November Recipes

November shaped up to be a month with plenty of fall flavors. Perfect!

November 3– Katya of Second Dinner chose Chocolate Caramel Chestnut Cake on pages 269-272.

November 10– Em of The Repressed Pastry Chef selected Cran-Apple Crisps on page 422.

November 17– Pamela of Cookies with Boys decided on Sugar-Topped Molasses Spice Cookies on pages 76 and 77.

November 24–  Britin of The Nitty Britty picked All in One Holiday Bundt Cake on pages 186 and 187.

*With the November 26th being Thanksgiving, I am giving the option of posting late the week of Thanksgiving.  And a few of these  recipes would be spectacular for Thanksgiving dinner. With that in mind, you may post this months recipes out of order. Just remember to post on Tuesday, all but the week of Thanksgiving.


39 thoughts on “November Recipes

  1. I think these new recipe posts are one of the highlights of my month! SO freaking fun!

    AHHHH — I can’t contain myself.

    I’ve been eyeing that chestnut cake all week! I was hoping someone would pick it!

    Great variety, everyone! I’m stoked

      • Yeah, while I’m not a pennypincher, $16.50 for a jar, plus whatever it is for the chestnut spread….. I’m thinking I might have to look for subs.

    • My regular grocery store sells them too, especially this time of year. Produce section? They vary wildly in price but especially if you buy them in the shell half a pound won’t set you back too badly.

      I know this is kind of a specialty-ingredient pick, but it is one of my favorite specialty ingredients, and it is seasonal!

      Because I live in NYC and have access to all kinds of good deals on chestnut puree, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I’ll mail a can of sweetened chestnut spread to the first two people who leave a comment on my blog saying that they want it–go ahead–any post will do.
      I’m also happy to give any and all chestnut advice to newbie roasters.

      • Ooo, Im so down with that. Id never find it here. LOL And Ill give the chestnuts another try, as a sweet. I love an experiment!

    • I recently discovered chestnuts at the farmers market and roasted them in the oven…so that works if you live in Baltimore at least…

  2. Im a tad iffy on the chestnuts too. I have never been a fan. Wondering if I can use nutella and hazelnuts as a sub. I think Ill give that a go and see how it works out.

    • LW, i don’t see why that wouldn’t work. I was thinking about nutella myself when I knew people might have a hard time coming by chestnut spread (forget gold dust). If you’re not a fan, you’re not a fan, but I do encourage anyone who’s on the fence or unfamiliar to try the chestnuts–they are one of life’s all to frequently unexplored treasures (for me at least)

  3. Just wanted to pipe in on the Sugar-Topped Molasses Cookies. I know the recipe says to put 12 cookies on each baking sheet, but if I could change that I would: I think it’s better to put just 9 on a sheet and to give these lots of space — they really do spread.

  4. I definitely like the fall flavors and the great balance of selections! I was debating desserts for Thanksgiving dinner, and the Holiday Bundt Cake and/or the Crisps seem like good candidates. Plus, I have a friend about to have surgery – the molasses cookies seem like the perfect antidote.

  5. I have a tin of unsweetened chestnut puree that I’m really keen to use. Any thoughts on how that could work for the cake?

    Bought it a month ago as it was the first chestnut anything I’ve ever seen in Australia!

  6. I have honestly never had chestnuts before, but I’ve been drooling over the picture of the cake. I love all these choices! Good job everyone! :D

  7. hi, all–i’m not part of TWD but a devoted lurker…i made the chestnut cake last christmas and it was TO DIE FOR. so, so good. bonne maman makes a good chestnut puree that’s sold next to their jams, and you can often find vacuum-packed peeled chestnuts for a couple of bucks in asian markets. good luck!

  8. Yes – you can get chesnuts CHEAP (cheap as in 80 cents for a 6 oz bag of peeled & cooked chestnuts – no preservatives or anything else added to them) at most asian grocery stores. We love to just snack on them. :)

  9. Yes, this will be an interesting month! I won’t be doing the Chestnut Chocolate cake – breaks my budget since I’m taking a Belgian Chocolate making class in Orlanda next week. Plus my oven is really bad and would hate to waste all those wonderful ingredients. I’m on a housesit gig and not in my own kitchen. But I bought a Bundt pan today and will give that cake to the church for their lunch. And if I can score an invite for Thanksgiving, I’ll take the crisp. The cookies are all mine! Yum!

  10. Great choices! I am looking forward to doing a recipe with chestnuts. I don’t think I have ever eaten one!

    OMG, it looks like I may get to choose a recipe in December! Sorry, CB, I seriously dislike white chocolate. No white chocolate brownies from me. Time to put on the thinking cap!

  11. I spent last holiday season searching stores for chestnuts. I was always led to the “ethnic” section, then directly to the chinese food shelves and handed a can of water chestnuts. I gave up after trying to explain the difference to all the store clerks. It’s like living in Siberia.

    • Reminds me of the time I staffed a cross-country teen tour. We asked for lox in a grocery store in the middle of nowhere and they directed me to the hardware aisle.

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