them as much as I did!

You know what to do…

62 thoughts on “P&Q: Sweet Potato Biscuits

  1. so i took some initiative last night and made a half recipe of these because no one but my mom and one coworker along with myself would eat these.

    BUT they turned out as flat as discs!! They are soft sweet potato COOKIES!! whaaaaaat went wrong? Not enough butter? Need new baking powder? HALP!

    But on the upside, they taste GREAT!

  2. I loved the allspice muffins and am so looking forward to making the biscuits! I sent 2 emails saying that I wanted to join–I have not heard anything back yet. Do I just keep baking away and one day my name will be on the list?

    :) Meg’s Lovey Cakes

  3. I have made them already, as well. My first batch were terrible. So I made myself do them again. They were better but still not what I would call a success. They don’t seem to rise very much and I cut the salt in half with the second batch. Also, I preferred the nutmeg to cinnamon. Since I tried them twice, I tried both. I used fresh sweet potato rather than canned and found that if I left them to cool in the cooking water, they weren’t so dry and worked better.

    I’m with you, Meg. I don’t know if I’m in or not either. I guess I just keep on baking. Do I just post on my blog or is there something else I am supposed to do?

    • Sarah,

      I try to do my best with keeping the member list up to date, but I fall short a lot of the time. I will try and get it updated again this weekend. My apologies and thank you for your patience.


      • Thanks, Laurie. I can’t imagine all the work you do to keep this thing going. I hate to bug you again, but is all I have to do is post on my blog or is there something else that I am supposed to do?

  4. I love these…last fall I made them a bunch of times and I was just gearing up to make a batch when the October list of recipes came out – it inspired me to join this group! For this time around, I’m going out of town next week so I baked mine already and took pictures. They were a big hit at a family dinner over the weekend.

    Mine also usually come out a little flat so I use a small cutter to give the illusion of normal proportions, lol.

  5. I’m so excited to make these! I’m going to serve them with a pumpkin chili recipe that I came across! I’m worried about them being flat though– any suggestions?

    • I didnt have a problem with them being flat. The best advice is do not overmix the dough. Stop before you think its done and cut them out as cleanly as possible.

      • Laurie, did you use canned sweet potatoes?

        I made these earlier this spring and they were flat…

        LOVED THEM THOUGH! I thought they were absolutely delicious!

      • I’m glad someone else used pumpkin. I’m not a big sweet potato fan but I have plenty of canned pumpkin stashed that I can use. Since it worked for you, I’m going to give it a try!

    • When you cut out the circles, try not to twist the dough too much. Push down in one quick motion and pull the surrounding dough off from around the circles. This should help them rise a but higher.

  6. I made these a few weeks ago and froze them. Took a few out to bake and photograph, and the are QUITE tasty! I used canned sweet potatoes or “yams” as our store had. The problem I’m finding with “baking ahead” makes me somewhat forgetful of how the process went… well, to be honest, I can’t even remember making these. I just see them in my freezer every time I open the door. :)

  7. Hi folks, haven’t made these yet, but for biscuits in general, the secret to light, fluffy biscuits is a very moist dough and a very hot oven.

    It’s likely that our sweet potato purees will have varying amounts of moisture. Make sure your dough is very moist, even a bit sticky and hard to work with. Add extra water (or milk) if you need to. Flour your work surface and hands very well and use a light touch patting out the dough. Hope this helps!

    • I second what Barbara says about the moist dough. My suggestion is to use a pie cloth or woven tea towel (not terry cloth) that has plenty of flour rubbed into the surface. Roll your dough out on the cloth. Dough won’t stick to it but also, dough doesn’t take up flour like it would on a hard surface. Also makes it easier to manipulate cloth to flip biscuit onto your hand and then to cookie sheet. It’s the same way I do pie crust to avoid overhandling and using too much flour with a sticky dough. When you are done, toss cloth in the washer. Easy cleanup! I’ll give full instructions and pictures on my post next Tuesday.

  8. Oh, forgot to add — flour your work surface well but try not to incorporate too much flour into the dough — just leave it on the surfaces of the biscuits and let it drop off as you move them to the baking sheets. Don’t overwork the dough, underworking is better than overworking. This isn’t bread, you don’t want to develop the gluten!

  9. Mine weren’t flat, they were puffy, and golden. The trick is cold, cold, cold butter. If you have to cut in frozen butter, do it. And don’t work the dough too much.

    As for the taste, we *gulp* hated these. I don’t know if it was the canned sweet potatoes, or what, but even the smell of them was off. I wrote one word in the margin on this page: “YUCK”. These were so bad, I don’t think I’ll even try them again. Maybe it’s not the recipe, maybe it’s us – just not our thing.

    Drin (hubby) was so upset he didn’t get his “treat”. He ran off with Dorie and chose a re-run, the Blueberry Crumb Cake from back in March. Now THAT is a Dorie recipe I will be making over and over again. I can’t wait to try it with cranberries and pecans in the topping!

  10. See, I was ahead of the gang, mine are long gone too! I’m already thinking about the brownie torte! lol

    These were great!! Mr. LOVED them, kids ate them up, and I did not mind them cold the next day either! This is a keeper for us, we all love sweet potatoes!

  11. I adored these. I would make them every day. We are currently obsessed with sweet potatoes in my house and I have made a pie, biscuits, and sweet potato pancakes in the last few weeks.

  12. I used one cup of pumpkin puree and two cups of regular mashed potatoes. This is only the second time I’ve made biscuits, so I don’t know how they are really supposed to be. I only know how mom’s are supposed to be. I had one hot out of the oven, and it tastes pretty decent. I think once they cool down I’ll have a better idea if they worked or not.

  13. To those who are thinking about using pumpkin-

    I asked Dorie for tips on using pumpkin and here is what I did. Increased the flour +2 TB. In addition to the brown sugar used 2 TB regular white sugar. And I used 1 cup of canned pumpkin. Dorie suggested I start with 3/4 and go from there, but my dough needed the extra 1/4 cup to come together.

    Hope it works for you guys too!

    • Sarah- One of the greatest perks of starting this group, is the ability to email Dorie with questions I may have. She has been so very kind and uber supportive of TWD. I cant thank her enough.

  14. I’m going to make these today. Are they better warm from the oven? I want to make them to go with dinner tonight. I’m wondering if I should make the dough ahead of time and store it in the fridge until right before baking time? Anyone??

  15. That’s weird. My comment didn’t post. Trying again!

    I am going to make these to go with dinner tonight. For those of you that have made these already, are they better warm from the oven like regular dinner bisucits? I was thinking of making the dough and keeping it in the fridge until baking time. Anyone??

    • It may be a little late, Amanda, but I tried these today, too. I actually think they tasted a little better having cooled down (and Dorie mentions that, as well), so they don’t have to be made last minute.

      • I agree with Jenna, mine tasted better when they weren’t right from the oven, maybe an hour later?

        Oh, and I subbed in canned pumpkin and wish I would have read the tips from others here, as I thought they needed a little more sugar (Silly me, I didn’t think about the sweet potatoes being sweeter!).

        With the pumpkin version I made a compound butter, 1 stick of softened salted butter, the zest of one orange and honey to taste (since I didn’t add enough sugar to my biscuits the butter needed more honey than normal).

  16. I thought these turned out pretty well. They’re definitely not high-risers, but I’m kind of used to the flatter, country-style biscuit so it didn’t seem unusual. The dough wasn’t as hard to work with as some sweet potato biscuit recipes I’ve used in the past, and it seemed to come together easier.

    I thought the texture was great, but they didn’t taste as spicy as I’d hoped. I might up the cinnamon and nutmeg next time. But they were great for dipping in butternut squash soup! I’d probably make them again.

  17. I had a big ol’ battle with these. I don’t know if my kitchen mojo was off from fighting with the Daring Bakers recipe or from the Ravens HORRENDOUS loss, but I just couldn’t get it to work.

    Mine smelled AMAZING, but they were flat and didn’t bake all the way through, even after being in the oven for about 25 minutes. The flavor was good (after they cooled) but they were gummy and doughy inside. Sadness.

    I tried to be so gentle with the dough, but it was hard not to overwork it when I re-patted down the scraps.

    I might have to make these again though, because they have SO much potential!!!!!!

  18. I made these biscuits yesterday and used two large baked sweet potatoes. They have a pretty orange color to them. My husband really loved them with or without butter. I prefer my mother’s Yankee Biscuits much better. :-)

    Bethberg12 – these do have potential – not understanding why your’s wern’t done even after 25 mintues in the oven. Ravens wern’t their best this weekend.

    Where are you in Baltimore? I am in Pikesville.

    • I’m in Pikesville, too!!! Hilarious :-)

      Yeah, I think my oven was off, so I really want to try again. I’ve made Dorie’s basic biscuit recipe and it was delish, so I know I can do it.

      • And by “off” I mean off-kilter…not off completely. Although that would explain why they didn’t bake correctly!

  19. I’m finally back – my first TWD since before my son’s birth. He is nearly 2 months old now and we’re finally settling into something sort of resembling a schedule so hopefully I’ll be able to bake regularly enough to participate fully here again.

    I did make these biscuits today and both my husband and I thought they were quite tasty. I didn’t have any issues with them rising although even after about 20 minutes in the oven some of mine were a tad under done.

    Rather than risk over working the dough I rolled the dough out only once and then cut it into square biscuits using a pizza cutter – no scraps to re-roll :)

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  23. I just realized that I didn’t post yet. I made two batches of this — one with sweet potato and one with pumpkin. They were both really good. Nice addition to the arsenal.

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